Sunday Snaps: My Week In Photos – 24 May! (Better late than never!)

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’m preparing this post a few days early because as you read this, I’ll be celebrating my 30th birthday at my Mum’s house (the land of no internet!)  I’ll let you all know how my birthday was and how I celebrated etc but here is the past week (including bits of last weekend) up to Saturday in photos!  [Edit – I was super poorly and didn’t get chance to make this post live… sorry it’s late!!)

IMG_20150515_201401 IMG_20150515_201421 IMG_20150515_201448

IMG_20150516_220004 IMG_20150517_002443 IMG_20150517_002546 IMG_20150517_003212

   IMG_20150517_220846     IMG_20150517_220907


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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