Natural organic makeup Bella Vi primer Bella Vi foundation Benecos lipstick Pink Rose Benecos makeup brush reviews

Best of Natural Makeup & Beauty: My Picks!

Hey guys, hope you’re well?  This post has been a long time in the making!  I was sent/bought these products quite a few months ago but a combination of bad health and wanting to test them thoroughly slowed things down!  I happened to be sent a few natural makeup bits from two different companies around the same time.  It made me wonder how more natural products compared to my tried and true makeup favourites.  As a vegetarian and someone who cares about the environment and animals, you’d think I’d be a bit more ‘in the know’ about natural beauty products.  I’m not, but I definitely plan to find out a bit more, after testing out these bits and pieces!

Natural organic makeup Bella Vi primer Bella Vi foundation Benecos lipstick Pink Rose Benecos makeup brush reviews

L-R: Bella Vi Foundation, Bella Vi Primer, Benecos Lipstick in Pink Rose and Benecos Eyeshadow Brush

I was very kindly sent the Bella Vi primer and foundation, and the Benecos lipstick, for review purposes.  As always, despite this, my views are always honest and wholly my own.  I bought the Benecos brush myself.

About Bella Vi Cosmetics

Bella Vi claim to be “an exquisite Boutique Collection of Certified Organic and Naturalceutical Cosmetics®, dermatologically tested to care for your skin and designed for the health conscious consumer”.  They sell a natural makeup range which also offers skincare qualities.  Perfect for people who feel they have to avoid wearing makeup when their skin is bad, in case it makes it worse.  Some of these products can actually help your skin, whilst covering any blemishes and giving you a bit of confidence!  Bella Vi products are all cruelty-free, which is fab!

I hadn’t heard of Bella Vi until they contacted me, but loved the idea of trying something a little more natural than my usual Estee Lauder Double Wear!  All of their products are made in Italy, and if I can’t go there in person, at least I can get a little taste of Italy in my beauty routine, haha.  Bella Vi translates to mean ‘beautiful you’.

Bella Vi Certified Organic Liquid Foundation

Bella Vi Liquid Foundation Certified Organic Natural Makeup Review

Bella Vi – Liquid Foundation (shade Natural Beige)

Bella Vi liquid foundation is certified organic and is dermatologically approved for sensitive skin.  It claims to work with your skin to smooth over imperfections and provide an airbrushed coverage that deeply nourishes the skin.  There are a range of six shades, of which I chose the lightest as I am pretty pale.  I have to say, they could do with a slightly better shade selection, as the lightest isn’t very light at all and the darkest isn’t dark (more like white skin with a good tan, than suitable for any darker skintones).  The lightest, Natural Beige, was probably a shade too dark for me (I’m Shell 1C1 in Double Wear).

The foundation is easy to apply, and I found it easy to get a decent finish – it blended nicely.  I would say the coverage was medium.  A lot of people would really like this foundation finish, but I personally struggled with it.  I have combination/oily skin and it left me looking very shiny and even a little greasy.  I did set it with powder, as I always do, but after a few hours I felt like it was sliding off my face. I’m aware I’m probably the minority though, as most people these days prefer a dewy foundation than a matte one.  If you don’t have oily skin like me, you would probably love the finish of this.  Oily skinned?  Maybe not the one for you.  They do a powder foundation, which would probably be more suitable.

Find the Liquid Foundation here for $66.5o (around £54…ouch!)

Bella Vi Naturalceuticals Primer

Bella Vi Naturalceuticals Primer Certified Organic Natural Makeup Review

Bella Vi – Naturalceuticals Primer

Like the foundation, Bella Vi Naturalceuticals Primer is also dermatologically approved for sensitive skin.  What I love about this primer is that it doesn’t just prime the skin for makeup, it also has some really great skincare benefits too.  It contains PhytoCellTec Apple Stem Cells, which help aid in the longevity of skin cells while nourishing healthy beautiful skin.  It also contains sweet almond oil (nourishing), high Vit E content, squalene (repairing), arctium lappa root extract (anti-inflammatory and collagen stimulating) and salicylic acid (exfoliating and collagen boosting).  This is a seriously impressive line up, for a product which isn’t primarily skincare!

