Nails of the Day: Morgan Taylor – ‘Bright Side’ (from Just My Look)

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I’m feeling very purple at the moment… oh who am I kidding, I’m always covered in purple!  I was kindly offered the chance to choose two nail varnishes from to trial and review, and I chose two beautiful, but different shades.  The other one will follow with its own post soon, but today I am reviewing this beauty:

Morgan Taylor nail polish Sep 15

This vibrant pink toned purple nail varnish is from a brand called Morgan Taylor.  I had not heard of the brand before, but was really drawn to the bright, almost neon colour.  From a little research, the brand seem to be based in California, started by two nail technicians who met over 30 years ago.  The brand say they aim to “remove all barriers to color expression”, which suits me just fine as I love all things bright!  They are also cruelty-free, which is great.

You get a standard 15ml sized bottle for £7.99, which is a reasonable price.  You can buy it here.

In real life, this colour is much more of a neon-ish purple, but shows up much pinker on photos.  It applies really nicely – very smoothly.  The brush is a standard one, rather than curved, but only took two strokes per nail for full coverage.  The colour can be a little on the streaky side after two coats (although you could get away with it in a rush), so I chose to do three coats, which left an even, opaque finish.  In this photo, it is topped with Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat.

This nail varnish got a really good test, as it is what I was wearing when packing up my home and on moving day.  My nails got a real bashing!  There were a few chips, but this was after around 6 days, which is really good going as some polishes chip the second day on me.  I think during normal times (ie not moving or doing heavy manual work!) this would last really well.  It is definitely one I will continue to use… if I can pry it away from my mum, who also really likes it!

What do you think of this colour?  Have you tried anything from Morgan Taylor before?  Let me know in the comments box or follow me on social media!

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