Fragrance Review: Evody Reve D’Anthala (Ooh La La!)

Hi Guys I recently went to Allertons (The Light, Leeds) and picked up a sample of the French fragrance Reve D’Anthala, by mother-daughter duo Evody.  You know those little vials, that are just enough to wear for a few days to decide whether something suits you or not?  I prefer doing this before investing in a new perfume, after a bad experience with Thierry Mugler Womanity, which smelt heavenly in the bottle but absolutely disgusting on me!!  Honestly, I could have cleared the room wearing that – yet I’ve met other people who wear it and smell beautiful.  Sad times. evody_revedanthala_50_grande Evody appeals to me as a brand because the fragrances are all based on the memories and experiences of the creators, a mother and daughter in France, Cerine and Regine.  Beginning as boutique owners, the two women say they “have always been entranced by the loveliness of fresh, clean, gorgeous scents”. Their boutique quickly grew into an endeavor that took them worldwide as they created their own fragrance line. They picked the scents as they reminded them of particular times in their lives; the fragrance I’m reviewing reminds them of a trip they took together, and is meant to be based on the smell of the place.  It is described as “a tropical paradise in a vivacious, perfect little bottle. Brimming with alluring fragrances that evoke the most tantalizing, exotic thoughts, the Reve D’ Anthala Perfume by Evody beautifully blends the silken scents of Madagascan orchids and Tahitian jasmine. The most prevalent overtone is the Tiare’ Flower (also known as the Tahitian gardenia) – a dazzling, pristine white bloom with smooth, unsurpassed beauty that exudes a sweet, island fragrance”. reve danthala I find the perfume very sweet, which I personally like but know it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste.  It reminds me a lot of Prada Candy, so if you liked that, this will be one for you!  I think the vanilla base scent is very dominant.

Top Notes – Tiaré Flower. Heart Notes – Orchid, Jasmine. Base Notes – Vanilla, Benzoin, Musk.

This is not a cheap one, as it is a concentrated perfume rather than an eau de toilette.  This means you need to use much less and the scent should in theory last the entire day, meaning no top ups!  It retails at £70 for 50ml here or £123 for 100ml here, which is pretty expensive, but understandable given the quality of the ingredients.  Allertons (Leeds) are having an event on 27 May where if you buy a full sized fragrance from the Evody line, you receive a free handbag sized spray of the same perfume.  There is also 10% off, meaning you’ll get the most value for your money if you’re planning on buying!

Have you tried anything from Evody?  Are you planning on going to the Allertons event?  Let me know in the comments or follow me on social media!

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