Where Have I Been? – Moving House as a Spoonie

Hi guys

Sorry I’ve been MIA from the blog for a week or so.  We have a lot going on at the moment!  We have finally got a completion date to sell our flat and are in the process of moving to our temporary home with my in-laws.  We will be there a few months until our new house is ready to move into – very exciting!

As you will probably know, being chronically ill, anything involving stress or change can affect your health and bring on a flare.  I am trying to be really careful and take care of myself during the moving process, although I find it really difficult to sit back and let people help me!!  Last time we moved house (5 years ago), I was perfectly well and doing lots of packing and heavy lifting.  I have found it really difficult to take a step back this time, but my body simply can’t manage it any more.  I’m very lucky in that my husband and family are extremely supportive and will all be helping us on moving day.  I will just have to sit back and dictate from afar, lol!


Anyway, I just wanted to let you know why I haven’t posted much recently.  It may be a bit quiet around here until we have fully moved and I’ve recovered from the upheaval.  I will definitely be back though, never fear!

I hope you are all as well as possible.

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