My 3 Favourite Beauty Trends for 2017!

Hi guys!  How are you?  I hope you’re having a good week.  I recently received a really good e-book from Ellisons (which you can read here) and it got me thinking about my favourite beauty trends for 2017!  There are so many different trends and themes in makeup (usually beginning on the fashion catwalk and filtering down pretty quickly to Instagram!)  

Beauty Trends for 2017

I have to say, I often see a beauty trend and think; “really?!”  I am pretty adventurous with my makeup and like to try lots of different colours and styles, but some trends are a little bit unwearable!

My favourite beauty trends for 2017 beauty trends makeup trends beauty fashions

The ones that seem unwearable though, often end up getting used in a much more watered down version in real life.  I’ve never personally been that into the nude trend that has been around for over a year now.  The nude, neutral lipsticks just don’t appeal to me (and don’t really suit me!)  Give me a bright pink or purple lipstick any day!

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Makeup of the Day (MUOTD) // W7 In The Nude // Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood!

Hey guys!

You’ve probably already heard of Jeffree Star –  American singer-songwriter, make-up artist, fashion designer and model, more recently also making YouTube videos (which is where I found him).  He is famed for his super-bright, multicoloured makeup looks, which shows in his makeup brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics.  You can buy gorgeous liquid lipsticks in all the colours of the rainbow, including navy, lilac and black!  Even better is that all his cosmetics are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free and gluten-free.

unicorn blood

The one which caught my eye the most, mainly due to the awesome name, is Unicorn Blood; described as a ‘dark rusty red that looks like it’s straight from a unicorn’s veins!’  As it’s such a dark colour, I wasn’t sure whether it would suit me, but after intently googling swatches and photos of people wearing it, I decided I needed it.

The best place to buy Jeffree Star Cosmetics from in the UK is Cocktail Cosmetics.  They are a UK website but sell a lot of American beauty brands.  They charge a very reasonable £13 per liquid lipstick, unlike some sites which can be found selling them for over £20.  At the same time as ordering this, I ordered a set of Real Techniques brushes from them, which sadly went out of stock between my order being placed and filled.  I was really surprised when they emailed to say that as an apology, they were sending me a free Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, worth about £7!  How nice is that?

When trying the lippie for the first time, I decided to team it with a very natural, neutral eye given that it’s so dark.  I used the W7 In The Nude palette I got recently, using a matte mauvey-pink in the crease and a pale shimmery rose gold on the lids.

DSC_2833          DSC_2839

I found it quite difficult to actually capture the eye makeup on camera but it looked really pretty in real life!  No missing the lips though is there?  Haha!  The formula of the liquid lipstick is very wet and it literally glides on, although you do have to be careful as the wand covers a lot of lip in one go, so go slowly and carefully.  Once dry, it is fairly touch-proof, although the very centre did need touching up after I ate a meal, which is pretty reasonable.  It didn’t flake and surprisingly left my lips really nice and soft once removed – other matte liquid lippies I’ve used have always left me with dry lips.

2015-10-09-23-16-17-223             DSC_2844

Buy Unicorn Blood here and the W7 In The Nude palette here (half price at the time of writing!).

(Oh by the way, I should mention… my application is really wobbly and uneven because I get really bad shaky hands with my ME… so yes, I know it’s not even but it was the best I could do lol!)

What do you reckon to this look?  Would you wear such a bold lip?  Let me know in the comments or follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Outfit of the Day (OOTD): Floral Trousers, Coral Shoes and Big Lashes!

Hey guys

I’m back with an Outfit of the Day.  You know I like to take advantage of the fairly rare occasions I get dressed in something other than my pyjamas!

_20150712_130639     _20150712_130707     _20150712_130726

Black Tee: Old and can’t remember!! (No label)

Floral Trousers: George

Coral Flats: Primark

Three level necklace: Boohoo

Triangle bracelet: Primark (part of a set)

Earrings: Primark

_20150711_190821       _20150712_015310

For hair, I just put in small French plaits either side to keep the hair off my face.  I pinned them back with kirby grips (as you can tell – I didn’t realise they were so visible until I took this photo!)


