E.L.F Makeup Haul (Unboxing!) – Massive Sale Discounts

Happy hump-day everyone! E.L.F (stands for Eyes Lips Face) are a company that were never really on my radar until recently.  I hadn’t heard much about them until I started doing more research on cruelty free beauty products.  E.L.F was a company that frequently popped up.  I didn’t really have any need to try them until a spoonie pal told me about a huge sale they had on a few weeks ago.  Everything was between 50 and 75% off!  Naturally I couldn’t resist! IMG_20150402_214235 The reason for the sale was quite sad – E.L.F had lost their UK distributors so were selling all their stock and then no longer planning to sell in the UK (but would continue to sell in the US).  Happily, since then, the company have announced that they “plan to launch a new site to provide faster access to products, a greater breadth of products, and more frequent new product launches”.  Plans are still in the making but I hope they will be up and running soon, as it seems that they have a lot of loyal customers, especially amongst those concerned about sourcing cruelty-free cosmetics. I purchased a few items, most of which were things that I would need to be replacing soon anyway – apart from the huge eyeshadow palette, but it was an absolute bargain!  100 shades for £4.50! Here’s what I got, and what I think of it: HD Mattifying Cream Foundation (Porcelain) E.L.F.-Studio-HD-Mattifying-Cream-Foundation This is a cream to matte foundation which comes in a compact and is applied with a sponge.  I had high hopes for this, as years ago, this was exactly the type of foundation I used daily (although a different brand).  I had mixed feelings about this one.  The shade was a great match, the packaging was lovely and application was super quick and easy.  The downside was that it certainly didn’t feel matte on the skin.  It left me feeling and looking a little oily, even after powdering.  I definitely wouldn’t repurchase this, as I hate looking “shiny” but if you have dry skin, or prefer the dewy look, this is worth a try.  It was just £2.39 in the sale.  Whilst they are shut down, you can still find it here online.

Luscious Liquid Lipstick – Raspberry IMG_20150402_214200 This looks very much like a lipgloss, but on application, it does have the coverage of a lipstick.  It has a smooth sponge applicator and you twist the bottom to squeeze product out.  The shade is a lovely, natural mid-pink.  It is opaque but has a glossy finish.  I would definitely try this again in other shades.  It was just 98p!  Whilst they are shut down, you can still find it here online.

Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 – Apricot Beige ELF-06001-1 This is a small squeezy tube of tinted moisturiser – not something I often use but I thought it would be ideal for hot sunny days or for a summer holiday abroad.  Often I don’t want to wear makeup whilst abroad, but may feel a bit exposed if my skin isn’t looking its best.  This would be perfect for that situation, as it provides light, natural coverage and also includes an SPF15.  Again, a good shade match.  This one cost a bargain 98p!

Flawless Eyeshadow (Quad) – Party Purple IMG_20150402_214137 I love this mini palette as it has everything you need to create a purple eye look!  A light pinky colour for all over the base of your eyes, a beautiful pink/purple for the lids, a bold purple for your crease and then a darker purple to line your eyes with.  I have used this a couple of times now and have been really pleased with it.  I almost always wear eyeliner if I am wearing makeup, but with the pigmentation of the “line” shade in this palette, I can happily go without.  This quad was £1.75 (doesn’t that almost sound expensive given how ridiculously cheap the other things were?!  Haha!)

100 Piece Eyeshadow Palette IMG_20150402_214040 Obviously this one was my favourite purchase!  I mean, just look at it.  It’s beautiful!  £4.50 for 100 eyeshadow shades, you just can’t go wrong.  I was pleasantly surprised at the pigmentation and quality of the shadows.  They apply smoothly and blend together really well, to create different colours, or multi-layered looks.  Myself and another bridesmaid used the pinky purples from this palette for our wedding day makeup to create a smoky/blended eye look, and were really happy with how it turned out.  This palette has it all, from base colours and neutrals, to brights and dark smokey colours.  Highly recommended!  Whilst they are shut down, you can still buy it here online (although at a much higher price, annoyingly). I also bought an eyelash curler and some replacement pads (78p each) as they will always come in handy! Now that I have used a range of E.L.F products, I am really relieved they will still be selling in the UK, as they have definitely found a new customer in me.  Such great products, along with the peace of mind that they are cruelty free, means I will definitely be returning to them. Just a little note to say – the sale is still on here, with everything £2 or less, but as it has been going for a while there is very limited stock left.  There are not many pale foundation/concealer/base shades left if that’s what you’re interested in.  But you never know, it’s worth a look to see if anything catches your eye at such bargain prices!

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