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Hi everyone I was very kindly sent some products by Works With Water (along with this really pretty compact mirror!), in order to review them.  Although I was sent these products, this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are honest and my own.

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Works With Water are a company who produce what they call ‘nutraceuticals’ – products that contain targeted ingredients considered to provide specific medicinal and health benefits.  The supplements contain natural ingredients, scientifically proven to make a significant difference to people’s health.

Works With Water currently offer three products:

  • help: clear skin
  • help: clear skin (men); and
  • help: beautify skin

I was sent clear skin and beautify skin.  Sadly I could not test beautify skin, as it contains marine collagen, which is not suitable for vegetarians.  My husband stepped up to the plate and trialled the beautify skin whilst I tested clear skin (which is suitable for veggies).  The two products were actually quite different, so I’ll review each separately.  I will not be reviewing the one aimed at men, as I have never tried it.

help: beautify skin 

This is a ready to eat jelly supplement with apple flavouring.  It is in a small sachet, and you literally just eat the jelly in one.  My husband said it had a pleasant apple flavour (it smelt nice to me).  You can also freeze these little sachets and eat it like an ice-pop!  It contains CoEnzyme Q10, marine collagen, resveratrol, aloe vera and vitamin C. 

The supplement is formulated to help achieve a youthful, glowing complexion from the inside out. These sachets were pretty handy, as you could take them on the go with you and they are very portable, without any preparation or mess.  You are advised to take one or two sachets a day.  My husband had one a day, for the whole 14 days that the supply lasted.  We haven’t noticed any particular difference in his skin, but that is no surprise.  I always say that with skincare products etc, it takes at least a month to notice any visible improvements or changes.

A box of 14 sachets costs £22.94, which I do find quite expensive.  If you were to take them on a daily basis, this would be around £45 a month.  If they work very well for you, and you’re happy to invest money into your skincare, then the price may well not put you off.  It depends on your budget and priorities. Find the product here.

help: clear skin

_20150531_173527     _20150531_173511

This is the one I trialled myself, as it is suitable for vegetarians (but not vegans).  This one is in a different format to the jelly supplements.  It comes in small sachets of powder, which you can mix with food or liquids.  Clear: skin contains soluble fibre, lactoferrin, high extract aloe vera and zinc gluconate. This supplement is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.  It is gluten free, suitable for diabetics and also for those who are lactose intolerant. 

Instructions are to take one sachet daily for at least 4-6 weeks. Although instructions said you could mix the powder into hot or cold food, I found the idea of that quite off-putting, as it’s quite a large amount of powder!  I preferred to take it in liquids.  I either mixed it with water and drank it quickly (the flavour is not unpleasant, but not so nice that you would want to sip it!) or mixed it into my morning smoothie.  I definitely liked it best in the smoothie, as the taste was disguised.  It didn’t mix completely smoothly, and did leave small lumps, but it worked fine overall.

This supplement contains lactoferrin, which has been shown to reduce the development of the bacteria responsible for many skin impurities, due to its anti-microbial effects.  I took my 28 sachets, one a day, over a period of 28 days.  I think this is a fairly reasonable amount of time to notice any improvements or changes. Although my skin has been fairly clear recently, I do suffer from hormonal blemishes around the time of the month.  I found that when using these supplements, the breakouts were mildly better – I only had 2 spots and they healed fairly quickly.  I think this is a slight improvement than usual, potentially due to the clear: skin powder.

Below are before and after photos of me – it is hard to tell any difference from photos, and you have to bear in mind that the state of skin changes from day to day, but I thought doing this would be useful.  I have focused on my chin, as this is the area where I usually get blemishes: One unexpected benefit I found was that my stomach was better whilst taking the sachets.  I suffer from IBS (C) and found that the supplement improved some of my symptoms.  I think this is probably due to the aloe vera, as I have tried that alone in the past and had the same effect. The clear: skin sachets are £22.94 for a 14 day supply or £39.95 for a 28 day supply. Find them here.

My Opinion

Overall, I think the supplements were mildly beneficial over the period of testing them, however I think that their effects would be more obvious and noticeable after a longer period of use.  Skin regenerates itself, and beneficial changes to your skincare routine often don’t begin to show for at least a month or so. I personally find the price quite restrictive and would not be able to afford these on a regular basis. 

However if I had skincare concerns and could afford the supplements, then I would definitely take the approach of treating my skin from the inside out, as well as topically with products.

Before and After Photos

_20150521_170857     _20150521_170836      _20150615_205532

Have you tried Works With Water supplements?  Did they work for you?  Let me know in the comments box or follow me on social media!

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