L’Oreal Pro Matte foundation and powder (these are amazing – I highly recommend both!  They are fantastic at keeping oily/combination skin matte for hours).

Benefit Hervana blush; Maybelline Master Sculpt contour powder; Bourjois Aqua Lacque lip gloss; clear brow gel.

For the eyes, I used MUA shadow in Bronze; Freedom shadow in Nude 206; Freedom shadow in Gilded 218 and Makeup Revolution Pure Pigments in Confront.  Black eyeliner; Primark Volumising Mascara and Primark False Lash Mascara, and Primark ‘Sultry’ false lashes.

_20150712_015352    _20150712_130527    _20150712_130544

What makeup have you been loving recently?  Have you tried the L’Oreal Pro Matte foundation?  Let me know in the comments box or follow me on social media!

Outfit of the Day (OOTD): Kimono, Flower Crown & Pink Lips!

Hi guys

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t get to leave the house on a regular basis as I am chronically ill.  This means that on the occasions where I do leave the house (which is sadly mostly appointments haha!), I like to photograph my outfit of the day for the blog.  I’ve got to take the chances when I can get them.  I get very excited about wearing ‘real clothes’ as opposed to PJs!

_20150606_221708 _20150606_221741  _20150606_221851

_20150606_222059   _20150606_222135

Jeans: Primark High-Waist Skinny

Black Top: Dorothy Perkins

Kimono: Ebay

Leopard Print Trainers: New Look

Cupcake Necklace and Pink Bag: Accessorize

Flower Crown: New Look

Nails: Nails Inc – Uptown

_20150606_221830      _20150606_221954        _20150606_221622

MAC colour corrector and Pro-Longwear concealer under eyes; Rimmel BB cream as base; Hikaru pink blusher; Front Cover Jenny Wren eyeshadow as face contour; Smashbox Smoke 2 palette; Makeup Revolution foil shadow; Benefit Bad Gal and Primark False Lash mascaras; Makeup Revolution black eyebrow mascara; MAC Saint Germain lipstick.

What do you think of this look?  My hubby isn’t a fan of the floral kimono!  Do you own MAC Saint Germain?  Let me know in the comments box or follow me on social media!

Outfit of the Day (OOTD): Hellbunny Dress – Unicorns, Skulls & Cupcakes Galore!

I had to share this outfit with you – one of my best friends bought me this dress recently, as a 30th birthday present.  She said she couldn’t imagine a dress ever being more ‘me’ – and I can see why!  It is pink, with cupcakes, skulls and unicorns – perfection in a dress.

Dress: Hellbunny

Cardigan: Criminal Damage

Hair Flower Crown: New Look

Shoes: New Look

DSC_2280    DSC_2291    DSC_2293

DSC_2295      DSC_2317

Makeup: Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, MUA powder, Benefit Hervana blush, MUA brow mascara, Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows, Primark False Lash Mascara, Lush Liquid Lipstick.

DSC_2296           DSC_2297

The Outtakes….!

I had to share this one as I look so annoyed haha.  This was when my husband immediately started taking photos whilst I was still adjusting my straps!


What do you think of the dress?  Would you wear a unicorn dress at 30?  Why not, I say!  Let me know in the comments box or follow me on social media.

Makeup/Look of the Day – Purple & Stags!

Hi peeps!

Here is another makeup of the day, which I thought I would share with you as I used some new products; so it’ll sort of be an initial impressions post at the same time.

