E.L.F Second Makeup Haul – Huge Closing Sale!

You may have read my previous E.L.F haul post – I decided that whilst they still had such an insanely cheap sale on , I would stock up on a few extra items!  As far as I am aware, the sale is still ongoing but there is barely any stock left.

My order included this cute free shopper bag – I don’t know if they are giving them away as they’re getting rid of any existing stock (see my previous post as to why).  But it’s a nicely sized, black shopper with handles – perfect for carrying in your handbag in case of any spontaneous shopping (if that happens to you… it doesn’t to me, I shop mainly online due to my chronic illnesses lol).


I wanted to get hold of a new blusher, as I really struggle to find blushers I like.  This was perfect, as I could spend a really minimal amount, which wouldn’t be wasted if I didn’t like the product!  Believe it or not, I have also never tried a liquid or cream blusher before (#badbeautyblogger)!  Here’s what I bought:

HD Blush – Headliner, and Superstar

Obviously when shopping online, you can’t test and swatch colours.  Given that these very generously sized tubes of cream blusher were on sale at just 90p each, I bought two.  Both are pinky shades. Superstar (left) is the darker of the two and Headliner (right) is a few shades lighter.  I quickly realised they needed a good shake before use, as my first pump came out as a runny oil with barely any pigment.  After a quick shake, they mixed back into a nice creamy consistency.  Both colours give a natural (if used sparingly!!), healthy flush, and I cannot feel them once they’re on my skin.  They apply well over my foundation and powder.

The only down side to these blushers is that a metered amount comes out of the pump.  The pigment is extremely strong and you literally need a pinprick sized amount, but the pump dispenses too much (trust me, it will look like a really small amount until you put it on your cheeks and look like a clown!)  My advice would be to just pick up about a quarter of what is dispensed for each cheek and get rid of the rest on a tissue.  Unless you actually are dressing as a clown, in which case, go for it! 😉  I also need to work on my application of cream blush – once it’s put on an area, it stays there (unlike powder which you can sort of blend out).  But that is mainly due to me not having experience in applying it.


Mineral Blush – Plum

As I mentioned above, I’m on a mission to find a blusher I like apart from No7 Damson.  E.L.F have better cruelty-free credentials than No7, so seemed a good place to start.  This generously sized pot of loose mineral blush was in their sale at just £1.79.  It is a beautiful colour and quite blendable.  I find this much easier to use than the HD cream blushers, but that is just down to the fact that I’ve always used powder blushers (although usually compressed rather than loose).  The pot contains a “sieve” type lid so that a small amount of the powder is held on top of it, rather than dipping your brush in the whole lot.  There is still slightly too much in the sieve but it can easily be tapped back off your brush, as the pot isn’t too tiny.  Being mineral blush, it is also nice and breathable, sitting well with the rest of your makeup.  I like this one!


Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick – Flirty & Girly

This is my favourite product of the haul.  It is lovely!  I have never tried an E.L.F lip gloss pencil before so didn’t know what to expect of the quality.  Again, given that there is such a huge sale on currently, it wasn’t much of a risk at just 89p!


This is a beautiful pink-raspberry shade, which looks ever so slightly frosted once applied (in a good way, I promise!)  The consistency is really nice – silky and moisturising.  It is also slightly buildable if you want a more opaque finish.  It doesn’t have great staying power, being glossy not matte, but that is to be expected with a gloss stick from any brand really.  I would definitely try other shades of this stick (although I’m not sure at the moment what the full price would be).


Overall, another four really nice products from E.L.F.  I’m glad them almost closing down in the UK resulted in me getting to try them without having to spend much money.  And of course, as I mentioned in my inital post, they have found a new UK distributor and will continue to sell in the UK once that is all sorted!  So no harm done 😀

Have you tried anything from E.L.F?  What did you think of it?

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