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This is just a short post but it came to me recently that there are a lot of products I love, but have never mentioned on the blog.  These are usually the things I use every single day and have been using a while, but because they aren’t new and I take them for granted, I forget to blog about them!

One of those everyday hero products is this Essence nail oil sponge…

Essence nail oil sponge

Essence is a German brand which started in 2001, but we can buy it in the UK from Wilkos, or the Wilkos website.  The best part is that all the products are super affordable.  This nail oil sponge was just £2!!

The sponge is soaked with almond and argan oils, and works like those nail polish remover sponges that look the same.  The sponge inside is soaked in the oil, so you just pop your finger in the tub, twist it around once and then rub any excess oil into your cuticles.  Because this is so quick and mess-free compared to the normal nail polish bottle style nail oils, I find I have been using it much more consistently.  Even my husband likes it!  If it starts to dry out about, just give the tub a shake around to re-soak the sponge.

You can buy it here.

[This post is in no way sponsored and was purchased with my own money, I just really like the product!]

Have you tried this product?  What did you think of it?  Let me know your everyday hero products I need to try!

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