Two The Body Shop Robot Money Box Gifts

The Body Shop – A Compassionate, Cruelty-Free Christmas Collection!

Hi everyone!  If you like your Christmas vibes to start in November, you’re in the right place!  If you don’t, then sorry about the last few posts but it seems to be all about the festive events at the moment.  My second Christmas event of the year was with The Body Shop!  Bear with me, because there’s lots more to this than just Christmas fun!  

The Body Shop Makeup

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to The Body Shop Christmas Preview at their Briggate store in Leeds.  We all met up at the shop and I made the most of arriving a little early by having a good old browse of the makeup!  I’ve been dying to swatch the new liquid lipsticks but don’t get into town often.  I wasn’t disappointed… they’re gorgeous!  The Body Shop have brought out a new range of Metal Lip Liquids in six shades.  I swatched most of them and they are all beautiful – opaque, metallic and so pigmented. 

Shop display of The Body Shop liquid lipsticks

Metal & Matte Lip Liquids

There was a 3-for-2 offer on, so I treated myself to two of those and a matte lip liquid.  I chose Fuchsia Chrome and Plum Titanium (gorgeous on and lasted amazingly well when I tried it out!)  In the matte, I chose Tokyo Lotus.  Sadly in my first test, this hasn’t lasted very long on the lips.  I’m planning a full review post soon though, so keep your eyes peeled!  I also grabbed a Honey Bronze Drops of Sun – a liquid bronzer.  I’ve got a Kat Von D foundation that’s way too light for me, so I’m planning to use it for that.  The Body Shop girl who helped me with the makeup was equally as obsessed with makeup as me!  It was really helpful to hear her tips and recommendations (use the metal lipstick as eyeshadow, for example!) 

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Where I've Been - Health Problems and chronic illness Notebook with makeup and rose

[Insert Cliched Blog Title Here]…! // Chronic Illness

Hi everyone! Remember me? I’m Katie, I blog around here. Well, I used to – not so much for the last two months or so! I hold my hands up, things have been pretty quiet round here recently. I’ve still been trying to stay active on social media, but haven’t sat down to blog for ages.  Why? Well, as you know I have a lot of health problems and suffer from chronic illness. I’m always pretty unwell and spend a lot of time bedbound and/or housebound. But life has taken its toll on me in the last month or two.

A few family events, whilst lovely, have left me spending a long time recovering. I’ve been to a couple of beautiful family weddings, and the payback was worth every minute. But it does mean it’s taken me a while to get back to the health (or chronic illness) level I was at before them.

Where I've Been - Health Problems and chronic illness me at wedding

Me at my Uncle’s Wedding (Dress: Simply Be, Sprinkle of Glitter range)

When you have chronic illness, the slightest thing can have a knock-on effect.  Just one day of significantly overdoing things can leave you with weeks of symptoms – more fatigue, increased pain and a reduction in stamina.  I knew these weddings were coming up for quite a while beforehand, and they were of very close family members.  I generally try not to overdo it or push myself too far, but sometimes I have to take the decision to just go ahead.  When it’s something really important, that will leave me with memories for a lifetime, I think the payback is worth it.  Hell…. but worth it!

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Dr Botanicals Cleanse & Tone Review Outer Packaging

Multi-Tasking Skincare // Dr Botanicals Cleanse & Tone!

Hey guys!  How are you?  I hope you’re doing well…or better than me at least!  Safe to say I’m not dealing with the current heatwave in England very well!!  If you’re a regular over here, you’ll know that I am a proud Dr Botanicals ambassador.  They very kindly send me a product once a month, which I test out and report back to you guys about (along with a discount)!  I’m not being paid for my reviews and all opinions are totally honest and completely my own!  This month’s product is a great multi-tasker, the Dr Botanicals Cleanse & Tone.


Dr Botanicals Cleanse & Tone Review Outer Packaging

Dr Botanicals Cleanse & Tone (in Outer Packaging)

Who are Dr Botanicals?

Dr Botanicals are a 100% natural UK skincare brand, who use no parabens.  Even better, they are completely cruelty-free and vegan-certified!  They are based in London and aim to combine a passion for plant based traditional thinking with the latest science.

Dr Botanicals use a lot of natural oils and plant extracts, as they believe these can make a genuine difference to the skin.  I really like that they use 100% natural ingredients.  It’s very easy to claim to be a ‘natural’ brand, however most don’t use entirely natural ingredients, as it can be more expensive and difficult to source.  There are no harmful preservatives in any of the Dr Botanicals products.

