Getting Crafty – See What I Made at the #HillarysCrafternoon in Leeds!

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I was lucky enough to attend an event recently, which was arranged by Joe Blogs, along with Hillarys and The Crafty Hen.  It was hosted at The Riverside in Leeds city centre, and it was one of the best afternoons I’ve had in a long time!  I had so much fun.

Crafternoon Sign  Table of fabrics

Hillarys have launched a new range called Jewel: The Edit.  As the name suggests, the range is inspired by the rich tones of four precious jewels; Amber, Ruby, Sapphire and Jade.  Hillarys brought along lots of samples of their new fabrics, which we used to get crafty with!

Fabric close up     Scissors and card

The Crafty Hen’s Jana (who is great fun by the way!) talked us through our first project – making a jewellery box.  We were well stocked with everything we could need and had a sheet of instructions, with two Crafty Hens on hand if we got stuck!  We had a choice of fabrics from the Jewel range, so I chose a pretty watercolour floral style of fabric in muted cream and duck-egg blue shades.

Firstly we covered our box lids in fabric, then chose from an array of buttons and ribbons which we could use to decorate them.  We then moved on to making a divider for the inside of the box.

Box in progress   Box in progress 2

Some people also made ring holders, but I ran out of time so mine is just divided into two areas (which I think will be handy to separate rings and earrings from larger items like bracelets and necklaces).  Once our boxes were complete, we had a quick coffee break before moving onto our next project… accessories!

First we were taught how to make a ‘suffolk puff’ (yes, really!).  You basically cut a circle from your chosen fabric, do a loose running stitch around the outside edge and then pull the thread tightly, which gathers in the fabric, forming the suffolk puff!  I was amazed at how easy they were, and also how very satisfying the pulling part was!

suffolk puff in progress     ribbons

You can use a suffolk puff either way around, so the smooth side of the fabric is showing, or so that the ruffled side shows (which I prefer as I think it looks prettier).  You can then add buttons, to cover the thread and the very centre of the puff.  I made a large and a medium suffolk puff, placing the medium one on top, and then added two stacked buttons.  Finally, I secured them to a large hair clip and added some gold netting, to create a fascinator!  I didn’t like the silver end of the clip showing through the net, so I also added some red and grey ribbon, to conceal it.  What do you think?

Finished fascinator

As I’m often stuck in bed due to my chronic illnesses, I don’t get chance to do things like this very often.  I was extremely relieved to wake up feeling well enough to go, and thoroughly enjoyed myself!  Sadly, when I got home I felt extremely nauseous and almost passed out from exhaustion – typical.  But I’m pleased I managed it, and will happily take the payback I got from my body as a result!  Here’s a few more photos of the finished results, as I’m very proud of myself!

finished both

finished jewellery box

jewellery box bow close up    jewellery box buttons close up

Hillarys Crafternoon

Hillarys have also blogged about the series of events here!

What do you think of my jewellery box and fascinator?  Have you ever made (or even heard of) a suffolk puff?!  Let me know in the comments or on social media!

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