AA Skincare // Lavender & Tea Tree Moisturising Face Lotion // Review

Hey guys – did you have a nice Christmas break?  I hope so! Have all the festivities taken their toll on your skin?  If so, this one may be for you!  I was kindly sent this Lavender & Tea Tree Moisturising Face Lotion to try, by AA Skincare.  I have tried a few of their products in the past (find my reviews here), which I enjoyed, so I was happy to give something else a go! 

I was given this product free of charge, but all opinions are my own and this post is not sponsored.

AA Skincare Lavender & Tea Tree Moisturising Face Lotion Review

AA Skincare = Lavender & Tea Tree Moisturising Face Lotion

AA Skincare is a fairly new natural skincare range from Amphora Aromatics.  They are a UK-based company (Bristol) and it’s always nice to support UK businesses where possible.  Their mission statement is to “supply their customers with wonderfully natural, effective products at affordable prices” – and from what I’ve seen on their website, the prices really are affordable, with most products at well under a tenner!  

The skincare range combines essential oils with natural ingredients, avoiding chemicals and artificial ingredients. According to the company, “this light and readily absorbed lotion not only moisturises but helps to tone and restore your skin. Naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal, making it perfect for acne prone skin, spots, blemishes and other abrasions and can help skin heal”.  That all sounds good to me, as my skin is usually not too bad but I’ve had quite a few breakouts recently. The lotion contains lavender and tea tree (obviously!) but also rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, panthenol, sunflower oil and glycerin – all active ingredients that each have their own uses.

AA Skincare Lavender & Tea Tree Moisturising Face Lotion Review

I really like that even though it’s really affordable, the packaging comes with both a pump and a secondary lid.  There are a lot of cheaper products out there that I really wish had pumps, as it makes dispensing the right amount of product so much easier, and is generally more hygeinic than scooping into a tub with your fingers! The light, creamy lotion is white and has a strong lavender scent… now I personally hate the smell of lavender as it gives me headaches for some reason, but I know it’s generally a popular scent so I can’t see it being a problem for most people.  I can’t really smell the tea tree.  Once the lotion is rubbed in, you don’t get much residual scent so it’s not a problem anyway.

AA Skincare Lavender & Tea Tree Moisturising Face Lotion Review

When using this lotion, I was tending to use it in the morning and then alternate for my usual (richer) night cream in the evening.  There is no reason you can’t use this twice a day if you like, I just usually use a richer cream overnight to plump up my skin and rehydrate.  The best thing about using this in the morning is that it’s pretty non-greasy and soaks into the skin well, making it perfect to use before applying makeup.  I find some moisturisers way too oily to use in the mornings, as they disrupt foundation and leave the skin looking way too oily… but not this one!

Overall I really like this product, and would definitely re-purchase it, but I would opt for one of the other scents in the range, probably the Bergamot and Chamomile one.  As always, communication from the brand is really friendly and down to earth.  I think they’re a great example of a natural, cruelty-free, British skincare company!

Have you tried any AA Skincare products?  What do you think of them?  Let me know in the comments!

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