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Adjustamatic Bed Get The Best Night's Sleep How To Sleep Better

Get The Best Night’s Sleep – 5 Top Tips! // Adjustamatic

Hey guys!  I hope you’re having a good day.  As you may already know, I have a few chronic illnesses.  My main issues are M.E and fibromyalgia, both of which mean that I really struggle to sleep well!  M.E can really disturb your natural circadian rhythm and sleep cycle.  On top of that, the extreme pain caused by the fibro can make falling asleep impossible at times!  Over the last 3.5 years, I’ve figured out a few hints and tips which I want to pass on to you, so you can get the best night’s sleep possible.  Most of the tips are relevant for those without chronic illnesses too, so read on!


This post has been kindly sponsored by Adjustamatic, who offer a range of reclining massage chairs and orthopaedic adjustable beds.  Their beds and chairs are proven to offer pain relief for a variety of aches, pains and medical conditions (sounds perfect to me!)  They are a British company who have been running for over 50 years.  Very helpfully, they’ve made a video with loads of tips to help you get the best night’s sleep.  Once you’ve finished reading my post (don’t leave just yet!) you can find the video here.  There is lots of practical advice about the number of pillows to use, and how to position yourself.

Mug of Sleep Tea to Get The Best Night's Sleep

I like to have a cup of ‘sleep tea’ before bed!

How to get the best night’s sleep: my 5 top tips!

Are you ready to get the best night’s sleep in a long time?  Then read on!

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Travelling with Chronic Illness Spoonie Travel Tips

Where I’ve Been… // Chronic Illness

Hey guys!

I’m so sorry you haven’t heard from me in over a month – BAD BLOGGER!!!  Before normal service resumes, I just wanted to quickly explain where I’ve been and why it’s been so quiet over here.

My Chronic Illnesses

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know about my chronic illnesses.  I have ME and fibromyalgia, so am mostly bed or housebound a lot of the time.  I haven’t been able to go on holiday or travel abroad for over three years but recently I actually went away (it’s a miracle!)  

My husband had his 30th birthday last year, and I felt like I couldn’t help him celebrate in the way I’d have liked to as I was so unwell.  If I wasn’t ill, I’d have baked him a nice cake, spent time picking out nice presents and probably arranging some sort of fun surprise.  You only turn 30 once!  It had been on my mind that I wanted to try and spoil him a little more this year, so I starting planning pretty early.

Travelling with Chronic Illness Spoonie Travel Tips

My pilgrimage to my spiritual home – makeup mecca Sephora!

Travelling with Chronic Illness

My hubby has always wanted to go to Prague.  I’ve actually been, but around 10 years ago (I’m so old…!)  I knew it was something he’d love to do but I wasn’t sure how I’d manage it healthwise.  So I spent quite a bit of time planning – checking out accessibility and that sort of thing.  The flight was only 2 hours and was from our local airport, very nearby.  I was able to request airport assistance and be dropped off right in front of the airport terminal, which really helped.  

If I was healthy, I’d have probably booked 3 or 4 days there, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed every day.  So I booked a full week, thinking that even if I was stuck in bed for half of it, we’d still get a few days together to see the sights!  Of course my husband could still go exploring every day – I preferred for him to go out and have fun rather than be stuck in the apartment just because I was.  I made sure the apartment had satellite TV and a kitchenette so that if I was bed/housebound, I would have something to watch and would be able to access food and drinks.  

Travelling with Chronic Illness Spoonie Travel Tips

My favourite building in Prague, the beautiful Church of Our Lady of Tyn.

I won’t pretend the holiday was easy – flying, travelling and even going out for meals is REALLY DIFFICULT when you have chronic illness.  Particularly ME, which gets very cross when you try to leave bed and actually enjoy yourself!  It was hard, I paid for it during the trip and for several weeks afterwards.  But do you know what?  My husband and I haven’t had chance to make any new, exciting memories for years now.  Chronic illness has taken so much away from me – I’m not letting it take my memories and my relationship too!!  So although I doubt I’ll be travelling again any time soon, I don’t regret it.  Seeing my husband’s face light up, and seeing him enjoy his time absolutely made my year 🙂

Tips and Tricks?

I might write a post soon about travelling/holidaying with chronic illness.  Maybe some tips on making travelling easier and what to look for in a destination, accessibility wise.  Even what things I packed that really helped along the way!  Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in, by leaving me a comment here or on social media.  You can also see a few snaps from my trip over on my Instagram!

