ME/Fibromyalgia Health Update – Things Are Looking a Little Brighter!

Hi all

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet on here this week!  I’ve had a whole bunch of medical appointments this week, so I have had to focus all my energy on attending those and then recovering afterwards.

I wasn’t really looking forward to the appointments this week, but Tuesday’s appointment with a Rheumatologist has left me feeling a little more optimistic!  I had got to the point where I was wondering if any medication/treatments could really help me at this point (I have tried a LOT of medications, therapies, suggestions etc!)  The GP had told me he’d come to the end of everything he could offer without more expert help.  After a 45 minute chat with the Rheumatologist, I left knowing that there are still things that can be tried.  He said he has seen people recover to an extent (not to pre-illness levels, but to being able to do a little more and have less crashes), and that it could still be possible for me.

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I don’t want this to come across as me saying there is a ‘cure’ or anything, as ME and fibromyalgia are currently without a cure, and we may try the suggested treatments and I could still be in the same position.  I could recover a little and then regress back to how bad I was for the first 5 months of this year.  We just don’t know – sadly, that’s the way of these chronic illnesses!  However, at least the doctor has given me a little spark of hope.  I may never recover, but if I could get back to doing some work and being able to have somewhat of a social life and more stable health, that would still be amazing.  Let me tell you, I would treasure the little things!  No more taking anything for granted, now I’ve seen how limiting bad health can be.

I will soon be trying some new medication in place of my Gabapentin (which hasn’t helped me at all, although I know it has helped others).  I will hopefully be trying some light hydrotherapy and also being referred to the long-term pain clinic.  I’ve said this many times before but I really will try almost anything if it could possibly help!  (Within reason… not the ridiculous juice cleanse ‘cures’ that circulate online!!)

I will try to get back to blogging a little more regularly soon, but I’m sure you all know and understand that my health always comes first, especially when I am trying to recover enough to return to some level of work.  Thanks for bearing with me!  Back to the usual programme of reviews and beauty soon, I hope!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone (especially those enjoying the UK sun along with me!)

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