Younique Products - Are They Any Good

Love It, Hate It… But Is It Any Good?!

Hey guys! I’m going to be talking about a product from a brand I never thought I would try… and before I tell you which brand it is, promise me you’ll stick around long enough to read to the end?  Thanks, it’s a deal!  The brand I’m talking about is the often controversial Younique! Now, I am not a Younique presenter and have nothing to do with the brand – in fact this is the first product I have actually tried of theirs.  So please don’t assume I’m trying to sell you anything, because I’m not!  

The reason I wanted to review a Younique product was because I have seen the brand provoke very strong reactions in all of the makeup groups I am part of on Facebook.  So many people despise the brand, feel their products are over-priced, dislike the way they sell and hate being bombarded with messages from presenters, either wanting to sell products, or make you part of their team.

Younique Products - Are They Any Good What is Younique?

Younique are a bit like Juice Plus etc in that the products are sold by representatives – you won’t see them in physical shops.  Presenters (sellers) buy their initial products, and then sell them on, making commission for doing so.  They often begin to recruit other presenters to join their team, after which I believe the leaders also make commission on anything sold by their team too.

Are Younique Cruelty-Free?

Younique seem to talk quite a bit about being cruelty-free, which is great, but they aren’t listed on a lot of popular cruelty-free websites such as PETA and Leaping Bunny.  It seems that although they don’t actively test on animals, they haven’t conducted in-depth reviews of their ingredient sources.  Just something to be aware of, depending how strongly you feel about cruelty-free products.  They say they are currently in the process of exploring official certification of cruelty-free status, which will be great if/when it goes ahead.

Perception of Younique

The main gripe people seem to have is that because they hate how pushy some presenters are and the fact that they sell at a high price for a young company, it puts them off trying any of the products.  Over and over, I have seen people ranting on Facebook about how crap Younique are, but then to admit they’ve never tried any of the products.  

It made me stop and question myself… yes, I have experienced some really annoying, pushy sellers who don’t take no for an answer, but what if the products were amazing and I was missing out?! Luckily for me, a friend (Risa) has recently become a Younique presenter and she is refreshingly different to any I’ve come across before!  She doesn’t push products onto people, give the hard sell, bombard people she doesn’t know with messages and post non-stop on her personal Facebook page about how amazing Younique is (which a lot of others do).  She works hard and clearly likes the brand, but knows what people want and don’t want (as she has learnt from seeing the many tirades in makeup groups!)  

Risa kindly offered to give me one of her products for free, to review on here, as it wasn’t a colour she would wear.  I jumped at the chance to try something Younique, without spending a lot of  money and risking being disappointed!  One product I’ve heard loads of positive reviews on is their well-known 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, which uses fibres to give lashes tons of length and volume – some people don’t like it, but a lot swear by it and use it instead of their false lashes!

Splurge Cream Shadow in Noble

The product I’ve tried is their Splurge Cream Shadow (*tries not to giggle at the name*) in the shade Noble.  It’s a gorgeous, dusty grey-purple, shot through with glitter – a very me colour!  Younique describe this as a high-density, velvety-smooth cream eyeshadow.  It has a light, mousse like texture which you can apply with your fingers or with a brush.  To get good pigmentation, I prefer to apply it with my fingertips, and then just run a soft, fluffy brush over the crease to buff and blend any harsh edges.  It dries down pretty quickly, and once it does, it actually stays on the lid for ages!  I have tried it over an eye primer, and also as a base for a similar coloured powder eyeshadow, and each time it has lasted without budging, until I removed it.

The photo above left is one light layer of cream shadow alone – it is buildable and can get darker and more opaque.  On the right is it with a similar shade of eyeshadow in the crease and outer corners.  If you don’t like glitter, this one isn’t for you as it’s packed with tiny, fine flecks of it – luckily, I do, so it’s perfect for me!  I can’t tell from the website if all the other shades have glittery finishes too, or whether some are matte.  

I love that I can use just one product, and get a soft, smokey eye look that has dimension and looks like a more complicated look with several eyeshadows.  I wouldn’t personally pay £21 to buy another one of these, as I do think the price is a bit too high for a young company.  Benefit Cosmetics are hugely popular and were founded in 1976, yet their cream shadows are just £15.50.

Younique Products - Are They Any Good

Splurge Cream Shadow in Noble, with Glossybox Glossy Mauve in crease and outer corners!

My Opinion on Younique Now

I feel like if Younique maybe took on board the opinions of some of their ‘haters’, they might see significant improvements in the reception they get from the beauty world.  All it would take would be for the prices to drop a little and for the presenters to be told to avoid aggressive, pushy selling tactics.  Then makeup lovers would be more inclined to actually part with money to try the products, before making up their minds.  

Obviously I’ve only tried this one product myself, but I really liked it and would have purchased it in other colours had the price-point been lower. I hope this review was useful to those of you who dislike or are wary of Younique, and perhaps persuaded you to give one of the products a go before making up your mind!  

If you fancy trying something, but don’t want to be given the hard sell, you can find Risa’s sales site here! If you’ve tried Younique products, did you love them or hate them?  Let me know in the comments!

[As stated, I was given this product free of charge, for review purposes.  I have been in no way compensated for this post, have no affiliation with the company, and all opinions are honest and my own].

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0 thoughts on “Love It, Hate It… But Is It Any Good?!

  1. thoughtfulpigeon says:

    This looks a really nice product but, as you say, a bit expensive for what it is. I haven’t tried any if their products but I have been looking on their site a bit as I joined a group someone set up selling their things. I think they do seem over priced for what they are but the 3D lashes mascara thing has intrigued me and I’ve considered getting that when my mascara runs out as it seems to get so many positive reviews.

    • Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

      Yeah I really like it, I’ll definitely get use from it so I’m glad I was able to try it 😊 I’ve heard a lot of people saying they love the mascara so it’s probably a pretty safe bet. Let me know what you think if you do get it! Xx

  2. driftinglexi says:

    I have tried the mascara before, and I didn’t really like it. It was a bit of a hassle to put on and I wasn’t that impressed by the end result. I compared it to the Benefit Roller Lash mascara, as did my mum, and we both prefer Benefit.

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