Mini Superdrug and Boots Haul/Review

Hey guys

I hope you’re enjoying these hauls, as there probably won’t be so many in the future… I’ve had a lot of things to buy and replace lately but will need to be more careful with money this coming month as I’m on sick pay!  Although if I get any birthday money for my 30th in May, you just know I’ll be sharing my purchases with you 🙂

I may have mentioned before that I get a lot of my toiletries from Superdrug, as their own brand items are all guaranteed to be cruelty free.  I also find their prices better than Boots most of the time.  Another plus is that they deliver.  As I have ME and fibro, I generally can’t get to the shops (although as you saw last weekend, I occasionally get the odd good day), so having my stuff delivered makes it a hell of a lot easier.



I ordered this Original Source Blood Orange Daily Scrub before I made my own body scrub (see my post on how to make it!)  And I’m glad I did, as this turns out not to be much of a scrub… Now it smells delicious (a bit like orange jelly sweets) but the amount of exfoliating bits in there is really low.  They are very widely spread and you don’t get that “exfoliating feeling” on your skin in the shower.  But that’s probably why they called it Daily Scrub – it’s so gentle you can use daily.  I really don’t feel that even using it daily would keep you properly exfoliated though.  As I struggle to shower as often as I’d like (yep, sorry but that’s the spoonie reality), I want products that are really effective.

So to summarise, it smells fab and hubby and I will be using it as a normal shower gel, but I’ll stick to my homemade body scrub for exfoliating!

I also ordered this Superdrug Vitamin E “Moisture Boost Facial Serum”.  I recently discovered the serum I’ve been using twice daily is actually a night serum… oops.  It probably doesn’t matter but using a day serum will hopefully help my makeup sit better and I would guess it is more matte.  I’ve had things from the Vit E range before and I adore it.  It’s so simple and effective and I personally like the smell.  Some think it smells like suncream, but I like that holiday scent so I don’t mind!

I haven’t used this yet, but will review it when I do.

I also purchased a Superdrug B.Replenished “Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil”.  I recently received a mini facial oil in a SoukSouk box (this box has now sadly stopped).  I have been adding a few drops to my serum at night and it feels so nourishing.  A bit like a nice spa treatment!  So as soon as that runs out, I’ll be moving onto this Superdrug brand one.  I’ll let you know how it is.


I also grabbed another bottle of Zoella’s “Blissful Mistful fragranced body mist”.  I’m sure you’ve heard of Zoella AKA Zoe Sugg, but if not, she’s an extremely popular blogger and YouTube vlogger and regularly discussed makeup and skincare etc.  I absolutely love her and tend to binge-watch her vids when I’m stuck in bed unwell.  ANYWAY, she has a small body range which includes bath products, body lotion and this gorgeous mist.  It smells amazing.  It’s only a mist not an actual perfume, so you have to reapply frequently, but at only £8, you can afford to use it often.

I also got a Superdrug B. Even Oil Control Foundation in the lightest shade, Linen.  I won’t be opening it until my current No7 Beautifully Matte foundation runs out, so I will review it then.

Most excitingly… I now own some Real Techniques brushes!!  If you’re into beauty blogs and vlogs, you will have definitely heard this brand mentioned.  They were on offer for £14.99 so I picked them up whilst I could.  I’m going to have a good play with them and then review them properly for you but I’m very excited!

DSC_1569 IMG_20150330_174752


When I managed to get out of the house last weekend, I decided to spend my Boots Advantage card points on some pretties!  I hadn’t used them for a while so had a decent amount saved up.

I grabbed the Natural Collection Lash Length mascara in Black.  Now.  I would never have picked this as it looks so dull and I am always drawn in by flashy mascaras with exciting names like “super duper false lash massive volume amazing eyes OMG WOW” lol!  But I had seen this mentioned by Miss Budget Beauty and did some research.  Beauty bloggers seemed to agree that this £1.99 mascara is actually great.  I have two open at the moment so I’m not going to open it yet, but when I do, I will let you know if it holds up to the hype.

I also chose this Collection “Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner” in 4. Teal.  I hand swatched that and the purple one in the shop and man, they are not lying.  This stuff would probably last more than 24 hours.  I scrubbed at home with makeup remover, a flannel, and I could still see it on my hand!  I’m a bit concerned if I will be able to get it off my eyes when I actually use it.  Wish me luck!


Finally, I chose the much raved about Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr by EyeStudio in 65 Pink Gold.  I swatched a few but they looked quite garish.  This swatched nicely, with decent colour payoff but not too “in your face”.  I tried it at home by putting a layer on my lid with my finger and then buffing/blending it in with a brush.  I repeated this 3 times and still looked like I had nothing on my lids… hmmm.  I’m going to have to keep playing with this one and see if I can make it work for me.

Have you tried any of these products?  What did you think?  Do you love Zoella as much as me?  Have a great evening guys.

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