Prairie Charms – Pizzazz Toppings // Luau Party Edition Box!

Hi guys – I’m bringing you an exciting one today!  Some of you may remember this post in June, when I had first heard of the company Prairie Charms.  I reviewed one of their mystery bags and really liked it.  Since then, I have stayed in touch with them on Twitter and have been involved in their blogger team during the creation of the exciting box I’m reviewing for you now!

If you didn’t read my post back in June, I’ll just tell you a little about the company.  Prairie Charms describe themselves as “a completely handmade accessories boutique specialising in all things girly, floral, quirky and whimsical”.  One of the things I really like about them is that 10% of all profit proceeds are donated to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity and the, ‘Kiss it Better Campaign,’ which provides funding to pioneering, world-class treatment for complex medical conditions including pediatric cancers.  I love ethical companies who like to give something back to the world.


Prairie Charms have created a themed accessory subscription box called Prairie Pizzazz.  Each box will have a different theme, and can be slightly customised to your likes and dislikes (think favourite colours etc).  I missed out on their first box, which had a festival theme, but this month’s box more than made up for it!  This month’s theme was a luau party – think tropical, bright colours, pineapples and lots of flowers! The goodies came packaged in a brown pizza-style box.  The first thing I was hit with when I opened it was pink tissue paper, super-bright tropical confetti and lots of colour!

I’ll take you through everything I received in the pizza-style box:

Eda Bespoke Floral Lei (Flower Crown) (£50)


First, and most excitingly, was this beautiful flower crown.  I received a pink and purple one, as they know they are my favourite colours.  The flowers are bold, bright gerberas with yellow centres.  They fill a fairly solid ring, which meets at the back in a bit where you can undo the matching pink and purple ribbons.  This makes it adjustable to different head sizes or different ways of wearing it.  The ribbons can then be tied up into bows.

This crown is absolutely stunning.  I probably won’t get chance to wear it now until next spring/summer, but it will look amazing adorning my makeup table until then!  Bright, feminine, pretty hair accessories are one of the main things that sum up Prairie Charms.

Hana Bow Tie Scrunchie (£7.50)


This is a really pretty wine-coloured scrunchie with gold glitter flecks all over the fabric.  It has a little bow at the front.  Now, I really don’t do scrunchies, so I probably won’t wear this but that is only because of my personal taste.  Anyone cooler than me could probably rock a scrunchie, but for me, it takes me back to my high school days and having my hair scraped high on my head with a big scrunchie wrapped around it!  I will probably give it to a friend.

To their absolute credit, I spoke to Prairie Charms about the fact that I wouldn’t use scrunchies and they have added that to my list of likes/dislikes.  They are already adapting a future mystery bag to replace the scrunchie with an elastic headband for me, which most companies wouldn’t do.  They are so accommodating, and reply to messages on Twitter almost instantly!

Caterina No Snag Knot Ties (£7)


I received two different elastic hair ties (the type you can use to tie up your hair and they don’t really leave marks).  One is hot pink with lots of pale pink glitter and the other is a teal/green with gold flamingos printed on it.  I absolutely love both – I like anything pink and sparkly and I also love flamingos!  Another hit for me.  I will definitely use both of these.

Paloma Vintage Bead Drop Anklet (£12)


This is a silver chain anklet with a drop bead made from vintage Japanese glass.  The glass is really pretty, in shades of white, red and turquoise.  When I first saw this, I thought it would be way too big for my ankle, but I realised that as it’s a chain, it can be fastened anywhere – so it should pretty much fit anyone.

I only recently got into anklets as I was sent a lucky charm one by a friend, so this was good timing.  I find this anklet really pretty and delicate and will definitely wear it next summer, once it’s warm enough to get my ankles out again!

Acadia Tropical Punch Drink Set (£5)


We received all we needed to make some tropical punch, to go with the luau party theme!  There was a sachet of Peach Mango Kool-Aid, which is quite good because I’ve never tried Kool-Aid.  I see it on all the American shows and have never had chance to try it.  We also received bamboo style paper straws and a pink flamingo stirrer to brighten up the punch.  All that was missing was the vodka… haha!  I will have to add my own 😉

Dakota Custom Nail Glitter (£6.50)


We also received a generously sized packet of nail glitter – I think people were sent different colours, but mine is a pretty baby pink colour.  This can be used over nail varnish for a glittery finish.  I’m a big fan of glitter nails so will definitely make use of this.  It might be slightly difficult to use out of this packaging, but I will probably pour some out onto a little mixing tray and use it from there.  Excuse the messy packet but I had to rip the label off so that you could actually see the glitter!

Faryn Hair Clips (£5)


Again, I think people received different colours of this shell hair clip.  I’m not totally sure, but it looked like an actual real shell to me!  It comes mounted on a sturdy hair clip, so that you can secure it into your hair.  My clip is full on gold, and looks really nice against my dark hair.  I have already worn this to liven up and up-do, and really like it!

Una Coconut S’more Snack Pack (£3.50)


Like the tropical drink set, this was another little kit to get us in the luau party spirit.  Imagine you’re standing around a beach fire in your floral lei… now what’s missing?  If you’re American, then the answer was probably s’mores!  We don’t really have them in England but I don’t know why because they sound yummy!

We received a packet of teddy bear shaped honey graham crackers, a mini Hersheys milk chocolate bar and two toasted coconut marshmallows.  Sadly I couldn’t eat the marshmallows as they contained gelatine (I’m vegetarian) but my husband tells me they were very tasty!  Be assured, I’ll be eating the rest myself haha.

Sweet as Honey Studio – Make a Mess Tropical Confetti (£3.95)


Finally, we received a little party pack – a white balloon and a packet bursting with tropical coloured paper confetti.  The instructions were to use the confetti to jazz up your photos, or to make a confetti balloon.  I have never heard of a confetti balloon before but it sounds fun, so I’ll be saving mine to do that next time I go to a party!  (Sorry to whoever has to vacuum it up…!)  I don’t really think this is worth £3.95 as it could be made yourself for next to nothing, but it went with the theme and the idea of a luau party, so I can definitely see why it was included.

One of the best things about this subscription box is the value for money.  I paid £22.50 (inc delivery) and received around £100 worth of contents.  Now with some subscriptions, you may not want to pay that much as you often receive things you won’t use.  As Prairie Charms build up a customer profile and take really careful note of your likes and dislikes, you are unlikely to receive anything you don’t like from them.  I know I’m not keen on the scrunchie, but they have already offered to swap that out for something else in my next order.  Not many companies are so collaborative in that way.

I am looking forward to my next mystery bag (which has a unicorn theme…squeeeee!) and will let you know what’s inside.

What do you think of this box?  Do you like any of the items I received?  Let me know what you like best, in the comments box or on social media!

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  1. thoughtfulpigeon says:

    This looks like a good box I especially like the bamboo straws and this snag free hair ties. Everything in it is fun and goes with the theme though I’m with you in the scrunchies, they always remind me of the 90s with the high pony tail. I’ve never tried smores either but I keep meaning to in the autumn, maybe this year I finally will as they sound so good.

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