Home office makeover copper mint pink & copper memoboard noticeboard

Home Office Makeover // Copper, Mint & Pink + Memoboard DIY

Hi guys!  I’m so excited to share this post with you.  I’ve never been the best at interiors or designing rooms.  I like things to match and look pretty but I know I’m not a natural interior designer!  But I had so much fun shopping for a summer homeware haul and doing this little home office makeover.  I loved combining all my favourite colours into a summery scheme.

Ocean Finance very kindly offered me £50 to do an home makeover (this post is not, however, sponsored).  They set up this project to bring our homes to the fore this summer, and give them the TLC they deserve!  My drab office area certainly needed some TLC!

We have been in our house for less than a year, so most of it has recently been decorated.  However, I was desperately in need of a home office makeover!  My desk and computer had just been shoved in the corner of the living room, and was looking rather drab and dreary.

Home office makeover copper mint pink & copper memoboard noticeboard

Copper, mint & pink home office makeover

I (like most of the world) am obsessed with copper at the moment.  I have to restrain myself from buying anything and everything copper!  So it was the obvious colour choice for my home office makeover.  I wanted to keep things bright and fresh, so I teamed it with mint and light pink (although some things are verging on coral rather than pink, oops!)

Copper Memoboard/Noticeboard

My focal point was always going to be the copper memoboard.  I have been trying to find one to buy for MONTHS but it’s seemingly impossible (unless you have a spare £60…!)  My search finally lead me to this post, by Made up Style.  I realised from reading her post that it’d be so much cheaper to make one myself.  

I ordered some wire PVC mesh from Homebase for £8.49, together with some copper spraypaint from Amazon for £8.75, and also picked up a cheap copper picturehook set from a pound shop.  Make sure you either buy a large can of spraypaint, or two smaller ones, as it does take a fair bit to cover it properly.

Home office makeover copper mint pink & copper memoboard noticeboard

Copper memoboard

I laid a big disposable decorating cover on the patio outside, and spraypainted the wire mesh out there.  You MUST lay something underneath, even if you just use newspaper.  Cover a much larger area than you think you need to, as spraypaint gets pretty far!  I chose to do it outside because of the fumes, but if you can’t then make sure you open windows and have a well ventilated room.

The wire mesh took three coats of spraypaint on each side to be fully covered (you could get away with two but I wanted the copper colour to be really vibrant).  Leave around 10 minutes between each coat.  The tin says it takes a few hours to be touch dry but mine actually took 48 hours!  Make sure it’s fully dry before you put it up, otherwise it will leave marks all over your wall.

I attached the memoboard to the wall with strong picture hooks.  Wire mesh is not completely stiff, so if you’re not careful it can easily bend.  I used the picture hooks to stretch it out at each corner, to hold it totally flat to the wall.

Wooden Letter Rack

Copper letter rack Home office makeover copper mint pink & copper memoboard noticeboard

Copper Letter Rack

I knew I wanted something to hold papers etc on my desk but couldn’t find anything that fit my colour scheme.  I ended up getting this letter rack from Asda Home – it is £7 but was reduced to £3 when I bought it.  I decided to remove the swallows from the front and spraypaint it copper to tie in with the memoboard.  It was a bit tricky to spraypaint as random parts of it didn’t take the paint too well but after 2/3 coats, it looked ok.  I glued the swallows back onto the front and voila!

Memoboard Accessories

I knew I wanted little wooden pegs to clip things onto my memoboard.  I also added a few butcher hooks to hold more substantial items.  I already had the mint mini pegs, which came in a set at Wilkos over a year ago.  I also bought this set of American Word Pegs from Paperchase for £5.

Copper Butchers Hooks Home office makeover copper mint pink & copper memoboard noticeboard

Copper Butchers Hook

I added two copper butcher hooks from Amazon, at £1 each, which I used to hang washi tape and sellotape from,

I pinned up a mixture of my favourite postcards, notecards etc.  I can’t link them all, but you can find some of them here:

Home office makeover copper mint pink & copper memoboard noticeboard

Assorted Postcards and Notecards

Copper ‘Smile and Be Happy’ postcard here. 70p.

Coral ‘hello’ and mint ‘just a note’ notecards – set of 8 from Sainsburys – £6.

Smaller mint and gold ‘hello’ speechbubble notecard – pack of 10 from Paperchase – £4.

Miscellaneous mini post-it notes from Paperchase sets I already had.  The adorable little ‘I Love You’ heart on the top left was a gift from a friend.

Copper Ball String Fairy Lights Home office makeover copper mint pink & copper memoboard noticeboard

Copper Ball String/Fairy Lights

Copper ball fairy lights – from a poundshop (obviously for £1), but I can’t find them currently for sale.  I know Primark also sometimes do the exact same set, although they are £6 there I think.  They are battery powered, with the power-pack being tucked behind one of the postcards.

Copper mini bell heart hanging decoration Home office makeover copper mint pink & copper memoboard noticeboard

Asda – Copper Mini-Bell Hanging Heart Decoration

Copper mini-bell heart hanging decoration – this was on sale for £2 at Asda a few months back, but sadly I can’t find it online to link it for you.

Desk Accessories

Oliver Bonas Copper Honeycomb Tumbler Pen Pot Home office makeover copper mint pink & copper memoboard noticeboard

Oliver Bonas – Copper Honeycomb Tumbler (as pen pot)

I saw this copper glass ‘honeycomb tumbler’ in Oliver Bonas and had to have it!  I knew I wouldn’t use just one as a glass but couldn’t justify the cost of a set of 4.  This one on its own is £6.50, so I decided to add it to my desk area and use it as a penpot.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

100% Thirsty Water Bottle Home office makeover copper mint pink & copper memoboard noticeboard

Primark – 100% Thirsty Water Bottle

The ‘100% Thirsty’ water bottle is from Primark – I already had this as I buy a lot of their plastic cups.  They probably still have this one in, but they do a wide range of different colours and styles.  I’ve had the mint ‘Notes/To Do’ stand-up pad for ages so annoyingly I can’t remember where it’s from.  I have a sneaky feeling that was from a poundshop too!

Purple Orchid Home office makeover copper mint pink & copper memoboard noticeboard

Purple Orchid

The lovely purple orchid was a birthday gift from my husband 🙂

Overall, I’m so pleased with how my little home office makeover came out!  I think it definitely shows my personality, and really brightens the area up.  I do have my computer monitor on there usually, but as it’s a big, black screen it would have ruined the photos a little, haha!  I’ll call it creative licence!

Total Home Office Makeover Cost

Home office makeover copper mint pink & copper memoboard noticeboard

Home office makeover: success!

I won’t include the bits and pieces I already had, but I will add anything I bought specifically for this project.  Due to being so unwell, I have to do a lot of my shopping online.  Things like the copper spraypaint from Amazon had a small amount of postage on top, but obviously if you’re well enough to go shopping, you can save yourself postage costs by going in person!

So the total cost of my home office makeover was…. dun, dun, dunnnn – £59.44!  That’s £9.44 over the £50 kindly sent to my by Ocean Finance, but I think the outcome was well worth the money.  I can’t see me changing it up for a long time, so I was happy to spend a tiny bit more for something that I will keep for ages.  A white memoboard almost exactly the same as the one I made is currently going for £60 on notonthehighstreet.com, so I’m very impressed I’ve done a total makeover for less than that!!

What do you think of my little home office makeover?  Do you like the colours?  Have you done any DIY recently?  Let me know in the comments!

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