Benz and Blanc Leeds Teeth Whitening in Leeds

Benz and Blanc – Teeth Whitening Comes to Leeds!

Hi guys!  I’ve got an exciting one for you today!  As you may know, I live in Leeds.  Well Leeds have got a very exciting newcomer to the beauty scene – Benz and Blanc!  

Who Are Benz and Blanc?

Benz and Blanc are an independent cosmetic solutions store in Leeds Corn Exchange.  If you haven’t been to the Corn Exchange, it’s basically a beautiful old building filled with boutique shops and a few food places.  

Leeds Corn Exchange Benz and Blanc

Leeds Corn Exchange

Paul De La Cruz opened the doors to Benz and Blanc for the first time on Saturday, and I was lucky enough to go there on their very first day!  At the moment, they offer professional teeth whitening, oral care and gorgeous skincare products.  They may well branch out into more cosmetic services in the future, too.

Benz and Blanc Leeds Teeth Whitening in Leeds

Benz and Blanc, Leeds

The store itself is bright, minimal and very ‘Instagrammable’ haha!  Paul was inspired by Skandinavian minimalism, and it works really well in contrast to the older, historical building.  

Benz and Blanc Leeds Teeth Whitening in Leeds

Benz and Blanc, Leeds

The Products Stocked

Paul initially showed me around, and I had chance to check out all his lovely products.  There was a range of different oral care products, from bamboo toothbrushes to natural toothpastes and activated charcoal tooth polish.  There were some facial skincare products, including a beautifully soft face brush (which may have made its way home with me…!)  

Benz and Blanc Leeds Teeth Whitening in Leeds

Some of the products on sale at Benz and Blanc

There were also natural konjac sponges, bath fizz bars and even some oil pulling products.  One of them was so pretty when you shook it that I ended up taking several photos of it!  See what I mean (below)?  

I was very kindly offered a free teeth whitening session by Paul – however this post is not sponsored, and all opinions are honest and my own.

Teeth Whitening Services & Prices

Benz and Blanc offer Diamond White in-salon teeth whitening (although they also sell at-home kits).  I had the 50 minute teeth whitening session, which usually costs £119 but is currently on offer at £79 for an introductory period.  You can find a list of all the services offered here.

Is It Safe/Non-Damaging?

I have always been interested in having my teeth whitened, but was put off by the fact that I’d read it could leave your teeth very sensitive, and could even cause tooth damage.  The reason I went ahead with this one is that the Diamond Whites products are so safe.  They are the leaders in the field of non-peroxide teeth whitening, which is the important part for me.  Their products have been fully tested to comply with all EU Regulations and do not release more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide.  It is generally peroxide which causes the issues I mentioned above.

The Teeth Whitening Process

Paul sat me down and ran me through the process, asking me to sign a consent form with relevant information on it.  We checked my initial tooth colour using the guide below – I was at S12 to start with.

Benz and Blanc Leeds Teeth Whitening in Leeds Tooth Colour Shade Guide

Everything was very sanitary, as you are the only person who really touches anything that is going near your mouth! I had brushed my teeth shortly before the appointment, but don’t worry if you don’t get chance (like if you’re going after work)!  They do offer you a little toothbrush and paste to use first, if needed.  

Firstly I was given a tray filled with the whitening gel (I removed it from the packet myself, so it’s sterile).  I bit down into the tray, and the gel covered all my teeth.  The shape of the tray also pulls your lips over, so they are out of the way and don’t stop the LED light getting through.  Paul positioned the LED light so that it was right in front of my teeth, and initially set the timer to 20 minutes.  All I had to do was lie back and relax, with the tray in my mouth!  The recliner at Benz and Blanc is super comfortable, so it wasn’t annoying to have to sit there for 50 minutes in total.  And that’s coming from someone with chronic pain, so you know it must truly be comfortable!

Benz and Blanc Leeds Teeth Whitening in Leeds

Positioning the LED light

A timer went off after 20 minutes.  I removed the tray, rinsed with some water and was instructed to have a look at my teeth.  I was genuinely impressed at the difference, even after just 20 minutes!  My teeth were already visibly whiter.  Paul asked whether I wanted to continue with the next 30 minutes (meaning a 50 min treatment overall) and I said yes – I mean I can’t imagine thinking they’re too white! 🙂

We repeated the process again of me placing a (new) tray over my teeth, filled with the gel.  The light was repositioned and I sat back and chilled for another 30 minutes.  I was also offered eye goggles in case the LED light was too bright, but I said no.  I found that it wasn’t that bright as it was angled away at my mouth – but the offer is there if anyone wants them.  The LED light used activates the product, and helps achieve perhaps more dramatic results than you get at home.  It also soothes, heals and de-sensitizes at the same time.

Benz and Blanc Leeds Teeth Whitening in Leeds

Say Cheese!

The gel used in the trays has a very pleasant sweet mint taste.  Some of it does spill over into your mouth and onto your gums, but that’s fine as it’s totally safe!

The Result – How White Were My Teeth?

Benz and Blanc Leeds Teeth Whitening in Leeds My Results

My results!

When the 30 minute timer went off, I removed the tray and rinsed with water again.  Then we went back to the tooth colour guide, for me to see what shade I thought I was.  I was quite impressed that Paul didn’t tell me what shade he thought I was, he made me decide for myself.  That meant I couldn’t be swayed to seem like I’d had more dramatic results than I actually had!  

Amazingly, after just one 50 minute treatment, my teeth were actually the whitest shade on the guide!!  They had gone to S2 – I couldn’t believe it.  I really didn’t expect such dramatic results – I thought they would just look a little cleaner and less stained!

I took before and after photos to try and show the results, but it didn’t work out very well.  Due to different weather and lighting conditions, it was hard to get a true reflection of the tooth colour!

Benz and Blanc Leeds Teeth Whitening in Leeds

Paul also very kindly gave me a pack of Diamond Whites teeth whitening strips, to maintain my results at home.  The results aren’t permanent, but should last anywhere between 3 and 12 months.  I was also kindly given a tub of Diamond Whites Black Edition 100% Natural Charcoal Tooth Polish.  It’s an activated charcoal powder which you dip your toothbrush into!  I also bought a lovely Coconut Milk & Vanilla Bath Fizz Bar (I can’t resist bath stuff!) and the softest exfoliating face brush in the world.  It’s sooo soft, I think I might just sit and stroke it haha!

I personally had a very small amount of tooth sensitivity for nearly 2 days after the treatment.  Definitely not pain or even really uncomfortable, just a mild sensitivity feeling.  It didn’t bother me, and I could still drink cold drinks etc as normal, but I thought it was worth mentioning.  It went away totally after that.

Overall, I was SO impressed with my treatment at Benz and Blanc!  I think my results speak for themselves.  Paul is also such a lovely, friendly guy.  If you live nearby, but aren’t totally sure about the whole thing, you should pop in and see him!  I know I personally had quite a few questions.  He would be happy to show you around, run through what will happen and answer any questions you may have.  You can make online bookings for treatments here.

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