Resmed S+ Sleep Sensor Monitor Non Contact

Resmed S+ Sleep Sensor // Help Monitor & Improve Your Sleep // Review

Hey guys!  I’m looking forward to telling you about this sleep monitoring product… I have been quietly testing it out and thoroughly putting it through its paces behind the scenes for a while now!  The S+ Sleep Sensor * is a device by ResMed, which is designed to help your sleep in a number of ways.  I think I’m probably the perfect candidate for this, as I sleep quite badly nowadays.  I used to sleep really well before I got ill. Ever since I have had ME and fibro, I take a long time to get to sleep due to pain (often still awake at 5am) and find it very difficulty to get good quality sleep.  When you already have ‘chronic fatigue’, this is the final straw!

Resmed S+ Sleep Sensor Monitor Non Contact

Resmed – S+ Sleep Sensor

I was very kindly given this S+ sleep sensor by Resmed in order to review it for you guys, but this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own – as always!

The S+ sleep sensor works in six different ways, which work together to improve your sleep:

Clear Your Mind

The mind clear feature allows you to record a voice clip or write a text reminder/note before you go to sleep.  This helps to clear your thoughts without worrying you’ll forget your mental to-do list the next day!  I really like this idea, as I often have to make lists in the middle of the night! I’ll be wide awake, and everything I need to do suddenly decides to come to mind all at once!

Breathe and Relax

There are two relax settings – relax to sleep and relax daytime.  They provide soothing sounds (like the ocean, shoreline, air etc), which sync to your breathing pattern.  This means that by breathing more slowly and deeply, the sounds become slower and calmer.  It’s a great way of concentrating on deep breathing without having to count the breaths, which I find distracting!

Monitor Your Sleep

The S+ measures your breathing, physical movements and also your sleep stage (deep, light, REM).  It puts everything together into a handy chart each morning (which you can drill down into for more detail), so you can see how well you slept the night before.  It gives you a sleep quality score (eg 90%), which I found to be really accurate.

Resmed S+ Sleep Sensor Monitor Non Contact

Resmed – S+ Sleep Sensor (in box)

Wake up Refreshed

The S+ has a ‘smart alarm’ setting, which is designed to wake you up during a light stage of sleep.  This avoids you waking up feeling really groggy and out of it.  I absolutely love this!  I read about them years ago but could never really try it properly as of course I had to be up at a very specific time for work.  Now that I don’t, it’s really useful!

You set your alarm to go off within a time range (anything from a gap of 10 minutes up to 30) and it will wake you up at your lightest sleep stage within that time range.  This helps you to wake up refreshed.  I am able to use the 30 minute setting, and have found that it really does work!  It definitely stops that horrible ‘jolted awake’ feeling.  The alarm sound itself is also quite gentle, which I much prefer to something really irritating and piercing in the morning!

Sleep Scores

As I mentioned above, each morning the S+ gives you a sleep score.  This combines multiple elements of your sleep measured against known averages for your age and gender.  If you’re short on time, the sleep score is a quick, easy way to see how well you’ve slept without reading through lots of data.  It’s all saved in the app, so you can go back and read the details when you have more time.

Sleep Coaching

ResMed mentor sends you notifications or daily emails with feedback, if you choose.  Don’t worry, these can be stopped if you prefer not to get them!  They include personalised and actionable feedback that can help you work towards getting better sleep.  This is where the S+ is better than just a relaxation app or smart alarm on their own: the feedback is tailored to you and gives you really useful information.  Granted, if you know the basics, like I do, then some of it won’t come as a surprise to you.  We probably all know to have a low light level and cool temperatures in the bedroom!  However, I also learnt some useful bits in addition to what I already knew.

Design and Setup

The unit itself is small-ish, so doesn’t take up too much room on your nightstand.  I think it looks really smart and clean, so I don’t mind having it displayed on my bedside table.  I’m glad they’ve gone for a sleek, white design that should go with most people’s rooms.  Of course if you can be bothered, you can put it away during the day, but I found it easier just to leave it in place.  Setup is very minimal, just download the free ‘Resmed S+’ app on your phone, plug the unit into a power source and go!  The app will ask you to complete a profile, but it’s just basics like age, gender, height and weight.

