Budget v High End Mascaras Benefit v Primark Mascara Match Benefit Rollerlash Benefit Bad Gal Mascara Primark Mascara Reviews

Mascara Match // Benefit Bad Gal v Primark Volumising Ultra Black // Can Budget Beat High-End?

Hey guys!  You may remember one of my much older posts, Foundation Fight, where I pitched several different foundations against each other (excuse the crap photos, I’d only been blogging two months then!)  Well, I’ve been meaning to write a similar post for ages now, but this time about mascara.  Here comes….dun dun dunnnn…. Mascara Match!!  Today I’m pitting Primark Volumising Ultra Black against Benefit Bad Gal Lash!

Budget v High End Mascaras Benefit v Primark Mascara Match Benefit Rollerlash Benefit Bad Gal Mascara Primark Mascara Reviews

I’ve thought to myself so many times that people need to know how great Primark mascaras are!  They’ve been really upping their game with makeup recently, but two of the mascaras I love have been around for a few years.  I’ve been so impressed with them that I buy them over and over.  Another huge contender, and cult mascara-maker, is Benefit – who hasn’t heard of Bad Gal, They’re Real or Rollerlash?  Nobody, that’s who!

I was originally going to write about six mascaras in this one post, but it got a lil out of hand and long!  So I’ve broken it into three parts – the next two will be coming shortly, so stay tuned! [Part 2 is here!]

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Glossybox September 2016 Review and Unboxing beauty box

Glossybox September 2016 // Unboxing!

Hi guys!  Hope you’re all good.  I’ve had a pretty bad week healthwise this week, which is why there hasn’t been a post for a little while.  That said, I’m just going to make this an unboxing of the Glossybox September 2016.  I usually go into quite a lot of detail reviewing each product.  Sadly, if I wait until I’m well enough to do that, it’ll be ages until I post!  Hope you don’t mind!  (Also if you’re not a regular reader, here’s why I’ve been unwell).

For full details about how Glossybox subscriptions work and what they cost, check out this post.

The September theme is about breathing new life into our routine, and into our products.

Glossybox September 2016 Review and Unboxing beauty box

Glossybox – September 2016

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Prairie Charms // Prairie Pizzazz Christmas Edition // Review and Unboxing!


You may remember my past posts about the ever-adorable company, Prairie Charms.  Although I post about their boxes quite a bit, my posts are in no way sponsored and I pay for the items myself.  I just really like their company ethos and how great they are at personalising their boxes for different customers’ tastes.  It’s really not something you see very often!

Prairie Charms Prairie Pizzazz Christmas Box

Prairie Charms – Prairie Pizzazz Christmas Box

As I’ve been buying Prairie Pizzazz boxes for a little while now, I was really excited when Prairie Charms asked whether any bloggers would be interested in working with them to have some input on their Enchanted box and then to actually help to design a piece for this Christmas box!  They asked all the interested bloggers some initial questions about our personal style and taste, and used our answers to put us into ‘style groups’.  My answers landed me in Team Feminine, which makes sense since I like all things pink, purple, pretty and sparkly!  Each team were asked what sort of item they would most like to create, and my team chose a necklace.

My fellow Team Feminine bloggers and I worked together with Prairie Charms to create a Pinterest board with the sort of style and theme we wanted to see for our necklace.  After some discussion, we all agreed we really liked the idea of a snowglobe style necklace, filled with glitter!  It fit the Christmas theme, but could also be worn year round.  As usual, Prairie took all our preferences on board and decided to make a choice of different glitter colours.  I was so pleased with how it turned out and was really proud to have been part of the design process!

Prairie Charms Snowglobe necklace     Prairie Charms Snowglobe necklace7

How sweet is the little card explaining the meaning behind it too? 🙂

Before I show you everything that came in the box, just bear in mind how excited I was to open everything… meaning it all came beautifully wrapped but I couldn’t wait to take photos before I ripped everything open – sorry!

Here are all the other amazing pieces we received in the box, each designed by other blogger teams:

These cards and gorgeous gift labels will be saved carefully to use next Christmas!  There was a purple silky bow headband and Frankincense hydrating cream, as part of the pampering goodies.  Another pampering item was this gorgeous owl-print sleep mask, which you might notice wasn’t in the main photo… I’ve been looking for a new sleep mask for ages but haven’t found a comfortable one yet.  I was so happy to get this that I used it immediately that night, and it never made its way back into the box to be photographed!  Look, it’s fleece-lined… what do you expect?!!

Prairie Charms Owl Sleep Mask

Prairie Charms Owl Sleep Mask

Next up was an adorable little wax melt set, in the shape of mini gingerbread men and candy canes.  They were fig and chocolate scented – yum!  I use a lot of scented wax melts at home, so these were gratefully received!

Another really sweet (literally!) aspect was a ‘Snowy Mountain Hot Chocolate’ set, including chocolate coins, gourmet marshmallows and a little clear star bauble filled with hot chocolate mix.  I’m planning to re-use the clear bauble on my tree next year, filled with tinsel or something pretty.  Unfortunately the marshmallows aren’t vegetarian, but I’m sure my husband will enjoy them for me!

One thing actually made me do a little squeal out loud – it was the little notebook (top right corner above).  I’m a stationery fiend so I love notebooks anyway, but what made this one so special was that it was personalised!  The front inside page has a quote printed on it about no two snowflakes being alike, and then underneath it says ‘A journal created for Kate’ and then my website.  I’m such a sucker for personalised things!

As you can see in the bottom right photo above, we also got a cute tartan hair bow (I don’t know why I photographed that with the hot chocolate set… I think you can tell excitement got the better of me here LOL!)  Hair bows totally personify Prairie Charms for me, as it’s what I first got from them and they do a huge range of different ones.

DSCF0076   Prairie Charms Fawn Floral Headband

Lastly was this adorable little fawn headband… I love it!!  I immediately stuck it on my head and Instagrammed a picture haha.  They included this as apparently legend has it that adorning a fawn crown throughout the first month of a new year will bring you good luck in the year to come – a fawn, a new life, a new beginning.  Let’s hope so, but even if it doesn’t I’m still happy to have this super-pretty piece in my collection!  They actually replied to my picture saying that they chose the purple flowers as they know it’s my favourite colour, so perhaps some people got different colours.

Overall, I thought everything in this box was really well thought out and it had such a festive feel to it.  All my fellow bloggers have done a great job with their designs!  The only downside was that sadly my box didn’t arrive until after Christmas, but I will save my cards and labels to use next year.

What do you think of this box?  Would you wear or use any of the items?  I hope you liked my team’s snowglobe necklace!  Let me know in the comments.