Benefit – Operation Pore-Proof (Pore Kit) Unboxing and Review!

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I found this cute little kit when I was browsing in Harvey Nichols recently.  I generally find Benefit products hit and miss for me – some I really like and some I just don’t feel were worth the price.  That’s why I really like this Pore Kit – it contains 5 mini products, so you can try them and see what you think before committing to buying the full-sized product.  At just £25 for this kit, you get really decent sizes for around the same price as just one or two products full-sized that you may or may not like!

I found a little surprise a bit later on, when reading the Tips and Tricks booklet in the lid – behind it is a mirror!

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Here’s what this little box of pore-reducing wonder contains:

The POREfessional – License to Blot


License to Blot is described as an ‘instant blotting stick’.  Instructions are to lightly dab the stick on your face using short, swift strokes, targeting your shiny areas (T-Zone etc).  Benefit claim that this can be used over makeup, but it really doesn’t work well that way for me (or for others who have tried this product).  I do like the idea of having a little stick in your handbag for touch-ups but realistically it’s definitely better used under makeup.

I personally use this after my primer, and just lightly go over my oily areas (nose and chin for me) to give extra oil protection.  I have combination skin, though if you have dry skin this might not be a product you need at all.  The design is good, it just twists up like a lip balm, with a secure cap to stop it getting damaged in your makeup bag.  I don’t think I would repurchase this as it’s not really necessary, but I will happily use this one (and the mini one I got with my recent Birchbox too).

The POREfessional – Agent Zero Shine


Now this product I really like already!  It is a powder which can be used over your makeup or just onto bare skin if you’re not wearing makeup that day.  Instructions are to tap powder into the lid (it has little holes in the pot, so it’s not open) and then dip your brush in.  The idea is that the powder mattifies your skin and eliminates oil and shine.  They also recommend wearing it over their POREfessional primer for maximum results (which of course they would, although I imagine it is fine over any primer of your choice!)

I absolutely love this powder.  I really hate shiny skin – I like my makeup to be nice and matte (it may not be what’s in fashion, but it’s what I like – no dewy foundations for me!!)  I don’t leave the house that much due to my illnesses but sometimes I go for hospital or doctors appointments and don’t feel well enough to put any makeup on.  I always feel self-conscious of my shiny complexion, so this is perfect for me.  I can sweep the powder on in two seconds and it leaves a natural but matte finish.  It really lasts too, I get many hours wear out of this.  I would definitely repurchase it as it’s definitely better than any standard powders I’ve ever tried.

Dr. Feelgood


Dr Feelgood is a complexion balm cased in a little metal tub.  It is basically like a balm version of the POREfessional primer.  This balm primes and leaves a matte finish, but is also quite nourishing as it contains vitamins A, C and E, meaning it is probably quite good with those who have dry skin but want matte makeup.

The balm has a slight skin-colour to it but nothing that really shows up once you apply it (although I don’t know if that would be the case for darker skin tones).  The tin contains a little sponge to apply the balm with, or you can just apply with your fingers if you prefer.  It has quite a nice scent to it, which I can’t really describe but it’s pleasant!  If you choose to use this without any makeup, you can reapply later in the day.

I wouldn’t repurchase this as I think the basic POREfessional primer (or other cheaper primers) suit my skin better, but I will happily finish off the tub.

The POREfessional (Pro Balm)


To my knowledge (which admittedly is limited when it comes to Benefit products) I think this is the product that has been around the longest in this range.  Apparently it was the No.1 selling primer in the UK for at least three years.  I already owned the full-sized primer so I’m happy to have a little one for when that runs out or to take if I ever go anywhere.  Instructions are to apply from the centre of the face outwards, patting lightly with your fingers.

This primer feels really velvety when you apply it and sort of coats your skin in a soft, velvety matte layer.  This is likely due to it containing silicone, which isn’t for everyone (some people find it breaks them out, but I have no issues with it).  Obviously it is meant to make your pores appear smaller, and I really do think it does, combined with makeup.  It works fairly well at keeping makeup on longer and I would say it prolongs wear by an hour or two.  Combined with the Agent Zero Shine, or any other good matte powder, it works very effectively.

I would probably buy this again in the future, but as it’s quite expensive (£24.50).  I will probably try some more drugstore primers first, to see if there is anything else that I like more at a much cheaper price!

Shy Beam (Highlighter)


At the moment, this product is exclusive to the Pore Proof Kit.  There is no news yet on whether it will become a permanent product.  Shy Beam is a nude pink matte radiance highlighter in liquid form.  It comes in a bottle similar to nail polish, with a dip-in brush.  The liquid itself is quite thick; I tend to put a bit on the back of my hand and work with it from there, but you can use the brush straight onto your face if you prefer.

The idea is that this non-shiny highlighter gives you radiance without emphasising big pores or looking oily.  You wouldn’t think a matte highlighter could work, but it actually does!  I think this product is best suited to pale skin tones as it would stand out a lot on darker skin.  It actually gives a really nice, subtle finish – making you look like you have a healthy glow rather than just looking very made up!  Perfect if you want subtle makeup for everyday or work.  I probably wouldn’t use this for nights out as I would want a highlighter with more impact, but I will definitely use it on other occasions.

Durability wise, this highlighter lasts around 6-8 hours, but it can easily be reapplied over your makeup without any worries of looking OTT as it’s so natural and subtle.  I’m not sure yet whether I would repurchase this product… although I have to say, there is nothing really like it on the market at the moment.  I will no doubt have decided by the time I finish this mini bottle!

I am really happy with the Operation Pore Proof Pore Kit as there isn’t a single product I won’t get use out of (oh well maybe the little brush but let’s face it, nobody uses those!)  I think at £25, it is incredible value and such a good way to properly trial a product and decide if you like it before investing.  The only thing that sometimes puts me off buying Benefit products is the price; I don’t want to be stuck with a product I don’t like.  Kits like this are perfect if you want to try before you invest!

I’m definitely intrigued to try more of their kits now, and may ask Santa for one!

What do you think of this kit?  Have you tried any of the products, and if so, did you like them?  Let me know!

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  1. Jennie says:

    Great post! All products sound really good. I’ve tried Porefessional before and liked it but like you, it’s too pricey. Instablur from The Body Shop works better for me and it’s cheaper so try that if you haven’t already 🙂

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