Lush Bunch of Carrots and Golden Egg

Fluffy Eggs & Unicorn Horns // Lush Spring Event // York!

Hey guys! Wednesday found me making my way to the pretty York City Centre, to see Lush’s new Spring products.  I was very kindly invited to a blogger event there, where we were introduced to their Spring, Mother’s Day and Easter products.  I had a great time, and wanted to share my thoughts on the event with you!

This was apparently Lush York’s first ever blogger event – one of the Lush girls, Louisa, confided that she had been really nervous about it… well she needn’t have been because they did a fantastic job and all the bloggers had a lovely time!  What I liked about the event was that it was really well structured.  We played games, broke the ice with introductions and went to different stations to learn all about their various products.


Games and Ice-Breakers

One of the first games included being given some of their Rainbow fun putty, which we had 5 minutes to make into a little model around the theme Alice in Wonderland (which is what has inspired a lot of their Spring range).  It was really fun – we had top hats, toadstools, and my very own Cheshire Cat (see below… I’m a natural artist wouldn’t you say?  Haha!!)

New Lush Spring Products

We were taken around four stations, where the Lush ladies told us about the products and demonstrated them – it was great as they let us smell, touch and play with everything; very hands on, as Lush are known for being!  Some of my favourite things from the Spring range were:

  • Bunch of Carrots – this is a bunch of three carrot-shaped bubble bars.  You hold one under the running bath tap and it creates lots of lovely bubbles!  They are reusable and as you get three, they should last quite a while.  These smell great – a mixture of buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils; really uplifting and refreshing!
  • Ladybird – this was probably my favourite scent of them all.  This cute little ladybird shaped bubble bar smells like a strawberry mojito!  It contains a mixture of geranium and peppermint oil.  Exciting to hear it contained geranium as when I met a holistic therapist recently (at this event), she said geranium oil baths could help with my hot flushes!
  • Which Came First? – this is a massive egg shaped bathbomb with a sweet, citrusy scent.  As it’s so big, you can get several uses out of it.  You smash it open (over the  bath unless you fancy vacuuming!) and there is another smaller egg inside it!
  • Golden Egg – god this smells so good!  It is a gold, egg shaped bath bomb melt which smells like toffee chocolate…mmmm!  It contains cocoa butter and olive oil, so it’s really moisturising.  I’m a bit worried about the glitter getting everywhere, as it’s absolutely covered, but I’ll just have to channel my inner fairy that day!

New Mother’s Day Products/Gifts

We were shown a couple of exclusive/unique products too – firstly the Sunflower Bubble Bar, which you can only get in the Mother’s Day Pamper Hamper.  It smelt like oranges and lemons – really fresh and invigorating.

Lush Spring Mother's Day 2016

Lush Spring Mother’s Day 2016 Range

Next up was something really different and unusual, that I’ve never seen before. It’s called Dirty Deal Showder… a ‘shower powder’ which aims to bring the Lush bath bomb experience to those who either don’t have time for a bath, or only own a shower.  This product only came out in September 2015.  It’s a big cardboard box, with the feel of a retro washing powder box, filled with purple soap powder.  They really got our attention when they told us it was made in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood!  It smells of rose and bergamot – a floral scent but not too sweet, with a slightly musky edge.  I really like the idea of using this, and still getting the fragrant Lush experience in the shower.

We were absolutely spoilt by Lush, as they gave us an amazing goodie bag to take home – it contained a Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap, a Yummy Mummy Shower Cream, A Golden Egg and a Bunch of Carrots.

Lush #LushSpring Blogger Event Goodie Bag

#LushSpring Goodie Bag!

One thing that really stood out to me was how lovely, friendly and enthusiastic the Lush girls were.  As I mentioned, Louisa had said she was really nervous beforehand as it was their first blogger event, but you’d never know.  They were all bubbly (no pun intended!), knowledgeable and fun.  I didn’t feel like there was any hard sell at all, and they genuinely seemed to love working there and were passionate about the products.  It was my favourite blogger event I’ve been to so far so thank you very much, Lush!

This post is not sponsored.  The four products described as being in the goodie bag were kindly gifted to me, but all views and opinions are my own.

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