What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) – 14 April 2015

Sadly there will be no actual WIAW this week as I was too poorly both a) to blog and b) to eat much other than cereal bars and what my husband made us for tea!  Which incidentally was very nice… I had a veggie cauliflower cheese escalope, smoky BBQ roast potato cubes and some mixed veg, yum!

I’ll tell you a little about what I actually did instead.  I spent the morning in bed, as per.  I had my dental hospital appointment at 2:45pm (in theory, in practise, they are always running an hour late!!)  I really struggled to get out of bed and get dressed but managed and booked a taxi to the hospital.


I was going for my 3-monthly medical botox injections, due to my TMJ (joint disorder, which causes lots of pain and muscle tension).  He did them in a slightly different place than usual this time, working on feedback from me as to where was the most painful.  I had four injections – two into each side of my jaw.  The premise is that the botox helps relax the surrounding muscles, which in turn relieves some of the pain.  I have been having these around 2 years or so now.  Generally, I do find them quite useful.  They don’t totally relieve the pain, but they do usually help.  Unfortunately my last lot weren’t very effective and my pain levels were quite high, but I think that was a mixture of the TMJ and of coming off one medication and going on to a new one.  It all sort of muddles up and makes it hard to tell what condition or medication is causing what issue!!  PS – to answer my most commonly asked question about this, sadly the botox is injected too deeply to help with any wrinkles, lol… damn, would have been a nice “side effect”!

My dental doctor has also referred me back to a physio for ultrasound therapy on the jaw.  I had this around 18 months ago and it was really effective, but sadly you have to attend twice a week, which is obviously pretty inconvenient!  Especially since I was actually at work at the time (I’m off sick at the moment).

If anyone reading this has TMJ themselves and would like any more information on the various treatments I have undergone and my thoughts on them, do let me know.  I would be happy to write something.

I hope nobody minds the departure from a food post into a TMJ one!  Speak soon.

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0 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) – 14 April 2015

  1. The Person Next to You says:

    My friend has had TMJ since we were teenagers (we’re in our late 30’s now)… She has suffered with all this for so long, I wish there were something that would help her. If you have found any treatments that work, I would love to forward a blog post of yours to her.

  2. Katie Cupcake - Life with ME says:

    Your poor friend – I totally feel for her… I was diagnosed around 5 years ago I think, but in reality it started at around age 13. I have tried lots of treatments, with varying success, so I would be glad to write something in more detail if it would help her! I will write something at the weekend so keep an eye out xx

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