Weddings, and spoonie love saves the day!

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great Easter and long weekend!


I am absolutely shattered and broken from the wedding I bridesmaided yesterday (bridesmaided?!) and have spent the entire day resting and eating painkillers!  I am sore, exhausted and truth be told, a bit emotional.  I did manage really well yesterday all things considered, but was desperate for a rest before the first chance arose.  As soon as we finished the ‘wedding breakfast’, I went to my friend’s room in the hotel (we weren’t staying over ourselves) for a lie down to try and regain some energy.  We were told we had an hour until the night do started, so it was the perfect chance to rest.

I didn’t set an alarm as I thought someone would come up and get me if anything important was about to happen.  I fell asleep almost immediately as I was so exhausted.  There was an open window in the hotel room and I was awoken by the toastmaster announcing the couple’s first dance…. As I was several floors up in the hotel, I couldn’t make it down to the marquee in time, so I missed the first dance (and, as it turned out, the cake cutting too).  I had genuinely thought that between my husband, mum and friends, someone would have woken me up in time for the cake cutting and first dance.  I was so upset, as this is my friend I have known since I was 2, and I was the chief bridesmaid.

I’ll be honest, there were tears and cross words as I felt really let down.  A few people said they had thought it was better to leave me to rest, but I was upset that the choice had been taken away from me and that my illness had managed to get in the way of something that was really important to me.

I had a good chat with my husband and he talked me round – I knew nobody had done it intentionally and they had thought they were acting in my best interests, but I’m still a little sad to have missed out on something I’ll never get to see again.

Anyway!  The rest of the day was amazing, the bride (my friend) looked stunning and both of them really enjoyed their day.  I did a reading during the ceremony but managed to sob through most of it (embarrassing!)

As I have been hit with post-exertational malaise and am a bit emotional today, it couldn’t have been better timing for what came in the post… a parcel which must have arrived on Saturday but had been held by the estate office for us.  The parcel was from a spoonie friend I met through the chronically ill online community.  She was recently having a tough time, so I sent her some gifts through the mail to try to brighten her day.  I didn’t expect anything back at all, so this was a lovely surprise!

She had wrapped the box in beautiful wrapping paper and had individually wrapped each gift inside, adding an order to open them in and a handwritten notecard.


I must say, either we have remarkably similar taste, or she has grown to know me very well already, as I absolutely loved everything she chose!  I’ll show you just a few of the bits she sent me:

IMG_20150406_191748 IMG_20150406_212122  IMG_20150406_212157 IMG_20150406_212138

I wanted to take this chance to give a bit of a “shout out” to the online spoonie (chronically ill) community.  I can genuinely say, I have never come across such a group of kind, thoughtful, loyal, caring and funny people in my life.  Although each and every one of them are going through a tough time themselves, they take that last little bit of energy they have to send each other kind words, letters, or even just a quick “thinking of you” message.  They will provide an ear to listen, both practical and emotional advice, and to top it all off, a good old laugh – sometimes laughter is the best medicine!  I have been so lucky with some of the friends I have made over the internet.  I never used to truly believe you could be “friends” with something you only knew online and hadn’t met, but these women have proved me wrong.

If you are a spoonie yourself, I would strongly encourage you to seek out some support on Instagram or Facebook (or wherever you prefer) – you won’t regret it!  Keep fighting, fellow spoonies!

Love, Katie xxx

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