Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Review

MAC Studio Fix Foundation Fail!

Hi guys!  I don’t usually write such short, informal posts but I kind of felt like sharing this with you (and finding out if I’m the only one who feels this way about Mac Studio Fix foundation!)  I had a rare ok-health day last weekend and popped into Mac for something (Soar lipliner and Brave lippie – I’ll share soon!)  The Mac girl asked if I wanted to try anything else on.  Shockingly for a beauty blogger, I’ve never once tried a Mac foundation, so I thought I’d take the chance!  

I asked the girl what their most matte foundation was, and she said they didn’t really do matte foundations (surprise number 1!)  Surely I can’t be the only person who wants a matte foundation?  I think it’s due to having oily/combination skin – the dewy foundations are a huge no for me (unless you dig the hot mess look!)  But anyway, she advised that they tend to use their Studio Fix powder over any of the foundations to achieve a more matte finish – fair enough.  She thought the Mac Studio Fix foundation would be the best suited to me, so down I sat for her to put it on for me.

Mac Studio Fix Foundation Review

Mac – Studio Fix Foundation

Mac Studio Fix Foundation – Application

Now I’m sure she knows what she’s doing 100x better than me, as I believe most of the Mac girls are trained makeup artists?  But I was surprised to see her using an old-style foundation brush (you know those flat, paint brush type ones)?  Anyway, she popped it on whilst I busied myself trying not to make awkward eye contact while she was 2 inches from my face! 🙂  She set it with the powder and I had a quick look in the mirror in store.  It was a great colour match (NC13 apparently) and looked fairly nice, so off I popped to enjoy the rest of my day.

Wear Time & Finish

Well, an hour later, when I got home, I was literally ITCHING to get the stuff off my face!  Bear in mind I love makeup and wear quite a lot, so I barely notice the feeling of it on my face.  But this stuff?  Yuck!  All I’d done after the shop was get a quick snack and take a short taxi ride home.  It wasn’t super-warm, just normal temperatures.  The foundation was practically melting off my face!  It looked so oily and shiny, yet somehow also cakey at the same time.  

Mac Studio Fix Foundation Review

Mac – Studio Fix Foundation on me!

You could literally see dents/marks in the coverage wherever I touched my face.  Everything from my sunglasses to my phone came away from my face covered in the stuff!  I would imagine some of it has to do with how much product was used.  Those flat foundation brushes do kind of trowel it on!  

But I looked awful – like a greasy, shiny mess!  If that’s how Mac Studio Fix foundation looked on me after less than 2 hours, I dread to think what I’d look like at the end of a full day.  Strangely, despite it being a really thick layer, it still showed up a lot of my imperfections and dark under-eye circles too!

My Usual Foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear)

The above photo really doesn’t do it justice as a lot of the shine doesn’t show up, but you can see that compared to my usual base makeup look (below), it’s not great!  I had quite a few spots at the time of the below photo too, yet my skin still looks better than in the Mac Studio Fix foundation.  I’m wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in 1C0 Shell here.  It was earlier in the year, so obviously I’m a lot paler!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Shell Review

Estee Lauder: Double Wear Foundation in 1C0 Shell

So my question is… is it just me?  Is it how it was applied?  Or is Mac Studio Fix foundation really not very nice?  I’d be really interested to find out what you guys think – especially if you swear by it.  If so, how is it best applied and what kind of skin do you have?  Let me know! 🙂

If you need me, I’ll be skulking off back to my Estee Lauder Double Wear….!



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8 thoughts on “MAC Studio Fix Foundation Fail!

  1. Ronnie says:

    I really didn’t get on with that MAC foundation at all either! I have dry skin and it always melted off my skin so I can’t imagine what it’s like on people like you that have oily skin.. I always found the colours was way off the shade I got made me look super yellow.. The Estee Lauder foundation looks really good on you.. My fave Mac foundation is the studio sculpt one


    • Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

      Oh gosh, if it even melts off dry skin that’s pretty bad!! It was strange, I was always told my skin was cool-toned, but she chose a warm toned shade for me..I’m not sure why! Yeah I love my Double Wear, although I’ve been wearing L’Oreal Infallible Matte more at the moment. It’s SO good for the price! Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 xx

  2. Dannielle says:

    I’ve gone off liquid foundations all together and use arbonne powder makeup. I find the cover is fine for me, and as the day goes on it actually looks better (I’ve got combo/oily skin too)

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