DSC_1886  DSC_1883

Here’s what I used:  Revlon Colorstay foundation in Ivory, MUA loose translucent powder, No7 Soft Damson blush, Maybelline Color Tattoo in Endless Purple, topped with MUA Electric Purple eyeshadow, and a flash of MUA Lilac eyeshadow in the middle, to give a metallic-looking sheen.  I also lined my eyes with 17 Metallic creamy eyeshadow pencil in Purple.  It’s not really intended for lining and is quite chunky, but it actually worked quite nicely.  I’ve had the 17 pencil for aaaages but only ever used it on my upper lids as a shadow.

New products used/initial impressions

  • I heard on the beauty grapevine that Revlon Colorstay foundation is a ‘dupe’ for my beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear – at around £10, it is £20 cheaper, so I thought I would try it out!  I can definitely see why it’s lauded as a dupe… it has a very similar consistency (very runny), is super fast and easy to apply and gives a similar level of coverage.  It also has a similar finish.  I would definitely purchase this again in the future, as it’s hard to tell the difference between the two and Revlon is much cheaper!  I have only had it on a few hours so I can’t comment on the stay yet, but I will see how it goes.
  • If you’ve read my previous posts, you probably know that I love Maybelline Color Tattoos.  There are still a few colours I don’t have, and I picked this Endless Purple one up today, to help complete the collection!  I have to say, it’s definitely not my favourite.  It’s a beautiful deep purple colour but it doesn’t have as good coverage – this one took three layers to look opaque and not patchy.  I did have to top it with some purple eyeshadow to get the intensity I wanted, but if you prefer a lighter, more subtle look, you would probably like this.  I am still happy with it, I just prefer my other ones (like Pink Gold and On And On Bronze)!
  • Finally, and most excitingly, I got the MAC lipstick I’ve had my eye on!  It’s called Up The Amp and is an Amplified finish. It is beautifully smooth and creamy on the lips.  It’s a gorgeous deep purple colour.  My favourite lipstick is my MAC Heroine which is a super-matte bright purple, but I don’t wear it often as it’s very drying and has to be applied really carefully to look good.  I wanted a purple that I could wear every day and would be more moisturising on the lips – and I’ve definitely found it in Up The Amp!


Finally, I wanted to tell you about this beautiful marl grey t-shirt I bought recently.  We have a really cool shop in Leeds (in The Light) called Fabrication.  It’s a collaborative shop that sells the work of over 40 local artists and designers!  You can find really unique things in there, from home decor, jewellery, tea, artwork, clothes, and much more!  If you’re local, you should definitely have a look around. The t-shirt I picked up is by Urban Fox – described as a brand selling “unique handmade and screen printed homewares, clothing and accessories inspired by nature and wildlife, with an enigmatic twist”!  I was instantly attracted to the stag print on this top, and also got a notebook with the same print on it!  Forgive the rubbish mirror selfie, my husband wasn’t home to take a proper photo for me!!


Have you been using any new products recently?  Let me know!

Makeup of the Day – Bank Holiday Weekend

Hi fellow makeup lovers!

I just wanted to show you a quick ‘makeup of the day’ from over the bank holiday weekend, as I really liked the eye colours.  As ever, the colours and intensity never quite translate in photos and I can never get makeup to show up properly on camera, but you’ll get the idea.  Excuse the fact that I look tired but, well… I am!


I used my beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in Shell, with MUA translucent powder on top.  Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer and ELF cream blush, which I almost entirely wiped back off as it was so bright I initially looked like a clown!  I went for a nude lip, using Boe Beauty nude lipstick and gloss sent to me by a lovely Australian spoonie pal.


On my eyes, I used a couple of the new MUA eyeshadows I got recently.  There’s a wash of Lilac (single shadow, £1) all over the lids.  In the outer corners is the purple shade from the MUA Mysterial palette (which is a bit darker than it is showing up here).  I lined my lower lids with the brown shade from that palette.  I put a slight dab of MUA Platinum (another individual shadow) in the very centre for that silvery-shine.  I also have Primark False Lash mascara on.  The colours reminded me of fairies and unicorns and made me all happy!  😀


What makeup have you been wearing recently?  Let me know in the comments box, or follow me on social media!