My friends are the best…. Fundraising for ME Research UK!

My friends are amazing.  For many reasons, but this post is going to concentrate on one particular reason!  I am part of a wonderful Facebook page called WalkForME, which puts together all the events and information in one place for this years Walk For ME event.  National ME Awareness week takes place this year on 11 to 17 May.  Supported by the UK organization Action For M.E., M.E. Awareness Week seeks to raise awareness about M.E.  It is still a fairly misunderstood illness and needs all the publicity and awareness it can get!

I shared something from WalkForME’s page and was amazed by what happened next.  Four, yes, FOUR of my friends then volunteered to do a fundraising event for this year’s WalkForME!!  They know that I have always liked to take part in charity events (fun runs, 5k races etc) but sadly this is no longer possible due to my illnesses.  So without even being asked, they all separately offered to do an event.  To say I was pleased is an understatement – I was humbled and it is just so heartwarming.  It really tells me that they understand and want to do anything they can to help.

Here is what the lovely ladies are doing:

Sarah Lou is doing a 5 mile swim!

sarah lou

Sarah Lou says; “A very close friend on mine suffers from ME and it has resulted in negative changes in her life.  I have seen the daily challenges that she faces and it would be great to find a cure for this.

ME affects millions of people and the sponsored mile swim is to bring awareness and help fund research.

Five miles is equivalent to 360 lengths.  I have contacted my local swimming pool who are happy for me to do this at their pool and someone will be timing and taking a couple of pics!

I also as my new years resolution wanted to do more for charity and get back into my swimming so this is the perfect opportunity.”

See Sarah Lou’s page here.

Claire is doing a sponsored dog walk with her cute pooch Woolly!


Claire says; “I had heard of ME but it’s not something that I understood fully, until my friend told me she had it. It is a terrible condition which is not only a silent condition but it can take over a person’s life completely. I have decided to fundraise for ME research as more needs to be done to try and aid prevention, treatment and hopefully one day a cure to this debilitating condition. Someone with ME can have extreme lethargy with bad aches and pains which can obviously make exercise hard work!!! This is why I am doing a walk with my dog as this is something that some days my friend would probably love to do but physically is not capable of doing. By doing a walk for ME I am hoping that one day my friend and others with ME can do something as simple as a nice walk every day- something most of us take for granted!!”

See Claire’s page here.

Liz Cohen and Indy Bell are doing a 5 mile dog walk with Indy’s gorgeous and excitable dog Hugo!

liznindycrop hugo

Liz and Indy say; “We are doing this Walk for ME because a dear friend suffers from this debilitating illness and it has been very sad to watch the illness drain all of her energy and ability to do the activities she used to enjoy so much. She is an inspiration and has somehow managed to remain upbeat despite her inability to live a normal life. We know that she would love to have her energy and independence back and we hope that people will give generously to help all sufferers and give them hope.”

See their page here.

This has just driven home to me that I may have lost a lot of things to this illness, but I have certainly not lost my amazing, kind friends!!  If you can donate to any of these pages, that would be amazing.  If you can’t, but would be happy to share this post as a means of awareness, that would also be amazing!  Thank you for reading.

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