Budget v High End Mascaras Benefit v Primark Mascara Match Benefit Rollerlash Benefit Bad Gal Mascara Primark Mascara Reviews

Mascara Match // Benefit They’re Real v Primark False Lash Effect // Can Budget Beat High-End?

Hi guys!  You may remember this recent post, where I pitched budget against high-end mascaras.  The second installment here saw Benefit Rollerlash and Primark Lash Defining Mascara come in at a tie!  Well today is the final installment of Mascara Match!  Today I’m pitching Benefit They’re Real against Primark False Lash Effect mascara.

Budget v High End Mascaras Benefit v Primark Mascara Match Benefit Rollerlash Benefit Bad Gal Mascara Primark Mascara Reviews

Budget v High-End Makeup

As I’ve said in my earlier posts, it’s so easy to assume that if a product costs more, it must be better.  After trying out a ton of different makeup products and brands over the years, I feel like that’s really not the case.  Some of my go-to products that I use every single time I wear makeup are budget AKA cheap!  

I tell anyone I know ‘in real life’ about how great Primark mascaras are, and that they must try them.  So it’s about time I share the secret with you too!

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You Beauty Subscription Box // November 2015 // Review and Unboxing!

Hey guys!

Sorry this post is a little late.  I got the box nearly two weeks ago but life got in the way!  Not only have I moved house, I’ve also been pretty bad with my ME and been stuck in bed a lot and unable to blog.  But better late than never, hey?


This is now my seventh You Beauty subscription box.  Like always, I won’t go into too much detail about the subscription and how it all works in case you’ve read my other posts, but everything can be found in my original March post.  In case you don’t read it, this box is just £6.95 including postage (the cheapest on the market)!

Here’s what came in this month’s box!


Dr Organic – Royal Jelly Eye Serum


This was the first of the two items I chose myself this month.  I was really pleased when an eye serum came up as one of the options, as my current eye gel is about to run out.  I’ve really enjoyed using it as it’s a serum/gel texture instead of cream and it doesn’t make my eyes sore like most creams do.  If I had the money I would keep using the Estee Lauder one but it’s way too expensive, so this seemed like a great option.  This one does look like a cream but doesn’t make my eyes hurt.

This eye serum contains amino acids, plant hormones and royal jelly, to smooth and nourish the skin around the eyes.  It also claims to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles.  Obviously until I’ve used the product for much longer I won’t be able to tell if that is true, but on first impressions I like it.

Another great thing is that Dr Organic products are all suitable for vegetarians (but not vegans in this case), contain no parabens/SLS/chemicals and they do not test on animals.

Value: £9.49 – we received full size.  You can find this in Holland & Barrett and online.


The Library of Fragrance – Gin & Tonic Purse Spray


This was the second item I chose myself this month.  As a fan of a good old G&T, this really appealed to me! The Library of Fragrance are known for their everyday scents, based on foods, drinks and everyday things such as baby powder or libraries!  If there’s a particular smell you love, chances are they’ve got it!

This is a generous sized purse spray based on the scent of gin and tonic.  It contains a blend of juniper (the thing that gives gin its signature scent) and energising citrus.  The scent is described as being unisex.  It smells absolutely gorgeous!  At first spray it does literally smell like a freshly poured G&T, but settles down on the skin into a really fresh, wearable scent.  I actually gave this to my mum, not because I don’t love it, but she’s a fan of unisex scents such as CKOne and this is quite similar.  I tend to wear more ‘girly’ scents.  I would definitely wear this, but I felt she’d enjoy it more.

Value: £10 for the purse spray we received.  You can find some of their fragrances in Boots, and all online here.


I Love… – Perfectly Peachy Bath & Shower Creme


This 10ml sachet of bath and shower creme was part of this box’s ‘extra treats’ (as in not chosen by me, and everyone receives them in their boxes).  This product has teamed up with breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!  As you can see, there is the charity’s logo on the front of the sachet.  When you turn it over, the entire back is dedicated to the cause.  There is a little message stating why they have teamed up with the charity.  Then there is a large box dedicated to learning the signs and symptoms to look for, such as lumps and puckering, change in skin texture and pain in your breast or armpit.  It ends with the message, ‘And if in doubt… get it checked out’!

I’m glad they have dedicated so much space on the packaging to useful information rather than just turning it pink and adding the charity logo.  Something like the signs to look for is so much more useful for prevention.  I haven’t opened the sachet as I’ll keep it until my next bath, but I’ve used their products before and they always smell lovely!

Find more about the CoppaFeel! charity here.

Value: £2.99 for a full sized bottle – find it at Boots or online here.


DHC – Alpha Arbutin White Mask


This is another one that came in all boxes, not chosen by me.  It’s something I would have chosen though, as I love face masks!  DHC are apparently a cult Japanese brand.  This sheet mask contains brightening alpha-arbutin, mulberry, serine and peony.  It claims to fight dullness and discolouration, providing hydration and leaving the skin radiant!

I only tried my first sheet mask recently, but they’re quite fun – they literally lay over your face like a horror mask of someone’s skin haha. They’re great for scaring people who come into the bathroom!  I haven’t used this yet as I have a few older masks that need using up first, but I’m looking forward to trying it.

Value: £3.75 – find it online here.

This box has been yet another success!  It never fails to amaze me what value for money you get with this box subscription.  For just £6.95 we received around £25 worth of products!  I always love this box and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to try a beauty box service to see if they like it

What do you think of this month’s box?  Have you tried any of the products?  Do you like a nice, refreshing G&T?  Let me know in the comments or on social media!

Primark Nail Polish Review – Cheap but Good Quality!

Hey guys

I know a lot of people are nervous to buy cosmetics from Primark.  The general thinking is that it can’t be good if it’s so cheap.  Well from my experience, that’s not always true!  I’ve had a variety of cosmetics from Primark and with the exception of a couple of lipsticks, they have all been surprisingly good.  I currently use a Primark False Lash Effect mascara and I actually prefer it to the way more expensive (and very hyped) Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara!


This is just a quick review of a Primark nail polish I picked up quite a few months ago but haven’t got round to using yet.  Sadly I can’t tell you the name of the shade, as it doesn’t have one!  It just has a code on the label: 5B19B.  However hopefully the photos will help you track if down if you like it!

This nail polish was £1.  Yep that’s right, just £1!  It is a grey-nude shade with a subtle gold shimmer.  It looks quite sparkly in the bottle but is more muted once applied.  Definitely work-safe!


The varnish is a really nice texture, quite thick without being gloopy.  It applies evenly and has a nice, wide brush so it only takes a couple of strokes to cover the nail.  I applied three coats here, but it would actually have been ok with just two if you’re in a rush.  This is photo is without a top coat, and it has a nice, glossy finish.  Primark have a large range of colours and finishes, and I will definitely be giving some other shades a try.

Have you tried any Primark nail products?  If so, what did you think of them?  Let me know below, or follow me on social media!