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[Insert Cliched Blog Title Here]…! // Chronic Illness

Hi everyone! Remember me? I’m Katie, I blog around here. Well, I used to – not so much for the last two months or so! I hold my hands up, things have been pretty quiet round here recently. I’ve still been trying to stay active on social media, but haven’t sat down to blog for ages.  Why? Well, as you know I have a lot of health problems and suffer from chronic illness. I’m always pretty unwell and spend a lot of time bedbound and/or housebound. But life has taken its toll on me in the last month or two.

A few family events, whilst lovely, have left me spending a long time recovering. I’ve been to a couple of beautiful family weddings, and the payback was worth every minute. But it does mean it’s taken me a while to get back to the health (or chronic illness) level I was at before them.

Where I've Been - Health Problems and chronic illness me at wedding

Me at my Uncle’s Wedding (Dress: Simply Be, Sprinkle of Glitter range)

When you have chronic illness, the slightest thing can have a knock-on effect.  Just one day of significantly overdoing things can leave you with weeks of symptoms – more fatigue, increased pain and a reduction in stamina.  I knew these weddings were coming up for quite a while beforehand, and they were of very close family members.  I generally try not to overdo it or push myself too far, but sometimes I have to take the decision to just go ahead.  When it’s something really important, that will leave me with memories for a lifetime, I think the payback is worth it.  Hell…. but worth it!

Since late May, I’ve been dealing with an increase in the severity of my ME and fibromyalgia.  I’ve been even more exhausted than usual (and that’s from someone who is mostly bedbound!!)  I’ve had all over pain, headaches and nausea.  I’ve also managed to fit in a 3-week virus and a urine infection, because I like to challenge myself (haha)!  Honestly?  It’s been hell, and absolutely no fun at the time!  But I hope in 40 years I’ll look back and think how lovely the weddings were, and not remember how poorly I felt.

I feel like I’m starting to improve a little bit now, and have been able to go to my hospital/health appointments (which I frequently wasn’t well enough to attend recently).  I can see light at the end of the tunnel!  Yes I’ll still be unwell and have chronic illness, but at least I might leave the house occasionally!

So here ends my cliched ‘where I’ve been and why I haven’t posted for ages’ blog post!  If I ever disappear from the blog for a while, you’ll probably still find me on social media – check out my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

I hope I’ll be around a bit more now, and would love to hear from you all.  What have you been up to?  Let me know!

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2 thoughts on “[Insert Cliched Blog Title Here]…! // Chronic Illness

  1. Emma says:

    Great to have you back Katie,
    I know what it is like being bedbound as I am pretty much these days since being in hospital for 2 months to have a PEG-J inserted then rehab for 5 weeks meant it took its toll on my body sadly.
    I could relate to the weddings as when my sister got married I was a bridesmaid and was in agony in the evening even though I had gone back to the B&B we were staying in for a rest. I try to make sure I pace at all times.
    Best wishes x

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