April 2015 Favourites (What I’ve been loving this month)!

One of my favourite things to read on blogs or watch on YouTube is monthly favourites.  It’s a great way to find out about products that people genuinely love.  Of course I had to make it part of my blog!  This will be a monthly post from me.

So without further ado, here’s what I have been loving in April 2015:

White Rabbit Skincare ‘Comfort Cleansing Balm’


This cleansing balm.  Oh this cleansing balm.  It is just perfect!  I literally have no need to try out any other cleansing balms as I love this one so much.  Not just for its effectiveness, but also because it comes from such a lovely little company.  White Rabbit Skincare is the tiny company of Melanie Blane from Scotland.  Melanie’s products are all handmade, natural and vegan – I just love her ethos.  She sells on Etsy but I discovered her products through my VeganKind beauty box.  And thank god I did!

Since my first taste of her products, I have also bought her Lime & Coconut Cleansing Water, her night cream and her hunny bunny lip balm.  But if you’re only going to try one thing, make it this beautiful cleansing balm.  I use it nightly – I remove my makeup first (you don’t have to, I just find it ruins my flannels less!), massage some of the balm straight into dry skin, then use a flannel soaked in hot water to remove the balm.  It feels really luxurious and really leaves the skin feeling clean.  Since discovering hot-cloth cleansing, I’ve never looked back.  My skin just doesn’t feel as clean if I do regular cleansing.  This balm contains shea butter, rosemary leaf oil, eucalyptus leaf oil and olive fruit oil.

Price: £12 for 100ml.  This lasts a long time as you only need a very small amount.  You can buy it from her Etsy store here.

Superdrug Vitamin E ‘All Over Body Cream’


I love Superdrug own brand products as they are all cruelty-free.  You can always buy something from them safe in the knowledge that it has not been tested on animals, which saves lots of frantic online research!  Just look for the Superdrug star.  This body cream is perfect for me for one reason…. a bug bear for me is when you use a cream after a shower or bath and then have to hang around for half an hour waiting for it to dry!  Some of them either take ages to soak into the skin, or leave a horrible oily film.  This cream soaks in immediately and leaves the skin feeling soft but with no residue whatsoever.  It is rich in natural Vitamin E, which is renowned for being good for the skin.  It is also high in antioxidants, and claims to provide 12 hour moisturisation!

The cream is for normal to dry skin.  My skin is normal and it’s perfect for me.

Price: £2.99 for 475ml!  I mean, this thing is huge, it’ll last for ages.  Great value!  Find it here.

  Paperchase Gel Ink Pen – 0.7 Teal


This is a bit of a random one isn’t it?  Look, I’m a spoonie, I have terrible memory!  My ME and fibro mean that I often have ‘brain fog’ and have trouble remembering things.  Why am I telling you this?  Well this means I make a LOT of notes!  I write everything down in my Filofax and always have several notepads on the go – one with times I have taken painkillers (avoids that awkward overdose situation!), one with blog ideas… etc.  Anyway, I get through a lot of pens making my many notes.  So this is the pen I use for everything.  I currently have about 5 of these pens on the go!  I love the colour and have found that the texture of the ink is so much nicer than the other colours in the range.  I don’t know why it’s different, but it is.

If any of my spoonie sisters who I write to are reading this, you’ll probably recognise this pen as I write all my letters with them too!

Price: £1 each.  Find them here.

Zoella ‘Blissful Mistful’ Body Mist


You know a few times in a lifetime when you smell something and just think “this is me”, and it becomes your signature fragrance?  Well this body mist is just ‘me’!

I first discovered this product as I’m a huge Zoella fan.  I probably watch more YouTube than I do TV and she is one of my favourites.  I was excited to find out she had released a small range of products, which can be found in Superdrug and online at Feel Unique.  Quite a while ago I saw some of the products in Superdrug and thought I’d pick up the body mist, as it is so cheap.  I’ve never looked back!

To be honest, I can’t really describe the smell to you as I’m crap at describing smells, but the blurb claims it is ‘light and feminine with fresh and floral notes’.  If you’re not a fan of floral smells, don’t let that description put you off.  Neither am I and I don’t get floral from it really!  The only downside to this scent is it doesn’t have great staying power, but that is totally to be expected as it’s a body mist not a perfume.  The size is generous enough to keep re-spritzing!

Price: £8 for 45ml.  Find it here.

Aldi Instant Oats (Porridge Pots)

porridge pots

If you thought the pen was random, here’s some more randomness for you!  There is a reason this has made my favourites list though.  As I’m often stuck in bed with my chronic illnesses, and always feel worst in the morning, it is difficult to make sure I eat something nutritious for breakfast.  On the worst days, I have to just rely on a cereal bar which I keep by my bed.  On slightly better days, I can make these porridge pots and feel like I have had a proper breakfast.  #lifehack

All you have to do is boil the kettle and fill the pot up to the marked water line.  This is so much simpler than the porridge sachets I used to get a few years back, where you had to measure the milk and microwave them.  Don’t get me wrong, if I wasn’t ill, I’d just make proper porridge from scratch, but I can’t anymore.

The best thing about these Aldi ones is that they are a) cheaper than others and b) much nicer than the more expensive versions!  I have tried Quaker’s offering (raspberry jam flavour) which cost about 3x more and were really not pleasant!  My favourite Aldi one is the golden syrup flavour, yum.

Price: 49p – find them here.

Maybellline Color Tattoo ’24H Cream Gel Eyeshadow’


These have been around a while, but I didn’t try my first one until around 6 weeks ago!  I can see why they are popular, they are such great products.  They are basically a creamy gel eyeshadow which can be used as an eye colour, or as a base for powder shadow, to give more intensity and staying power.

My first Color Tattoo was Pink Gold.  I was actually a bit disappointed as it was such a subtle colour.  Once I started using it as a base colour for powder shadow, I realised it was really useful.  It gives a great base for eyeshadow, stops creasing and gives the eyeshadow much more intensity.

However I still wanted a Color Tattoo that I could wear on its own, that was a bit brighter.  The next one I picked up was the Metallic Pomegranate.  This is a great colour which is lovely on its own, blended out over the eye socket.  I also bought Eternal Gold and On and On Bronze shades, which are both beautiful.  These shadows have brilliant staying power (although I’ve never kept them on for 24 hours to test that claim!) and are really easy to apply and blend.  I would definitely recommend them, and will probably add more colours to my collection when I see them.

The only negative about the Color Tattoos is that you get such a small amount of product.  They come in a glass tub and look like a decent amount until you realise how thick the glass base is!  It’s a shame they are not a bit bigger, but if you try to get them on, for example, the Boots 3 for 2 offer, it increases their value for money.

Price: £4.99 for 0.14oz.  Find them here.

What are your favourite products this month?  Let me know if you’ve tried any of my favourites and what you think of them!

See you back here next month for May’s favourites.

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