Shopping // Mini Avon Haul (Mainly Purple Lipstick)!

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I haven’t done many haul posts recently as money is tight!  I’m moving house soon and am no longer getting sick pay, so there isn’t much spare money for makeup (sad times, right??)  But after seeing one of these lipsticks on a friend (hi Amber, if you’re reading this), I had to own it.  I have a ridiculous amount of purple lipsticks, but am always on a crusade to find more.  They often look purple but come out pink on the lips, which really annoys me.  I might actually do a post on all of my purple lip products one day…


In the meantime, here is what I got from Avon.  I placed my order online, so there was a £3.50 delivery charge.

Naturals Bright Apple Blossom Scented Spritz – £1.25


This is a 100ml bottle of body spritz.  Avon describe it as “crisp green apples and sweet apple blossom”.  It does have a really nice, fresh scent but part of me can’t get over thinking it smells more like a room spray or bathroom spray!  I don’t know why as it does smell nice, but I can’t imagine actually using it on my body….

It was only £1.25 so I will happily use it around the house as a room spray, it definitely won’t go to waste.  I can’t link to this, as it is no longer on their website, although they have lots of other scents in the same spray at £1.25.  It may well come back in the future, as things tend to come and go at Avon.

ColorTrend Kiss ‘n’ Go Lipstick in Neon Orchid – £3.75

_20150804_125755          _20150804_125814

This is the lipstick my friend had.  I immediately asked her what it was and wanted it for myself!  It looks really bright and pretty on the lips.  It applies smoothly and has a nice consistency.  It is a little on the dry side, but not enough to cause any problems, it just means it has good staying power through drinking and eating.  It actually does leave a slight shine and gloss to the lips.  It’s the most beautiful, vibrant colour – I love it!  I only paid £3.75 for this, which I think is a great price, but it’s currently on their website here for just £2!

I also really like the packaging of this lipstick – it’s quite modern and bright (along the theme of their neon colours of this range).  I don’t get why they have used the American spelling of ‘color’ though – this is strange since the next lippie I bought spells it the English way!  Anyway…

Ultra Colour Indulgence Lipstick in Spring Lilac – £8

_20150804_125834           _20150804_125858

This final lipstick was the most expensive thing in this mini haul, but I still think £8 is reasonable for what feels like a good quality lipstick.  Avon describe this range as “silky smooth lipstick with hydrating gels – gives lips a burst of vibrant, juicy colour”.  It also contains SPF15, which is really useful!  That’s something that is often overlooked in lip products.

It glides on and feels so hydrating and comfortable on the lips.  The very flat edge can make it a little difficult to apply neatly, but as long as you’re careful and patient it is fine.  You could always use a lip brush.  I didn’t think this colour would be as exciting as the Neon Orchid one above, but I actually love it!  It comes out more purple than it looks here, but is still a really wearable colour.  I will definitely get a lot of use out of this.  You can still find it on their website here.

I really liked everything I got here, and will get a lot of use from the lip products.  I wouldn’t repurchase the body spray but will make use of it as a room spray.  Avon’s prices are also great – if you’re looking for a bargain, they always have reductions and offers on!

What do you think of my purchases?  Do you like purple lipstick?  Let me know in the comments box!

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