Neal’s Yard Remedies // Blogger Event – Leeds!

Hey guys I was kindly invited to a blogger event being held by Neal’s Yard Remedies on Tuesday.  I sent a prayer to the gods of chronic illness that I’d be well enough on the day, and after plenty of rest, I made it *proud*!

Neal's Yard Remedies - Victoria Quarter, Leeds

Neal’s Yard Remedies – Victoria Quarter, Leeds

Neal’s Yard Remedies, founded in 1981, is an independent British brand who sell organic natural health and beauty products.  Almost all of their products are vegan and cruelty-free (the only exception being their honey range, which is obviously not vegan).  They are a brand I’ve read a lot about in magazines, and I’ve tried the odd sample here and there, but never actually been into the store or bought any products myself.  I was excited to go in and see what they were all about!


On arrival, we were greeted with this gorgeous selection of nibbles and drinks from Filmore & Union (also based in the Victoria Quarter).  Everything was vegan, which as a vegetarian I really appreciated!  The ‘healthy’ brownie was to die for, and my raw choco fix smoothie gave me an energy boost. If being greeted with great food wasn’t enough, I was a little bit early and was very kindly offered a 15 minute massage!  I was taken down to the treatment room on the ground floor and given a gorgeous aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage.  The guy giving me the massage was really passionate and knowledgeable about what he does.  His dad also suffers from ME, which meant he knew he should use a lighter pressure to prevent me being in pain afterwards.  It was lovely not to have to explain it all!

Treatment room at Neal's Yard Remedies Leeds

Treatment room at NYR, Leeds

After my super-relaxing massage, I popped back up to the shop floor to learn more about their products.  I had a good sniff and test of all their different ranges – they’re all based on natural ingredients like herbs, fruits etc, so most of them smell delicious.  They cater to every different skin type and concern, so it’s pretty easy to find something to suit you.  I picked up a rehydrating rose toner, which should help my dehydrated skin.  My favourite is my Elemis one, but it’s quite expensive, so I’m hoping this will be a cheaper alternative (especially as there was 20% off on the night)!
I also grabbed a pack of face wipes – I generally try not to use them, but on very bad illness days it’s sometimes the best I can do.  These ones looked like a good option, as they don’t contain a load of alcohol like most face wipes do, meaning they should be less drying for the skin.
I spent quite a while chatting to the Neal’s Yard Remedies staff, who were all super friendly and really knowledgeable.  I love the fact that the company has such strong ethics – not only are they organic, cruelty-free and vegan, they also use lots of Fairtrade ingredients and are signed up to the UN Global Compact, meaning they make a public commitment to the ten principles covering Human Rights, Labour, the Environment and Anti-Corruption.

They source as many ingredients as they can here in the UK, and where this is not possible, you can tell they put a lot of thought into where else to buy from.  An example I thought was sweet was that they cannot source free-range honey here in the UK (sadly, apparently here all of the honey is harvested from the confined bees, meaning they cannot survive once they have ‘had their use’).  Instead, they get their honey from Mexico – the bees have a huge area of wild meadow land to roam around, and they are left with enough of their own honey to continue to thrive).

Overall, I got the impression of a really caring, compassionate company who care about their impact on the environment and the people/animals involved in their supply chain.  This is not something you commonly see these days, so I’m glad I learnt about Neal’s Yard Remedies, as they are definitely the sort of company I would like to support.
Neal's Yard Remedies Leeds Twitter

Neal’s Yard Remedies, Leeds (@NYR_Official)

Worth noting is that as well as massage therapy on the ground floor, they also have a room upstairs where Judy Hall, a holistic therapist, works two days a week.  After getting chatting to Judy, she seems extremely perceptive and really knows about the link between body and mind.  She offers reflexology, which she thought could offer me some relief from my illnesses, so it’s definitely something I will look into! If that wasn’t a lovely enough experience, we were also treated to a goodie bag as we were leaving – it contained a huge jar of coconut oil, and a recipe set containing everything you need to make ‘super feel-good golden berry cups’!
Neal's Yard Remedies Blogger Event January 2016 Goodie Bag

Neal’s Yard Remedies Goodie Bag and my purchases!

Big thank you to Neal’s Yard for having me!

This is not a sponsored post.  Have you ever tried any Neal’s Yard Remedies products?  If so, what did you think of them?  Let me know in the comments!
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  1. lolarocks says:

    Great post and well done on the invite, sounds like it was a fab event. I love their hand cream that I received on a magazine so it’s great to know we have one on our doorstep! I’m shopping in town tomorrow so will have to pop in and check it out for myself!

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