Mother's Day - Why my mum is my inspiration

Why my Mum is my Inspiration // Mother’s Day!

Happy mother’s day everyone!

I’m not a mum, but I wanted to celebrate mother’s day with a post about the most important, inspirational person in my life – my mum.  I had a lovely childhood, and I have considered my mum a friend from my early teens (around the time I had the crazy realisation that… parents are people too!)  Our relationship has grown stronger and stronger as the years have passed.

Mother's Day - Why my mum is my inspiration

My mum inspires me both to be the best person I can be, and also to be as selfless, kind and incredible as she is herself.  She has always instilled really strong morals into me – she is a very honest, reliable person who has a strong sense of right and wrong.  She has been through some tough times (which I won’t go into as I don’t think she’d want me to on the internet!) but she has stayed so strong – sometimes I can’t believe how strong and resilient she is!

My mum taught me how to cook, as I used to hang around her legs in the kitchen, getting in the way!  She would tell me what she was doing and why, so I grew up with a sense of how to do basic cooking and what sort of flavours went together.  I remember always taking bits of cooking-apple peel to eat or sneaking a bit of grated cheese off the pile!

As you guys know, I have chronic illnesses which leave me extremely fatigued and often stop me being able to do things like cleaning and making myself food.  Now my mum has always been quite an energetic person, but since I have been ill I’ve been in constant awe of how she works full time, runs a house and garden by herself, has a social life and still finds time to come and do my cleaning every week, get in touch every day to see how I am and lots more.

My mum’s unwavering support has been a constant beacon of light, even when my illnesses have been at their most challenging.  She is amazing at giving both practical and emotional support.  She lets me talk about the issues being unwell has brought up without having to put a front on, but always find a positive in every situation, so that I feel much brighter after chatting to her.

There aren’t many people who will drive to your house, clean it from top to bottom, make you a sandwich and a cup of tea and then just sit with you in bed chatting – it’s a true blessing to have that kind of relationship, where I can show how bad I’m really feeling without the exhaustion of putting on a brave face!

My husband and I don’t want to have children, but if we had, I would love to have been a mother as amazing as my own – she’s been a wonderful role model!  I know that I’m extremely lucky to have had such good support from my family and friends through my illness, as I have seen time and again that others are not as lucky.  I truly appreciate it.

If you’re reading this and your mum is as great as mine; make sure she knows it!  Tell her how much you love and appreciate her.  If you are a mother yourself, remember that your children may not show it sometimes, but they will remember everything you did for them one day.  When they’re old enough to realise that ‘parents are people too’, they will appreciate how much you have loved, guided and supported them over the years.

Happy mother’s day everyone!

If your mother is amazing too, let me know why in the comments!

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