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I love budget beauty – here in England we have some really good budget (or ‘drugstore’) makeup brands that bring out innovative, great quality products whilst still being extremely affordable!  One of my favourite affordable brands is Makeup Revolution.  I’ve tried a lot of their products across the board now, and still like to try new things as and when I need something or they bring something new out.  I’d like to share my latest haul with you!

_20151005_154809      _20151005_154826


L-R: Amazing Lipsticks in 100% Vamp and Crime.  £1 each.


Crime on the lips (I like it!)

I didn’t even bother photographing 100% Vamp on the lips… it’s the first lipstick by MUR that I’ve ever really disliked.  The colour is a really dark purple-black which looks quite nice on the back of the hand.  On the lips it just looks terrible!  Application is patchy and even after spending a lot of time applying it, it still looks really uneven and tacky.  I will either be throwing this one away or putting it in with my Halloween makeup!

Crime applies nice and evenly and is a super-bright bubblegum pink.  It is a satiny-gloss finish so it doesn’t last through eating and drinking but most lipsticks of this finish wouldn’t.  For £1 it is great and is easy to reapply!


Ultra Velour Lip Cream in Say Yes, It’s What We Do Best!  £1.50 each.


Say Yes, It’s What We Do Best on the lips.

These lip creams have fairly good coverage, although you can choose your level of coverage by doing one light coat or building up to an opaque layer of colour.  MUR claim that these lip creams ‘give a velour matte finish with ultra intensive colour, whilst feeling comfortable to wear’.  I would agree with most of that – I think the reason they are comfortable on the lips is that they never quite dry down, they stay slightly ‘wet’ and moveable on the lips.  If you’re looking for a completely locked-in liquid lipstick finish, that is not what you’ll get.  But if your poor, dry lips need a break from drying lip products, this would be a good middle ground!


Amazing Eye/LipLiner – Hypocrisy Vice.  £1.

These liners have been made to be used on both the lips and eyes – there are a range of colours, all at just £1 each.  Although most colours automatically fit themselves to either the eye or the lip (i.e. you’re unlikely to use a red liner on your eyes), it’s nice to have the option to experiment.  This liner is a standard pencil liner, not super creamy but definitely soft enough and a nice texture.  I used this as a liner and all over the lips under this look and it helped my lipstick last for hours.  I’m really pleased with this product!

_20151005_155047           _20151005_155103

Pro Curve Contour Blusher & Highlighting Brush. £4.99.

I love this brush!  It’s such a perfect shape for my cheekbones.  It’s nice and soft but maintains its shape when you use it, meaning the product applies directly where you want it instead of going all over.  I use this for my highlighter (I don’t use much and tend to just keep it to the cheekbones, so this brush suits me fine).


_20151005_155153            _20151005_155121

Disappear to the Beyond Eyeshadow Palette.  £4.

I was a little bit disappointed with this palette.  I’ve had loads of Makeup Revolution palettes in the past and have always been really impressed with the quality and pigmentation.  The shadows in this palette seemed a bit hit & miss with their pigmentation.  As you can see from my swatches, some shades didn’t show up at all, although this is understandable as they were lighter shades – though sadly some of the lighter shades were actually quite chalky.

I have a theory that some of the shades have improved since I’ve used them a little bit; almost as if you had to get through the very top layer to reach the creamy, pigmented parts.  This definitely happened with the deep purple flecked with bronze (bottom left), it is now beautiful!  The gold and copper type shades are all really nice.  For £4, I’m still pretty happy with the palette overall.  I think if I paid £4 for a palette from an unknown brand and it was hit & miss, I would think that was to be expected.  It’s only because I know how great other MUR eyeshadows and palettes are that I had high hopes to begin with!

_20151005_155233 _20151005_155350

_20151005_155251      _20151005_155411

L-R Eyeshadows: Just Me, Sold Out, Dirty Cash, So Good To Me.  £1 each.

These individual shadows are lovely (although I really have to stop buying multiple copper and gold metallic shadows… I’m addicted!)  These have good pigmentation and are nice and creamy.  The metallics pack on well but also blend out nicely too.  Very happy with these!  I wish they clicked together into a little palette, haha.

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution?  What’s your favourite product by them?  Let me know!

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