Bargain Makeup: Revolution Awesome Metals (Rose Gold) and Collection Deluxe Lipstick (Speakeasy)!

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I wanted to review a few products I bought several months ago now.  I always try to review new makeup I buy but sometimes things just make it straight into my rotation and I use them so much that I forget to ever tell you about them!

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish (Rose Gold)

IMG_20150413_113245      IMG_20150413_113301

I buy a lot of products from Makeup Revolution – their makeup is extremely affordable but also really good quality.  This metal eyeshadow is one of their mid-price products at £4.00.  The box contains a foil finish eyeshadow, a liquid eye primer and a mixing tray.

The instructions are to put a small drop of the liquid eye primer onto the tray, place a small amount of the foil finish shadow on the tray and mix them together.  Using the end of your finger, lightly press into the centre of the tray and apply straight to the eyelid.  You can build the colour with additional layers.

I think part of the reason I never reviewed it was because I followed the instructions and… it didn’t work too well for me!  It wouldn’t really mix together and was messy to apply, so I kind of put it away and didn’t use it again for months.  When I decided to use it again, I was really short on time, so I just stuck my finger straight into the foil product and applied it straight to my eyelid (over some metallic shadow), and it worked really well and was so much quicker and easier to do.  That’s how I’ve used it ever since and it lasts well and leaves no mess under the eye.  I’ve used it below in my favourite way – applied in the centre of the eyelid, with darker metallic shadow on the rest of the eye.


Find it here.

Collection Deluxe Lipstick – Speakeasy


I absolutely love the Collection Deluxe lipsticks – they are so creamy and comfortable to wear.  They feel much better quality than the standard Collection lipsticks.  They cost £3.99 each, and are well worth it.  I also own a pinky-peach colour called Tallulah, and the deep vintage red called Prohibition.  Both are really pigmented and good quality.

The only downside of the Deluxe collection is that there are only five colours available.  I would definitely buy more of them if there were more colours to choose from!


Find it here.

What new products have you been using lately?  Have you tried either of these?  Let me know in the comments box or follow me on social media!

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0 thoughts on “Bargain Makeup: Revolution Awesome Metals (Rose Gold) and Collection Deluxe Lipstick (Speakeasy)!

  1. thoughtfulpigeon says:

    The rose gold is so pretty, I have been wondering about those foil things as I’ve been thinking of getting some makeup revolution things and they look like they’d be pretty but I’m never sure about the ones you have to mix. I really like the look of the lipstick too, it’s a nice pale pink. I haven’t really looked at their lipsticks much recently as I found their older ones didn’t last well, I think I’ll have to try them next time I’m in Boots. I love the names of the collection lipsticks, I’d be tempted to get them just for that, I do get sucked in by products names sometimes.

  2. Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

    I would totally recommend both of these products. They’re so cheap but do a great job. I’ve been using the foil every time I wear eye makeup recently. Just a little touch in the centre of the eye for sparkle. Lol yeah I like cute product names too 🙂

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