Resmed S+ Sleep Sensor Monitor Non Contact

Resmed – S+ Sleep Sensor

You have to have the S+ it in a certain position when you’re sleeping, for it to do its job.  It should be level with your body (lying down), arm’s length away from you.  It should be tilted so that it’s pointed towards your chest area, to help it monitor your breathing.    It does need access to a plug to power it overnight, and you are advised to put your phone on charge whilst you’re asleep too.  This is so that the S+ can transmit the information to  your phone.  You also need to activate your bluetooth and wifi on your phone, but you can switch them off in the morning once it’s transmitted your data.

Sleep Sensor: My Results!

I’ve had some really good results from using the S+!  Here is how my sleep scores (out of 100) progressed for the first few weeks:

31 – 42 – 56 – 49 – 55 – 87 – 95 – 52 – 85 – 81 – 70 – 94 – 74 – 96

Obviously it goes up and down, but there is a definite upward curve showing there – I’m really impressed!  It will never make my sleep amazing, as one of the main things that keeps me awake is being in agony from my fibromyalgia.  BUT! At least it gives me some power over the situation.  If I can sort out all the aspects I can control, then at least that only leaves the pain left to disrupt me.

Resmed S+ Sleep Sensor Monitor Non Contact

Resmed – S+ Sleep Sensor

Now, I do feel like you could potentially get to a point where you may not need the unit anymore (at least not every night).  This is because you can get apps with guided relaxation and sleep-inducing sounds, and you can get apps that give you the smart alarm function.  You can of course also make notes on your phone (or a good old fashioned piece of paper)!  Apps cannot (to my knowledge) monitor your breathing and movement anywhere near as accurately as this unit though.  

Is it Worth the Money?

For me personally, I feel like I’ve got to the point where I’ve received the majority of the sleep guidance and advice from Resmed.  I’d be happy to just use relaxation sounds when needed, but I do love the smart alarm function as it makes a real difference to how I feel on waking (10% less awful than usual is worth it for me)!!  I think whether it’s worth you buying instead of using various free apps depends on your personal situation.  

If you really don’t have the money to spare and are willing to put in a bit of hard work, research and use several apps, then you could probably get fairly similar results alone.  If you can spare the money and/or just prefer an easy, simple, all-in-one function then this is probably ideal for you.  Sleep is SO important, and has such a huge impact on how we feel, that maybe it’s worth investing a little money into!  If you have any specific questions, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll answer you as best I can 🙂

You can currently buy the S+ sleep sensor on Amazon for £129.99 here*.

Do you have problems sleeping too?  What’s your biggest issue that keeps you awake?  Let me know in the comments!


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6 thoughts on “Resmed S+ Sleep Sensor // Help Monitor & Improve Your Sleep // Review

  1. MissPond says:

    This sounds really interesting, I use a sleep app on my phone but this sounds more accurate. Annoyingly though it doesn’t sound like it would be great if you share your bed with someone!

    • Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

      Yeah I was shocked how something so seemingly simple helped! I guess it’s having all the tools packaged up separately, as otherwise I forget about all the tips and end up just doing one thing (usually a guided relaxation app). It seems like SO many people sleep badly these days! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably never sleep amazingly with my chronic illnesses, but I’ll take any improvement I can get 😀 xx

  2. Kirst says:

    🌺thank you for sharing your results and thoughts on this machine… it sounds like a useful aid but it’s outside of my budget unfortunately x
    I think discomfort & pain are the main reasons that keep me awake …but it’s also like an insomnia; I can be so tired (not the extreme, debilitating M.E/CFS tiredness, which is different) but I simply can’t sleep! …& when I can sleep it’s usually at the wrong time LOL does this sound familiar?🌺

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