ColourPop Makeup Haul // Lippie Stix // Eyeshadows // Highlighters (and How to Ship to the UK)!

Oh ColourPop how I love thee!  But why, oh why, don’t you ship to the UK?!!  There are rumbles of them shipping here in the future, so fingers crossed!  In the meantime, I have found a way of getting ColourPop to the UK – mymallbox.  They are a service who give you a US shipping address, so that you can order from places that only ship to the US.

Box full 2     Lippie stix

Signing up and getting an address is totally free.  You order your goods to the provided address and mymallbox notify you when they arrive.  You can then have the parcel immediately shipped to you, or you can wait and combine multiple parcels if you are ordering from several places.  They charge a fee to repackage and ship the item(s), giving you a choice of different shipping options.  They can also remove receipts/slips and mark the item as a gift, avoiding customs charges.  I found them really helpful and they kept me informed at all stages.  I’ll definitely be using the service in the future.

Here’s what I ordered!

Lippie Stix in Rocket, Flawless and Fetch.

Lippie stix open 2      Lippie stix swatches

Rocket is a soft, bright pinky-coral in a satin finish.  Nice and bright, perfect for summer (but I can’t wait that long)!

Flawless is described as a deep red violet in a satin finish, although I would call it a true purple.

Fetch is a mid- tone warm true pink in a satin finish.  A slightly more discreet shade which you could wear anywhere, to work etc.

Highlighters in Lunch Money and Stole The Show.

Highlighters      Highlighters close up

Lunch Money is a soft light gold with a reflective golden duo chrome finish.

Stole The Show is a light cool-toned gold with luminous flashes of pink, silver and gold.

Super Shock Shadows in Coconut, Game Face, I <3 This, Sequin, Boyband, Cricket, 3 and So Quiche.  Super Shock Pressed Pigment in Slave2Pink.

eyeshadow names 1      eyeshadow names 2


And now what everyone has been waiting for… swatches!

Lunch Money swatch     Steal the Show Swatch

L-R: Lunch Money / Steal The Show (highlighters)

3 Swatch    Boyband Swatch   Coconut swatch

L-R: 3 / Boyband/ Coconut

Cricket swatch    Game Face swatch    I Heart This swatch

L-R: Cricket / Game Face / I <3 This

Slave2PinkSwatch      Sequin swatch      So Quiche swatch

L-R: Slave2Pink / Sequin / So Quiche

Fetch Flawless Rocket

L-R: Fetch / Flawless / Rocket

I’m really pleased with everything I ordered.  I love the Lippie Stix and will get a lot of use out of them – they’re a really nice consistency and don’t dry the lips out too much.  They are described as a satin finish.  I would call them an almost creamy matte.  When I wear them properly, I think I will put them over a lipliner, to get crisp edges and make them last longer.

The highlighters are fairly similar but both lovely.  I love all the eyeshadows, they’re so vibrant.  I probably ordered quite a few very similar metallic goldy/coppery shades as that’s what I’m loving at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll use them all!

One final thing…. why on earth is Coconut called that?!  What does a vivid teal colour have to do with coconuts?!  If anyone can enlighten me, that would be great!

What do you think of everything?  Anything you’d like to try, or have already tried?  Let me know in the comments or on social media!

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