MUA (Make Up Academy) Makeup Haul!

Bonjour (I’m feeling French today haha!)

I’m sharing an MUA haul with you today.  For anyone who doesn’t know, MUA (short for Make Up Academy) is a super-affordable UK based cosmetics company.  MUA’s website states that they aim to bring ‘surprisingly quality, colour and innovation’ to their products.  I guess the suprising part refers to the fact that the prices are SO low.  Usually this would lead you to think they may be bad quality, but from everything I’ve tried (and that’s a LOT!!), this is not the case.  The pigmentation of the eyeshadows in particular is amazing.


MUA have a lot of products priced at just £1, with a mid-range and then a ‘Luxe’ range with prices more around £8 for a palette.  They actually ship worldwide, with relatively reasonable postage charges.  I would encourage any non-UK readers to try this brand, as I love pretty much everything I’ve ever had from them (and no, this is not a sponsored post!)

Here’s what I picked up:

Glitter Ball Eyeshadow Palette – £2

IMG_20150501_191247       IMG_20150501_191304

This is a 12 shade eyeshadow palette containing a range of pastel and metal coloured shadows.  They all have a shimmery glitter finish.  As with all MUA eyeshadows I’ve tried, they have a lovely, buttery texture.  They apply really nicely, with great pigmentation. The bronzey shadow (bottom row, 2nd in) and the lilac shadow (bottom row, right) are my favourites.  I’ll probably create an eye look with this palette and post it for you at some point.

I think this palette was on sale, the full price is usually around £4, which is great value for 12 shades.  There is no mirror in the lid, but I would never use it anyway so I don’t mind that.  It comes with the usual sponge applicator which would be good for on the go, but I would usually use my own brushes for a better finish.

Single Eyeshadows in Lilac, Electric Purple & Peony – £1 each

IMG_20150501_191511 IMG_20150501_191617

I love MUA’s single eyeshadows.  They have a great range of bright colours (I generally don’t wear many nude colours) and the pigmentation is great.  I have a fab silver already (Platinum I think) and an amazing deep green called Hunter’s Green.

The shadows above L-R are Lilac, Electric Purple and Peony.  As you can see from the swatches, they all have a pearlescent finish, which I really like.  The middle shade comes out slightly more matte on the skin.  I think the Lilac one is such a beautiful mermaidy colour – it makes me happy!

These were £1 each, which is the normal, full price.  These are great value and good quality.  If you’re not into an overall bright eye, you could use these at the corner or as a liner, for just a pop of colour.

Luxe Metallic Palette in Mysterial – £4


These Metallic Palettes (there are around 3 other colour-ways) are part of the Luxe range I mentioned – usually meaning they cost slightly more, although I still think £4 is very reasonable in this case.  Mysterial contains three shadows (unnamed) and an eye primer.  The primer is to use on your lid before applying the shadow – it should give a smooth finish and help the makeup stay on longer.  This is the first budget palette I’ve seen with an eye primer included, so I think this is a pretty good idea.  I do use primer, so it would be handy to have this with me if I was travelling and trying to pack light, or for on the go.

The palette contains a bronzey shade, a bright purple and a darker brown.  It’s actually a bit of a random combination, as I’m not sure I’d use these colours together to create a look, but they are all lovely in their own right.  I’ll definitely be using that purple ASAP!

Sweet Sheen Lip Balm in French Violet – £2


I don’t often buy coloured lip balms.  I wear a lot of lipstick (usually bright colours) and then use lip balms a million times a day as my lips get dry, but usually just clear ones.  I thought it would be nice to keep some colour on my lips but hydrate them at the same time.  As you can see, it’s a pretty pinky-mauve colour.  It is very sheer with one coat, but becomes brighter with several.  I have been wearing it today and it’s pretty hydrating, and feels nice and smooth on the lips.  I’d definitely try some of the other colours!

Have you tried any MUA products?  What did you think of them?  Let me know in the comments, or follow me on social media!

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