Some cheery images for a happy Friday!

Happy Friday guys!  I don’t quite have that “thank god it’s Friday” feeling as I’m off work sick at the moment, but I’m sure plenty of others do!

I just wanted to share a couple of pretty images with you to make you smile 🙂

Here is my super cute new bedding from Primark.  It doesn’t match our bedroom in the slightest but I couldn’t resist it – I am a sucker for flamingos!

DSC_1641 DSC_1642

These are some beautiful flowers from my mum’s house last weekend.  Spring daffodils, beautiful purple tulips and apparently some hyacinths.  My mum laughed at me because I said “ooh nice bluebells”.  Apparently not!


This is my mum’s garden – I thought it looked really pretty in the April showers.  I don’t have a garden, so it’s nice to look at or be in one every so often.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.  Hope my spoonie readers are all keeping well and feeling ok x

(PS. this was written last night and scheduled for today.  Sadly it’s now not such a happy Friday as I have had some upset this morning.  I just wish people understood that what they see on social media isn’t the full picture.  Anyway, positive thoughts…!)

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