Rush Hair Salon York Review

Rush Hair Salon – York // Haircut and Review!

Hi guys!  I hope you’re having a good day.  I want to tell you about a lovely hair salon that has just opened up in York City Centre.  Rush Hair Salon have over 70 salons nationwide, and they have now opened one up in York! 

Rush Hair Salon York Review

Rush Hair Salon, York

Rush Hair Salon kindly invited me along to the salon to see what it was like and have a little snip of my locks!  This post is not sponsored and as ever, all opinions are honest and my own.

Where is Rush Hair Salon in York?

Rush Hair Salon is very central, next to Superdrug in the town centre.  It’s lovely and smart from the outside.  You can tell they’ve really made an effort with their presentation.  They have pretty little box trees either side of the door and a huge, beautiful bunch of flowers in the window!

Rush Hair Salon York Review

Inside the salon is just as nice – it’s all monochrome and glossy, very swish!  I was greeted at reception and didn’t have to wait at all – I was taken straight over to my chair.  My mum was with me, as she kindly took me to York (I have chronic illness and would have struggled to drive myself there on top of getting a haircut).  

The staff went out of their way to make us both comfortable.  They actually let my mum sit at the station next to mine, so we could chat during the cut.  They also offered us both magazines, but we didn’t stop talking long enough to read one!

Refreshments - yum!

Refreshments – yum!

My Experience

We were both offered a drink from a choice of teas, coffees and juices.  I chose a cranberry juice and my mum went for a latte.  When they brought the drinks out I was a very happy bunny, because I had a little tray with two Lindt Lindor chocolates on it!  They are pretty much my favourite chocolates, so I was definitely won over.  And yes, I was a good daughter and gave my mum one, although she had her own biscuits too! 🙂

I was put into a gown and whisked away to have my hair washed by a lovely girl, who was doing an apprenticeship with the salon.  She washed my locks, gave me a nice scalp massage and then took me back to my chair.

Rush Hair Salon York Review

My Hair Stylist

My hair stylist was Jessica Graville (her Instagram is here, if you’d like to see her work).  She was such a sweetie!  Not only was she great at her job, she was also so lovely to talk to.  We chatted away about celebrities and TV the whole time!  I told Jessica I just wanted a trim, as it hasn’t been that long since my last haircut.  She asked if I wanted any layers, but I asked for a very blunt cut, to give my fine hair some thickness.

My haircut was quick, without feeling rushed.  Jessica checked how I wanted it styling at the end, and I just opted for it to be dried straight as normal.  Kerastase products were used throughout, from a volumising shampoo to a volume spray for styling.  This is because I told her that I struggle to get body in my hair.  Jessica showed me the back in a mirror, making sure I was definitely happy with the cut before she finished.

Rush Hair Salon York Review

My haircut

My Overall Experience

All of the staff I met at Rush Hair Salon, from the apprentice to the stylist, to the receptionist were all really nice and friendly.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great salon in York.  Their prices are pretty reasonable for a nationwide, city centre salon.  You can find the prices here

Have you heard of Rush Hair Salon?  Ever been there?  Let me know in the comments!

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