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Christmas Creativity & Calligraphy // Viking Arty Party!

Hi all!  How are you?  Feeling Christmassy yet?  Well I certainly am, since I went to the Viking Arty Party a few weeks ago!  Arranged by stationery and office supply company Viking, we were treated to a very festive day of getting crafty.  I absolutely love anything crafty, so this event was right up my street!

Event Room at Lambert's Yard set up for our day

Event Room at Lambert’s Yard in Leeds (photo credit: Matt at Search Laboratory)

We got off to an amazing start, as we were greeted with steaming glasses of mulled wine – the best thing about winter, in my opinion!  Viking had hired the lovely event space at Lambert’s Yard in Leeds, which was perfect for this event.  It was massive, so plenty of room for all us bloggers.  It also had lovely lighting for photos, due to the huge windows!  They had decorated it beautifully, with a big Christmas tree piled up with presents, and lots of twinkly lights.

Viking Arty Party – The Crafty Activities

There were three different activities – calligraphy, block printing and Christmas cracker making.  Sadly I had to leave early, so had to choose two activities.  I chose calligraphy (I’ve always wanted to learn!) and block printing. 


The calligraphy session was run by the lovely Joyce of Atsynibs.  You could tell she was really passionate about her craft, and her work is just beautiful!  She was very patient with us, and told us it’s all about slowing down and concentrating on pressure.  Thick pen strokes are made by pressing down harder on the pen, thin ones by pressing very lightly.  Even being very experienced, Joyce said she still writes slowly, as it’s important to ensure you get a nice finished result.

Me Learning Calligraphy Strokes

Learning Calligraphy (photo credit: Matt at Search Laboratory)

We started off with exercises to learn thick and thin strokes, and then the alpabet.  It is a lot more difficult than it looks!  I have to say, I wasn’t a natural, haha!  But I really enjoyed the process and found it very relaxing.  After practising for a while, we all produced either a Christmas card or a piece with our favourite quote or phrase on it.  I chose to do my favourite phrase, “this too shall pass”.  I wasn’t that happy with my writing, but I jazzed it up with a few little stars!  Viking were kind enough to let us keep our Pentel brush pens, and I’ve already been practising at home.  It’s a lovely pastime for me, as I can do it in bed when I’m not feeling too good.

We had a little lunch break, whilst we devoured some lovely food.  There were hot meat rolls but as a vegetarian, I had the warm Portobello mushroom and goats cheese bap with gravy.  It was absolutely delicious!  I may have had a couple more mulled wines too, to keep the creative juices flowing!  After keeping my Insta-stories updated (see below!) I moved on to block printing.

Me Updating Insta-Stories at the Event

Keeping my Insta-stories Updated! (photo credit: Matt at Search Laboratory)

Block Printing

Block printing was run by Maddie from Tea and Crafting.  She gave us a quick intro on how to make our blocks. I chose a simple triangle shape, as I knew I had to leave early so couldn’t do anything complicated.  We coated our block shapes with paint and pressed them firmly onto the white magazine folders Viking had supplied.  It was quite easy to do, but hard to get a good, even print.  I decided to spread out my triangles, as I knew I wouldn’t have time to completely cover the file.  Looking around, I was impressed at some of the others’ folders – they looked amazing!

Christmas Present

Gutted to leave early and miss out, I headed over to the lovely Jennie from Life Styled by Jennie to say goodbye.  Jennie arranged the event, and did an amazing job!  I was very generously given a big wrapped Christmas present to take home.  Too excited to wait until December to open it, I will admit I tore it open the next day 🙂  Viking had very kindly given us all a notebook, gold and silver foil pens, a mug and a hot chocolate spoon!  I’ve been dying to get some paint marker foil pens for months now, so I was super excited to see these in the box!  I’ve already been playing with them.

Christmas Crackers That People Have Made

One of the Activities –
Making Christmas Crackers (photo credit: Matt at Search Laboratory)

I had such a fun day crafting, drinking mulled wine and getting to know some lovely bloggers.  Thanks so much to Viking for this amazing event!  Although I attended the event and kindly received a Christmas present from Viking, this in no way affects my views and opinions in this post.

Are you into crafting?  What are your favourite crafty things to do?  Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Creativity & Calligraphy // Viking Arty Party!

  1. Rhiannon says:

    This sounds like an amazing day, I’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy too and yours looks really good. It does seem like the sort of thing that’s still good to do on lower energy days.

    • Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

      Oh it was so fun! That sort of thing is right up my alley – lame but I’d rather do that than go on a night out haha. My mum has beautiful handwriting and I’ve always loved the idea of improving mine or learning some proper calligraphy! It was really fun but I think you need to practise for a LONG time to get really good! Aww thank you. Yeah it’s perfect for those days where you’re stuck in bed but your brain wants something to occupy it 🙂 xx

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