The primer aims to be moisturising, hydrating and calming, whilst making an exceptional base for foundation.  I used this like I do my normal primer (quite often Benefit Porefessional).  I just smooth a bit over clean, moisturised skin and give it a few minutes to sink in before doing my foundation.  Verdict?  Love it!  I was so impressed with this primer.  I feel like it gives a beautiful base for makeup, making foundation glide on really nicely.  It helped my makeup to last longer and gave my skin a lovely fresh look.  I’ve tried a lot of primers, and this was definitely one of the best.  The fact that it’s a great primer plus all those skincare benefits makes it a winner in my books!

You can find the Naturalceuticals Primer here for $59.50 (around £48).

About Benecos Cosmetics 

I hadn’t really heard of Benecos before I was approached to try the lipstick, although having now used them, I realise I’ve seen them around.  They have been on sale at vegan fairs and in some of the natural health shops I go into.  I guess I just never thought to check them out before!

Benecos say: “For a long time, natural cosmetics had a colourless eco look, the product choice was limited and prices were generally high. No longer!  Because we offer you modern, natural cosmetics…. Urban and trendy. Elegant and fashionable.”  Benecos products are BDIH certified.  They choose to make natural products as they dislike using mineral oils, paraffins and silicones, and believe that high quality cosmetics do not need these!

Not all of their cosmetics are vegan, but they do have a decent amount of vegan products to choose from.

Benecos Natural Lipstick in Pink Rose

Benecos Natural Lipstick in Pink Rose Reviews and Swatches

Benecos – Natural Lipstick in Pink Rose

I had some pre-conceived ideas that natural makeup wouldn’t be as pigmented and that I might not like it.  I was wrong!  This lipstick is lovely.  To start off, it smells a bit like strawberry jam, which is always good!  The packaging is sleek in black and silver, and looks quite expensive.  

The product itself is a very creamy, almost glossy, lipstick.  Despite being very shiny, it still has pretty good pigment and is a beautiful vibrant colour.  It lasts a couple of hours on the lips, which is about average for a satin/glossy lipstick.  It feels lovely to apply and wears off nicely.  I love the shade and have been getting lots of use out of it.  You can see it on my lips in the above photo.  

Benecos Natural Lipstick in Pink Rose Reviews and Swatches

Benecos – Natural Lipstick in Pink Rose

Now the best part for me is the price – this lippie costs just £6.95!  That really surprised me, as both the packaging and the product itself feel really high quality.  To make a lipstick for this price, without falling back on cheap ingredients, is amazing.  A definite winner for me, and I will be trying more of their natural makeup in the future!

Find the lipstick here for £6.95 (or in many local health shops).

Benecos Eyeshadow Brush

Benecos Eyeshadow Brush Natural Makeup Brushes Reviews

Benecos – Eyeshadow Brush

Funny story, I kind of picked this brush up as a bit of a guilt purchase…!  I was at a vegan fair and the Benecos stall gave me a lovely shopping bag and a little tin of moisturiser for free.  After that, I kind of felt like I had to browse and buy something (great sales tactic, in hindsight!)  I didn’t really need anything makeup wise at the time, but I was on the hunt for another decent eyeshadow brush, so I picked one of theirs up.  Best accidental purchase I ever made!

Sadly, they only seem to have 5 makeup brushes – a lip brush, eyeshadow brush, sponge applicator, a blusher brush and a powder brush.  I would love to see a bigger range of eyeshadow brushes, as after trying this one, I’m a huge fan!  I use this as a lid colour brush.  I’m a fan of very strong, pigmented eye looks and always use lid brushes that really pack the colour or pigment onto the eyelid.  It might sound simple, but I’ve tried so many brushes that just do a crap job, or don’t apply enough product.  This brush is the perfect size and shape, and is quite firm, so packs on the colour perfectly.  I absolutely love it!  The brush is also vegan and cruelty-free 😀

If you’re not a makeup tool fanatic, I apologise as that was probably pretty dull to read.  If you’re into your makeup tools and finding the perfect brushes, you will totally understand me! 🙂  Another important point – this brush was only £4.95.  I’ve paid £20 for brushes that were nowhere near as good!!  Seriously.  You need this.  (And I wasn’t sent this one for review, I bought it with my own money).

You can buy this brush here for £4.95 (or in local health shops).

Natural Makeup: Is It Any Good?

In a word, yes.  I’m so glad I was sent some natural makeup to try, as it’s broken the barrier for me!  I often wondered if natural makeup would be worth the money, and was hesitant to spend money on something I might not like.  I think we can all get stuck in a rut and keep buying the same brands we know over and over.  But the fact that these products are great, plus the fact they use healthier, more natural ingredients, can only be a good thing.

I will definitely be trying more natural makeup in the future, so stay tuned!  

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