Some Exciting News Dr Botanicals Brand Ambassador Cruelty Free Vegan Skincare UK

Some Exciting News!

Hi guys! I’ve been wanting to write this post for a week now but as ever, Mistress M.E and her pal Sir Fibromyalgia had other plans… I have some exciting news to share!  If you’re a regular reader then a) you’re amazing, thanks 😀 and b) you might remember this post about Dr Botanicals.  They are a UK company making high quality, cruelty free skincare.  I tried a couple of their products and loved them! 

“What does this have to do with anything?”, I hear you ask!  (OK, I don’t hear you, but I have an active imagination so I’m picturing it)!  Well Dr Botanicals have asked me to be a brand ambassador for them for 2017, which I’ve very happily accepted! 

Some Exciting News Dr Botanicals Brand Ambassador Cruelty Free Vegan Skincare UK

Dr Botanicals Brand Ambassador 

As a fairly new company, Dr Botanicals haven’t done this before.  They’ve only asked a handful of bloggers, so I feel very honoured! 😀  They are a company who fit really well with my own ethics and I’ve always been big on skincare (anything to keep my spots at bay!)

What This Means For You!

“Great, but what does this mean for us?”  Yep, I’m still imagining your voices… Maybe I should get out more! 😂  Well there are a few exciting things in the pipeline for you guys too.  Dr Botanicals have kindly given me a code for 20% off that I can share with you.  Not only that, they’ll be heavily (and I mean HEAVILY) discounting the star product I’ll be reviewing each month.  They’ll also discount the whole range that the product itself belongs to!  Overall, this means you’ll be able to catch yourselves some pretty amazing bargains each month!!

What’s Next?

I’ve just received my first product to review, so I’ll be testing it out over the next few weeks.  Then I’ll be sharing my thoughts (plus discounts) with you here!  As always, my opinions will always be honest and unbiased. 

Dr Botanicals’ Press Assistant Emma really cemented my happiness about this by being so understanding with my health situation.  Obviously I was honest with her about how unwell I am and that it means sometimes I might be unable to blog for a while.  She was so kind and completely put my mind at rest that I can tell her if and when that’s ever the case.  But hopefully not!  

I’m so excited – bring it on!!  Have a great week everyone, lots of love (I’ll imagine you saying goodbye to me!)

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