Spring/Summer 2015 Beauty Must-Haves: Wishlist (feat: Magnitone)!

I was asked by Magnitone to create a wish-list of my Spring/Summer 2015 beauty must-haves.  Magnitone offer daily skin cleansing and toning brushes for face & body to effectively cleanse, refresh and stimulate your skin. They promise you will feel the difference in just 7 days!  Although in collaboration with Magnitone, I have not been compensated for this post and all views are honest and my own.

Now I’ve been thinking about this wish-list for a little while, and between deciding what I was ‘wishing for’ and writing up this post… well I just might have actually bought some of these items.  They were just too tempting to resist!

1.  Barry M Sunset Nails (Gel Effect Nail Polishes)

Barry M Sunset Nails

Barry M have done what they do best and released a new line of nail polishes!  I was really attracted to these as they mimic gel nails but cure in natural daylight, lasting longer than regular nail polish. I used to get gel manicures done regularly but sadly I can’t really afford to now that I’m not working full-time anymore.  I don’t really enjoy the process of doing my nails, so anything that promises to last longer is a winner for me!

I actually ended up buying four of the colours, and the activating topcoat… oops!  I have reviewed a few of the shades for you, which will be coming up tomorrow!

2.  Makeup Revolution Lip Lava in Shockwave

Lip Lava

I have wanted to try this since it was first released!  I’m a huge fan of purple lips and have quite a range of purple lip products (MAC Heroine, MAC Up The Amp, MUA Depraved, to name but a few!)  It is hard to get a really vivid purple rather than the usual berry tones, but this looks like an amazing bright violet.  This is a liquid lipstick which includes Vitamin E, so will hopefully not be too drying (like my MAC Heroine!)  I will be ordering it if I get any birthday money this year and cannot wait to see how bright it is in real life!

3.  Number 4 Lumiere d’Hiver Reconstructing Hair Masque
Number 4 hair masque
I received a sample of this hair mask (or masque!) in my May 2015 Birchbox and absolutely loved it.  It left my hair so soft and silky, it is the best hair mask I have tried by far.  You only need to leave it in for between 2 and 5 minutes.
This is way more expensive than most things I would buy for my hair, but I really think the quality and effect it has are worth the money.  You only use a small amount, so it will last a long time.  Again, I will hopefully treat myself with some birthday money!

4.  Boots Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner
Boots all bright toner
If you’re into all things beauty like me, you may have heard a lot of talk recently about acid toners.  Although they sound scary, they are actually a really gentle but effective method of exfoliating.  I had a skin analysis recently, and although I had exfoliated that very morning, I still had some dry areas of flaky skin (not visible to the eye, just under the microscope).  This came as a surprise to me!  Apparently acid toners are a much more effective way of exfoliating than the traditional exfoliating scrubs with ‘bits’ in them.
On hearing this I did a bit of research and it seemed most of the available acid toners were pretty expensive.  Luckily Boots came to the rescue with this beauty at less than £4 for a large bottle!  I have already purchased this (well I don’t want flaky skin now do I?!) and it has had a really good effect on my skin already.  I use an Elemis rehydrating toner after this one, to add moisture back into my skin and keep it balanced.

5.  Magnitone Lucid Limited Edition (Pixie Lott)
Magnitone          Hot-Pink-Pixe-Lott-Image-1-720x720
Okay, okay, so maybe I chose this one based on the fact that IT’S SO PINK!  This limited edition facial brush was created in collaboration with Pixie Lott.  A facial brush can be used for daily cleansing and exfoliation. This one comes with two modes – deep clean and sensitive, making it suitable for most skin types.  You use it together with your own favourite cleanser.
Magnitone Lucid is powered by Active Electromagnetic Technology™. Enhanced electromagnetic pulsations that send rapid vibrations into skin. They naturally unclog pores, and sweep away dry and dead skin cells, leaving a clearer complexion. With over 10,000 movements per minute, your skin is better prepared to absorb all of your favourite skincare products.

This facial brush comes with a 1 minute timer… that’s right, just 1 minute and you’re done!  It is also waterproof, and a wireless travel charger is available.  Taking good care of my skin is really important to me, so this is a product I can imagine coming in really handy.

What’s on your Spring/Summer beauty wish list?  Have you tried any of these products?  Let me know in the comments or follow me on social media!

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