Freedom Makeup London – New Brand: First Review and Swatches!

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We have a new makeup brand in the UK!  I’m very excited about this brand as it’s really affordable, meaning I can afford to try out lots of their products and let you know what I think of them.


Freedom London is by the same people behind another of my favourite affordable brands, Makeup Revolution.  They describe this sister brand as “a new professional makeup brand to challenge and inspire you – selling professional performance makeup at with outstanding quality at affordable prices”.  I heard a lot about this brand before they launched, and they talked a lot about it being for professionals, so I expected a much more expensive, high-end product range, but what they have released is around the same price, if not less, than Makeup Revolution.  I would say that a lot of what they offer is very similar to Revolution and also to MUA, but hey, the more affordable makeup available, the better, I say!


I decided to buy a small selection of products to test out, so that I could give you a bit of an overview.  I didn’t buy any base/face products as I’m really happy with what I have at the moment, but I got some shadows, lipstick, lipgloss and a liquid eyeliner to see what I thought of them.  Warning – this post is pretty photo-heavy, but I know I personally like to see swatches of products to decide whether to buy them, so I thought they would be useful for you.

Mono Eyeshadows – £1 each

Gilded 216 Mono Eyeshadow

_20150615_191006   _20150615_191023   _20150615_191044

Nude 206 Mono Eyeshadow

_20150615_231235  _20150615_231222  _20150615_231211

Gilded 218 Mono Eyeshadow

_20150615_231157     _20150615_231145

Brights 228 Mono Eyeshadow

_20150615_230256     _20150615_230312

Mono Eyeshadows Overview

At just £1 each for 2g, these are an absolute bargain.  It would be hard to beat that price for an eyeshadow.  The slightly domed packaging feels sturdy, and I like the fact that the lid is clear, so you can easily find the one you’re looking for.  They look very much like the MUA single shadows.

There was a bit of variance in quality, I found.  The two lighter metallic shadows were a little less pigmented, and initially leave a lot of glitter but not much colour on the eye.  They are buildable though, and once built up, look really bright and pretty.  The pigmentation of the purple shadow is relatively good and it feels like a really silky powder to the touch.  My favourite is the copper shadow (Gilded 218) which has excellent pigmentation and applies perfectly.  This one looks fantastic, and you would never guess it was so cheap!

Overall, I think for the price you can afford to buy quite a few and find out how well they apply.  I would definitely repurchase Gilded 218.  There is a huge choice of shades on the website, helpfully sectioned into different finishes/types (eg. nudes/brights).

Pro Melts Lipgloss – £3 each

_20150615_225919  _20150615_225956  _20150615_230012

I wanted to buy lots of these, but my lip product collection is getting out of hand so I limited myself to just one, to see what they are like!  As always, I was drawn to the purple of the collection, but don’t worry – there are a lot more wearable shades available (oh, and a navy blue…)!  Mine is in the shade Wanted.  These Pro Melts are like a melted liquid lipstick but with a gloss finish, which is quite unique.  Most of the liquid lipsticks I’ve ever tried are a matte non-budging formula, so it is nice to find something with the intense pigmentation but still moisturising and glossy.

I’m not crazy about the colour (my own fault for choosing it!) – I think I tend to suit darker purple shades and this is definitely more on the lilac side, but it’s a fun colour to have in my collection.  The formula is lovely – it’s rich and creamy, with a lovely smooth glossy finish.  It didn’t dry out my lips at all.  As it is a gloss, of course you will have to reapply – you can’t really get glosses that last past a few hours.

I will definitely invest in a few more wearable shades from this range in the future.  It’s worth noting that there is also a range of Pro Butters, which are just as pigmented, but described as ‘creamy, buttery and lightweight on the lips’.

Pro Lipstick Now – £1 each


119 Adorn

_20150615_230047   _20150615_230106  _20150615_230134

117 Juicy Lips

_20150615_230147   _20150615_230227   _20150615_230244

Pro Lipsticks Overview

My opinion on these lipsticks has changed from first swatching them/trying them on to now, after I have actually used them properly.  Initially I was a little disappointed, as they weren’t as pigmented as I expected.  I had to go over the swatches 3 or 4 times to get them to show strongly enough for these photos.  Yes, they are only £1, but I have similarly cheap lipsticks from Revolution and MUA that are much more pigmented.

Since using them properly, I have come to actually quite like the fact that they are a little more sheer and subtle.  I don’t have many subtle lipsticks, so it’s nice to have something a little different, especially in the summer when you want lighter makeup.  I found these lipsticks really moisturising and a little like a balm.  I came to like the fact that you don’t have to top them up really carefully with a mirror, you can just reapply like a lipbalm and it should look fine.  I think these would be great for when you want something on the lips, but don’t want to look to overdone – maybe for work etc.  I can imagine myself buying more shades in the future.

Pro Line Ultra Black Liquid Eyeliner – £1.50

_20150615_231107      _20150615_231129

I have never got the hang of liquid liner – it always seems to transfer everywhere, run, look wobbly etc.  I gave up on it years ago, and never came back to it, especially because I have such shaky hands!  Recently though, I have been wanting to give it a try again, as it applies much better over eyeshadow than felt liner does.  Since my favourite Eyeko felt liner ran out, it seemed a good time.

In a nutshell, I love this liquid liner!  In theory it has a felt applicator, but it is extremely fine and flexible, so feels like you are actually applying with a brush.  It is a lovely intense black and a little goes a very long way.  Using this was the first time in years I’ve successfully applied a non-wobbly liner to my top lash line with liquid!  I’m converted – cat flicks, here I come!

This is also available in waterproof black, but no other colours as yet.  I would definitely repurchase this.

My overall opinion is that the range is very affordable and offers quite an expansive range of products, considering they have only just launched (there is much more than I have featured here – base products, powders, palettes, brushes etc).  If you’re a makeup junkie like me, you’ll understand the excitement of a completely new brand!  I feel like I will still turn to MUA for individual eyeshadows and Makeup Revolution for some things, but I will definitely repurchase from this brand in future.

Finally, here’s a look I created using Gilded 216, Gilded 218 and Nude 206, together with the Juicy Lips lipstick.


Will you be trying anything from Freedom?  What do you think of my products?  Let me know in the comments or follow me on social media!

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