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Did you hear that Makeup Geek (purveyor of every beautiful shade of eyeshadow you could ever want) have started doing loose pigments?  If you’ve ever used a Makeup Geek shadow, you’ll know how amazingly pigmented and gorgeous they are; especially the foiled shadows.  I have 4 or 5 of the foiled shadows and they are so bright and metallic.  I knew I couldn’t go wrong with the loose pigments!

Makeup Geek Loose Pigments

I almost always read reviews before I buy anything, but these pigments were actually a rare impulse buy, as I needed to spend a bit more on Beauty Bay to get free shipping (yes, I did the age old spending £15 extra to save about £3 thing….!)  I couldn’t wait to swatch them as soon as they arrived, as I didn’t know what to expect.

Makeup Geek Loose Pigments

There’s only one downside… I told myself I could only have three, but there were so many shades I was torn between so I quickly Googled some swatches and decided on Vegas Lights, Birthday Wish and Nightlife.  It took me actually getting to the point of taking the photographs for this post to realise something had gone a little wrong… I had two Birthday Wishes and no Nightlife.  I’ve double checked and that’s what I did apparently order so it’s not Beauty Bay’s fault.  It doesn’t surprise me though, I’ve been feeling pretty poorly all week and I think I just had a brain fog moment!  So although there are three pots in the main photo, I have only swatched two for obvious reasons!

Makeup Geek Vegas Lights Swatches Birthday Wish Swatches

L – R: Birthday Wish applied dry and then wet // Vegas Lights applied dry and then wet

Makeup Geek Vegas Lights Swatches Birthday Wish Swatches

This is in slightly better, direct sunlight – how gorgeous are they?  They are so metallic and pigmented, and they catch the light so nicely!

You can find the loose pigments on Beauty Bay for £7.25 each, and there are eight shades available.

Have you tried the loose pigments, or anything else from Makeup Geek?  If so, what did you think?  Let me know!


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