SOS: Send Cough Sweets and Soup!!

Hi guys (cough, cough splutter, etc!)

Just popping on for a little moan… You don’t even have to read it, I’ll just imagine that you’re sending healing thoughts my way, haha!

I’m normal ill again.  I know I constantly wish to be ‘normal’ again, but this isn’t what I meant, world!!!  I have a really painful throat with swollen glands and a temperature, and feel a new depth of awful.  This picture sums up how I’m feeling, but I don’t have a bump on my head and I’m nowhere near as cute!

Poorly teddy

I know everyone feels awful when they have a cold or a bug, but dealing with a regular illness on top of already being chronically ill is just horrible.  It’s hard enough to deal with being exhausted and in pain every day as it is, without extra coughing, sneezing and a temperature thrown in!  I have to say though, my family and husband have been taking extra good care of me over the weekend – I’ve been brought a constant supply of tea in bed and my husband has provided food and sympathy!  Thank god for family 😀

My coping strategy is just going to be as must rest and sleep as possible, lots of water and hot drinks and not much talking (as it kills my throat!)  My husband has also been making me his magic, sore-throat healing, hot honey and lemon drinks.  I hate honey (yes, really, this seems to surprise people!) but this drink really does soothe your throat and lessen the soreness, so I will drink it.

Stay healthy, stay warm and have your flu jab peeps!  See you on the other side of winter, lol.

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