Travelling with Chronic Illness Spoonie Travel Tips

The beautiful Church of Our Lady of Tyn in Prague, lit up at night!

So hopefully I’ll be back a little more regularly than I have been, and I can only apologise for being quiet for so long!  I know you guys understand.

Mother's Day why my mum is my inspiration mothering Sunday


Hi guys!  I hope you’re having a lovely weekend.  If you’re in the UK, I hope you’re enjoying the spring sunshine that’s graced us this weekend 🙂  I love Mother’s Day as I am really close with my Mum and like the chance to spend a day spoiling her!  Don’t get me wrong, I buy her little gifts and tell her I love her all the time, but it’s nice to have a day all about her.

Mother's Day why my mum is my inspiration mothering Sunday

Mother’s Day 2017

I wanted to write another post about Mother’s Day this year but sadly I just haven’t had the chance.  My health has been pretty rubbish so I’ve just not been up to blogging much recently.  I know I’ve had a few posts go live recently, but they were written a little bit ago when I was feeling a bit better!

I’ve always had a close relationship with my Mum but as I’ve got older, we’ve got more and more close.  She is so generous and self-sacrificing.  Since I’ve been chronically ill, she has done SO much to help me – both practically and emotionally.  She often helps me wash and dry my hair; she comes to clean our house once a week (despite working full-time!) and even helps to wash our bedding and towels!  My Mum tries to take away as much stress and physical work as possible off me, so that I can concentrate on my health.  I appreciate everything she does more than I can say!

Why My Mum Is My Inspiration

So in celebration of Mother’s Day and all the wonderful, strong, inspiring women out there, I decided to re-post what I wrote last Mother’s Day.  It’s a post all about how my wonderful Mum is my inspiration!  Click here to read it.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you’re lucky enough to have a Mum today, let her know that you love and appreciate her!  And if you ARE a Mum, well done for all your sacrifice and hard work – you rock!

Over and out guys 😀

Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer Trainers Review Floral Pattern Trainers Brantano

Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer Trainers from Brantano // Style & Review!

Hi guys!  How are you?  I hope you’re well, and if you’re not then I’m sending hugs your way!  I don’t often share style posts on here, although I post quite a few ‘outfit of the day’ posts over on my Instagram.  But these trainers are so beautiful, I had to show you them!  They are the Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer trainers, from Brantano.

I was very kindly sent these trainers by Brantano for review purposes, but as always, all opinions are truthful and entirely my own.

The Look

I’ve been wanting a pair of trainers like this for literally over a year!  I love black trainers with a flash of colour or pattern.  Ones which are smart enough to wear with jeans and not look like you’re going for a run (which I very definitely am not…!)  I wear a lot of ballet pumps and a lot of boots, but I wanted something in between the two.  Something waterproof and sturdy, but more suitable for all seasons (boots are usually left behind in the summer months!)  So the Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer trainers were the perfect fit for me 🙂

Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer Trainers Review Floral Pattern Trainers Brantano

Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer Trainers

I have to admit, it was the pattern that drew me to these.  They could have been any brand, I just loved the pink, purple and blue floral pattern!  Since pink and purple are my favourite colours, I wear a lot of them – so these trainers should go with most of my wardrobe!  I kind of wish they didn’t have the black stripes (they are a kind of rubberised finish), but that’s what you get with Adidas trainers.

I’ve worn these with leggings and a dress (as you can see!) and also with black jeans so far.  I liked them with both 🙂

The Shape

The first thing that struck me is how light they are – they are literally like picking up a feather!  They’d be amazing for taking on holiday as they’d take up so little of your luggage weight allowance.  They are a nice, streamlined shape with a fairly narrow toe.  The soles are white and really thick and bouncy.

Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer Trainers Review Floral Pattern Trainers Brantano

The Feel

Oh my days!  These trainers feel like walking on clouds – seriously!  They are so soft, light and bouncy.  Not that I can run any more, but I imagine they would be great for running in – super light.  

Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer Trainers Review Floral Pattern Trainers Brantano

They are more narrow at the toe end than any trainers I’ve worn before.  It makes them look less clumpy, but you can feel the tightness around your toes.  It is not uncomfortable, just something I was aware of.  You can adjust the laces to give you a bit more width around the sides too.

Where to Find Them

My trainers were from the Womens Shoes section of the Brantano website here (although they may have them in store too, depending on stock).  They cost £48 – although I think Brantano currently have 20% off.

Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer Trainers Review Floral Pattern Trainers Brantano

Do you wear trainers much?  What are your favourites?  Let me know in the comments!