Primark Haul – March 2015!

Happy Saturday everyone!  I have a Primark haul for you.  I don’t know about you, but I love reading haul blog posts, or watching haul vlogs on YouTube (Zoella anyone?)  As a chronically ill girl, unfortunately it is very rare that I can go shopping in person.  Most of my shopping now has to be done online, as I simply don’t have the energy to go to town.

Saying that, I had to go to the doctors on Wednesday, so I was already dressed and in town.  On the way home (I actually live centrally), I decided to make the most of being a real human being (wearing real life clothes and everything!) and went to Primarni!

I’ll share some of what I got with you.

Firstly, Primark makeup.  I love budget beauty but did question whether Primark makeup would actually be any good.  From what I have tried in the past, it is hit and miss but does have some star products.  I have had some terrible lipsticks (like what you get in the kids makeup sets) but some lovely eye products and lip balms.  My favourite Primark makeup product by far is their mascara.  I have been using the P.S Love “Volumising Ultra Black Mascara” and it had run out.  It’s great for long, voluminous, separated lashes, so I decided to replace it.  At just £2, you can’t go wrong.


I also picked up their P.S Love “False Lash Effect Mascara”, cuz who doesn’t want to look like they have massive, fluttery false lashes?!  I have yet to try it but I’ll review it when I do.  This was £2.50.


I picked up a few more bits from the beauty section.  A makeup brush cleanser, which is more for everyday cleaning.  You would still need to wash them properly every so often. The spray is so that you can give your brush a quick blast and wipe it on some tissue or kitchen roll to get rid of excess product.

I have been dying to try a “beauty blender” sponge as there is so much hype surrounding them.  I have only used it once so far, and to be honest I didn’t like the application.  It was way too sheer for me.  But I will persevere, as I’m assured by my beauty-loving spoonie pals that they are great.  This one was £1.50.  My friend Leanne has done a YouTube tutorial, which you can see here:

Finally, there is a little Pink Melon Lip Balm.  This wasn’t from my haul.  It was actually included in the goody bag from my friend’s hen-do.  But I had to show you it as it’s so cute!  I just love anything with flamingos on.


Next up I needed some new ballet flats.  It’s pretty much all I wear in the summer (boots in the winter, always).  I just can’t do heels anymore – I’m in enough pain as it is from the fibro, I don’t need to add sore feet into the equation!  Primark have now introduced a “wide fit” range, like New Look.  I actually don’t have wide feet, but like quite loose-fitting shoes, and usually find this fit more comfortable.  I liked these ones so much, I got them in two colours.  I am a bridesmaid in a couple of weeks and imagine the heels will be coming off at the night-do, so I am going to take the lighter ones as my backup shoes.  The coral ones will go with a lot of my summery dresses.


Finally for some summery prettiness.  I grabbed several flowery hair accessories.  I’m not well enough to make it to a festival this year, but it doesn’t mean I can’t rock festival hair!  I chose a flowery headband and three “bun toppers” which go around your bun to make it a bit more interesting.  I can’t wash my hair as often as I would like (TMI!) so I often shove it up in a high bun.  These will make it look much prettier!  #lifehack  Each was around £2-ish (can’t remember exactly). As you can see, I figured the flowery bands could also be used as bracelets…?

I also needed a new makeup bag, and this pretty much summed me up!  There are also some simple, triangle ‘gold’ earrings, which were just £1.50.  These are not my usual style, but I actually really like them.

IMG_20150327_165405     IMG_20150327_171009

I also got these copper battery-powered fairy lights for around the bed head.  Since I spend a hell of a lot of time in bed, it may as well look pretty and cosy!  I really should have made the bed before I took this photo but… oops!

fairy lights

I also got a dress for my other friend’s hen-do (lots of weddings coming up!) but I will show you that once I have some pictures of me wearing it.

So there we have it, I hope you enjoyed sharing my haul with me.  You can’t beat a bit of vicarious shopping!

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