Simple homemade sugar body scrub

I had run out of body scrub and was going to order one online with my next Superdrug order, when I remembered the unopened bottle of coconut oil languishing at the back of my kitchen cupboard.  I had bought it when I read about how healthy it is to cook with, but never really figured out how to use it and just didn’t get round to it!  A vague memory popped into my head about being able to make homemade body scrubs using coconut oil as a base, so I decided to give it a bash!

Scrub before

I simply emptied almost an entire bottle of coconut oil into an empty hair mask tub, then added sugar.  I initially added about 4 teaspoons and gave it a test on the back of my hand, but it wasn’t “scrubby” enough for my liking, so I added about another 3-4 teaspoons.  I tested the consistency again and it was perfect for my taste.  The only problem was that it didn’t really smell of anything (although at that point was still totally edible… random but true!)

Scrub during

I know people generally add in a few drops of essential oil for a nice scent, but unfortunately I didn’t have any.  So I simply added a few sprays of my gorgeous Jo Malone Wild Fig & Cassis cologne.  As it’s a pure perfume, it is very strong so it did not take much to scent the scrub.  Yes, a very expensive way to add scent, but it now smells amazing!!

I then added a very professional label to remind me what it was in the shower… (!)

scrub after

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