Sunday Snaps: My Week In Photos – 7 June!

Happy Sunday guys!

As I’ve spent the majority of the week in bed ill, my photos are mainly food and drinks, haha!

_20150602_161041   _20150603_164928   IMG_20150604_220105

I saw this ‘recipe’ for healthy ‘apple donuts’ on YouTube – it’s basically apple rings filled with peanut butter and cinammon – yum!

I_20150602_165053    _20150602_165140    BcHwbfjIcAEQRWH

It’s official… I’m a mermaid!

_20150604_220214       _20150604_220233

The beautiful view from my balcony!

IMG_20150606_165031 IMG_20150606_165143

Pretty coffee patterns and my beautiful new Stag & Raven amethyst necklaces!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

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