Superdrug Vibrance Very Violet 5.66 Hair Dye Review

I have naturally very dark brown/almost black hair.  Since I was a teenager I’ve always liked to play around with my colour, but with it being so dark, nothing ever took unless I used bleach first.  Last year, I managed to ombre my hair.  It took two applications, but I eventually got the colour down to a  mid-browny ginger.  I then dyed over it with various semi-permanent brights.  My favourite, and the only purple one that ever actually showed up, was “Adore” in Purple Rage.  I would recommend it, it goes a lovely dark aubergine and fades to a more reddy shade.  It also gives great glossy shine.  It cost me around £4 from a local hair shop.


Anyway, having a chronic illness, any hair that requires regular upkeep is a bit of a no-no.  I often didn’t have the energy or was simply too unwell to keep up with dying it.  To look good, it would have needed re-dying every 3 to 4 weeks.  I found I just wasn’t keeping up with it, leaving me with crappy faded browny-pink ends as you will see below!  I’m a bridesmaid next week and thought I should really sort it out before the big day.  As I felt quite good yesterday, I seized the chance to dye my hair.  I decided to go for an all-over dark colour, close to my natural hair colour but with a hint of purple.  I also hoped it would cover the couple of greys that have made an appearance recently (seriously?  I’m only 29!)

I was in Superdrug and picked up the Garnier Olia Deep Violet.  Then I stopped and thought, I’ve been trying to replace all my beauty items with cruelty free products recently… why not get a cruelty free dye too?  Anything that is Superdrug own brand is automatically cruelty free, which is great for an animal-loving veggie like me!  It was a bit of a gamble, as I don’t know anything about their dyes, whether they’re any good etc.  I chose Superdrug Vibrance in Very Violet 5.66.

Application was easy.  You just squeeze the creme into the bottle of solution, shake well (hubby did that bit for me!), don the gloves (these were good quality too!) and slap it on!  It took 30 mins to process, giving me time to rid the bathroom of the many purple splashes I managed to get around… I am so clumsy!


So here is the outcome…


It has given a lovely glossy shine, and fairly even overall colour.  I would say you can only see any hint of purple right under unnatural light (i.e a spotlight, or it shows up well in the lift lol!).  So if you have dark hair and are after a bright, visible purple, this would not be for you.  But if you’re after an overall dark colour with a hint of something else, this would be great.  I would highly recommend it, and did not notice any quality difference between this and a “branded” hair dye.  It was also much cheaper at just £3.49.

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