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The Blogger Tag // A Bit About Me!

Hi guys!  I don’t usually do tag posts, but I was tagged by my friend Luke to do The Blogger Tag and thought it looked fun!  Although I tell you lots about my beauty loves and my chronic illnesses, there’s so much I probably don’t talk about.  So now is your chance to get to know me better (oh lucky you…!)

The Blogger Tag

1) How tall are you?

5 ft 7″ – fairly tall for a girl, which I like!

2) Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what is it?

Haha no, I don’t really have a talent, hidden or otherwise!  I’d like one though.


The Blogger Tag About Me Katie Cupcake Life With ME

Me With My Camera!

3) What’s your biggest blog related pet peeve?

Hmm, probably bloggers with a big sense of entitlement! We are lucky enough to be sent products to review or to eat free at restaurants, go to events etc. Almost all bloggers I’ve met are extremely humble and grateful, but the odd few feel they are just entitled to these things as they’re ‘big bloggers’.  Stay down to earth guys 😀

4) What’s your biggest non-blog related pet peeve?

People being ignorant and unkind.  I’m very empathetic and always put myself in others’ positions and imagine how they must feel.  Some people only seem to think about themselves.  Also, judgmental people!!  It doesn’t kill you to be a bit open-minded now, come on!  Oh and racism.  Ok, I need to stop now!

5) What’s your favourite song?

Ooh it’s hard to narrow it down to one, but probably Magdalena by A Perfect Circle.  It’s just so beautiful!  Listen to it here.

6) What’s your favourite social media website?

I think it’s probably Twitter, which is hilarious as I only started using it a year or so ago!  I joined it years ago and just didn’t understand it at all.  I didn’t get why people liked using it!  I think I was trying to use it like Facebook.  When I re-joined it for my blog Twitter, I finally started ‘getting it’.  It’s now where I hear the majority of the news that happens – Twitter is so immediate, and that’s the beauty of it! Find me there @kclifewithme  😀

7) What’s your favourite way to spend your free time when you’re alone?

Ooh ok, a perfect ‘me time’ would involve candles lit, some nice food and a cup of tea.  Probably painting my nails whilst watching some Netflix or reading a thriller.  Or catching up with TOWIE and Made in Chelsea – I have to watch it when my hubby isn’t around, otherwise he just moans and tuts all the way through it!

The Blogger Tag About Me Katie Cupcake Life With ME

8) What’s your favourite junk food?

I love pizza.  Whenever we get a takeaway, I always want pizza (although we try to vary it and break it up with the odd curry or Chinese haha!)  A garlicky vegetarian pizza with extra pineapple, fries and a Diet Coke – perfection! 🙂

9) Do you have any pets? If yes, what kind are they? And what are their names?

Yes, I have a beautiful cat called Gracie.  I basically stole her from my in-laws…!  We looked after her in February when they went away, and then I never gave her back lol!  That sounds awful, but she was just so happy here and my mother in law wanted a new kitten, so she very kindly let me keep Gracie.  I adore her – she’s so well behaved, affectionate and funny.  She makes me smile every day! 😀

10) What are your favourite fiction and non-fiction books?

Ooh I read loads, but I don’t really read non-fiction to be honest.  I’ve read the odd autobiography, but only a handful in my lifetime.  I read a LOT of thriller/crime procedural type books.  I love stuff by Karin Slaughter, Peter James, Mark Edwards, Louise Voss etc.  Anything gripping, with a crime to be solved, keeps me interested!

11) What’s your favourite beauty product or tool?

Oh my days, just one?  As a makeup addict and beauty blogger, I have so many!  When it comes to makeup, I’d probably have to say my trusty Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.  For tools, I love my Real Techniques brushes.

The Blogger Tag About Me Katie Cupcake Life With ME

12) When were you last embarrassed? And what happened?

Hmm… I mean I do stupid things a lot.  I walk into stuff and drop things all the time!  Probably the most embarrassing thing I can remember recently was at a blogging event in the summer.  I have problems with really bad hot flushes and it was also a warm day.  Add to that a small venue with lots of people crammed in and it equalled a very hot and flustered me!  I was trying to talk to people but constantly having to dab my melting face with tissues.  I even had to go to the bathroom to try and sort myself out… I mean, I was SWEATING!  Not great when you’re meeting a load of people for the first time haha.

13) If you could only drink one beverage besides water for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hmmm only one?  Probably wine.  I’d really miss tea, but at least I could still have alcohol when I wanted it!  Can’t beat a nice cold glass of Sauvignon in the summer, or a nice glass of red in the winter.

14) What’s your favourite movie?

I have a couple, of very different genres haha!  I love The Sweetest Thing.  It’s so stupid but it just really makes me laugh – I love the ‘you’re too big to fit in here’ song! 🙂  I also love The Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption, which are so touching.  I mainly watch horror films, but don’t usually re-watch any of them.

15) What was your favourite subject at school, and why?

English – I’ve always loved reading and writing!

16) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

So lame, but it would have to be here.  I could never move away from my Mum for a start – I need her nearby!  Total mummy’s girl.  I would just miss my family and friends too much.  In a magical world where everyone I love came with me, probably somewhere warm like Miami.

17) PC or Mac?

PC – don’t think I’ve ever actually used a Mac.

18) Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or friend?

My husband brought me home my favourite – veggie Percy Pigs!  Yum 😀

Vegetarian Percy Pig Sweets The Blogger Tag About Me Katie Cupcake Life With ME

Vegetarian Percy Pigs!

19) Who’s your favourite celebrity?

Zoella – aka Zoe Sugg.  She’s my favourite YouTuber.  I know it’s a cliche, but she just seems so sweet, and you want her to be your best friend!

20) What blogger do you secretly want to be best friends with?

Haha I suppose I just answered that above, but if not her then definitely YouTuber/beauty blogger Mikhila McDaid.  She’s so down to earth and fun.  Plus she lives fairly near me!

21) Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mum, always.  She is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, and she inspires me every day (as you can tell here).

22) What is your favourite kind of blog to read?

I love reading beauty blogs for reviews and to stay up to date with the latest beauty news.  I also love reading spoonie blogs, and connecting with others in the chronic illness community.  I suppose that’s why my blog became a combination of the two!

23) What is your favourite high street shop?

Primark.  Obvious, I know, but when you don’t have a lot of spare money Primark is amazing!

24) Are you in education? Or do you work?

Sadly I’ve been on long term sick leave for almost two years.  I am still employed and would LOVE to return to work one day, as they are an amazing company.  I really enjoyed my job and the people I worked with.  Unfortunately I have just been way too unwell to work.  I am mostly bed and housebound, and don’t get to leave the house on a regular basis.

25) What’s one thing you’re proud of?

My positivity!  It’s so difficult to stay positive with chronic illnesses.  You wake up every day knowing you’ll feel awful, and that’s tough mentally.  So I’m proud that I’ve managed to stay positive and still see the good in life.  I’m also SO proud I still manage to blog, despite how ill I am most days! 😀

I hope you enjoyed The Blogger Tag and finding out a bit more about the face behind the screen!

I tag Kate is Coveting, Tara at Temair Beauty and Tina at Tea is for Tina (who has already been nominated, we’re bullying her!) to do The Blogger Tag too – let’s get to know you! 😀

Make sure you pop over to Luke’s blog and get to know him too!

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